Svart Recording Artist Lapin Helvetti Interview is up

Lapin Helvetti

1. Lapin Helvetti is rather interesting name what is its mean being I know this is a  Finnish musical force?

Well, Lapin helvetti is a small lake in northern Finland, actually located in municipality of Muonio where I was born and was my hometown for 19 yrs. It's a steepedged lake and its water comes from an underground fount. It used to be a worship and a sacrifice groud for sami people. Otherwise it's a state of mind that in Lapland you feel everything is dark and cold and gloomy, but at the same time you love the mysterious vibe in the vast and pure landscape.

2. I have to say I was taken a back on how punk and hardcore this album really is love that old school style . What are some of the bands in Hardcore punk scene to make you want to play?

Of course Discharge, Forward, Framtid, Kohti Tuhoa, Infest etc...

3. So I want say I hear a mix of Nuclear Assault , Impaled Nazarene , Today is the Day, His hero is gone and  Agnostic Front. What I be close with any?'

Well, I guess influences come from all the music you hear and like, and some of them we do. We have though more of Slayer, Venom, Motorhead and Discharge as main influences, but glad to hear you've heard those influences as well.

4. Svart seems to be a very impressive label with a roster to match . How did you come to work with them and what makes them seem so different labels?

We did the last Terveet Kädet record with Svart and everything went well, so we definetly wanted to worked with them again. They've sure have a very impressive roster of releases and bands. Guess they've signed a lot of good bands and made lotsa good releases to make them such a good and respected label.

5. Your album cover comes across more black metal then punk, thrash or hardcore was that on purpose?

Yeah, that was the purpose of it kinda. It was a photo Läjä took on his trip to Lapin helvetti lake and he and some layout dude worked it that way. Like the blueish hue in it and it was supposed to reveal a face in the rock formation. In black and white it was kinda more black metal though.

6. Is there a running them on the new S/T album?

Not a theme album, but in a way all the songs are about the dark side of humanity: insanity of war, mental illness and other strange human behaviour.

7. When Performing live do you rather play on hardcore or metal shows more as you cross both boundaries ?

Well both do of course. We've played in both areas and find it comfortable, but maybe we're trying to push more towards metal area, I know it's hard concerning our style and history in music.

8. What bands are currently impressing the members on Lapin Helvetti?

Lots of bands, I'd say genres vary from extreme black metal to root blues, so many to name a few.

9. What song do you think would make the best video for new album and how would you want it to look?

Maybe I'd take Raskas maa, altough we have a video about it. But if there'd were a budget, I'd like it to be shot in Lapland, around Lapin Helvetti. Though it would be too obvious it would be  about following an old man wandering aroud the lake and sacrificing himself to the powers of the lake...

10. If you could tour with anyone who would that be and why?

Opening act to final Slayer tour, heh! Cavalera Conspiracy, nice dudes, brutal music. We did one show with them, was our first gig btw. Many intense hc bands Discgarge, Infest, Framtid etc. cause live they're killin it. Hard to decide what would just be the one, and guess we'll be starting more with best locals for ex. Kohti Tuhoa and Kovaa Rasvaa.

11. Do the members of Lapin Helvetti have outer projects they would like to talk about or is this all that is needed?

We have  lotsa other bands, for ex. Death Trip, Bonehunter, Kuroishi, The Kolmas, Plan E,  The Sultans, The Billybois to keep busy.

12. For those not in the know tell us a bit about  Terveet Kädet I know this is a hardcore band for three Decades correct. It plays a major role in this bands history  i know..

TK did over 35 yrs on finnish pure hardcore. Lotsa releases and gigs. Läjä was the driving force behind those yrs, the only original dude throughout. Some have said you can hear old metal era TK in LH's music and guess it's a cool thing the vibe is still there.

13. In 5 words tell us what Lapin Helvetti sounds like.

Dark, gloomy, fast mix of trash and hardcore

14. Thanks for the time any closing words here

Thanks for the interview and check out our debut album!