Blood Harvest Artist Ziggurat Interview up

  1. How did  Ziggurat come to be  looks like it was two yrs before you released your EP. Were you just  mastering your craft
I think Ziggurat grew up as much as we did musically. The Blind Faith demo we published in 2015 represented our will to create traditional black metal at first, though we have already listened to more complex and different extreme metal bands. I think we didn’t even talk about what we wanted to play. We had a little break from the point we wrote Blind Faith to the time we continued writing the other songs, then we actually found ourselves playing this stuff.

2. Israel is becoming a force with extreme music there are some well know  bands now  Orphaned Land , Salem and Hammercult to name a few. Were do you see Ziggurat being part of this musical uprising?

Salem’s first albums are absolutely something the Israeli metal scene can be proud of. I can say personally I never liked Hammercult or Orphaned Land, we have way better names like Sonne Adam, Kever and many more. I hope one day Ziggurat will be considered as one of those leading acts from Israel, I won’t deny that. But I really hope we will become one of those leading names because our uniqueness and innovation, not to be compared to other bands.

  1. In 4 words describe you bands sound

Corrupt and evil chantings.

4. Your signed to Blood Harvest how did that come to be?

Great releases from a killer roster.

5.The artwork for Ritual Miasma is very interesting how does it play to the theme of the album?

Ritual Miasma is all about rituals.
Ido: Well, you get a sense of evil just from looking at the artwork, so I think it captures the spirit of the album quite nicely.
Zaniv: For me, the artwork represents the astral work / rituals every individual can make for his own spiritual matters, but you can never make any of these alone, it’s always better with a having a partner by your side.

6. How does  Image and  Beliefs play a role in the sound and vision of  Ziggurat?

Zaniv: I don’t think you can relate our image or beliefs to the sound, more to the music and lyrics. The lyrics represent our culture and our geography territory (Israel). The music itself connects with the lyrics, like in the song Dybbuk.
Ido: While I dont believe in any deity or higher power, I do believe humanity highest goal should be achieving knowledge, which is one of the aspects in our songs..

7. What are the members of the Band currently listening to ?? 

Zaniv: Mostly everything.
Ido: mostly extreme metal but also jazz, r&b, underground rap, and anything else that captures my ear

8. Does the members of Ziggurat have other projects that they work in or with you would like to tell us about?

Yes, we both have. Ido has Nihilistic Legion, he released a demo and an EP. I have Izalith, which more news are to be revealed soon.

9. I was wondering why reissue of  Tape and not a proper album for 1st Blood Harvest release?

Caligari Records released Ritual Miasma just a few weeks before we signed with Blood Harvest about releasing it on LPs and CDs, so we don’t consider it a reissue.

10. Is  Social media , good PR and  You tube the best way to expose bands in the underground now .

I find it helpful, though I believe Ido agrees with me that the best way to promote your band and music is taking live shows, a matter that we are working on in the last period and will announce some live shows in the near future.

11. How does Live and Recorded Ziggurat differ?

Since we havn't done shows yet, I guess the future holds the answer to this question

12. Where do you see the future sounds of the band heading ?

We are still exploring sounds for future releases, but in any case we will try to improve ourselves with every release to come.

13. If you could re record any song and make it Ziggurat what song and why?

Ido: I don't enjoy doing covers or anything of that sort, I much prefer to just write original stuff.
Zaniv: I always wanted to cover a Bolt Thrower song, they have a vast influence on my musical style.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here
( No Answer Given )