4 New Reviews more coming .. Getting Back on the Horse Edition....

Towards Atlantis Lights-Dust of Aeons -CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity)

So what do you get when members of Pantheist, Aphonic Threnody and Void of Silence come together for any album. Very much get a Gothic and atmospheric Doom Death force that love funeral organs a mix of clean haunting vocals and guttural death movements are you fans of bands of like  Ras Algethi,  Dusk, Mourning Beloveth, Unholy , Dolorian ,My Dying Bride and Shape of Despair then you are very close to were this is heading . There is a somber sorrow to this album as whole. The songs are very long like any good Doom/ Death track should be.  There are very much layers of  sounds and powerful lumbering guitars going on. The organs are a key element to the somber tones. This is impressive to say the least . Check it out.


Dark Archive - Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

This  EP by  Duo of  Lord Mordor and Perdition is  very much a Black/ Death release with heavy cold melodies and harsh atmospheric elements . The Music is all created and recorded by Lord Mordor .  Dark Archive is very very occult and dissident on  the way the created and presented to the masses. There is a grinding and prog side to this black metal unit as well as the vocals getting very gore/grind at time and the music has such a proggish overtone in many of the tracks I hear elements of  Ihsahn and DHG through out this excellent metallic assault . If you want something a bit more interesting in the  Black/ Death  Genre then you should very clearly give Dark Archive a listen and see were they take you.


SVART145_malady_toinentoista (Custom).jpg

Malady-Toinen toista- CD /Digital/ LP  (Svart Records)

I'm not new to Progressive Rock at all or the variations of such . With Malady you have a very  70's fuzzed out and organ inspired version of the this style which from I read is very much the kind of style Finnish prog bands love and from those I heard this is  very well done.  I really love the jazzy and  ethereal way the music is presented to all of us.  More I listen there is a strong folk and Americana element to this as well .  Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, ELO and Traffic all come to mind when listening to this Progressive gem in the rough. Svart really has a roster of some the most diverse and interesting music . I keep coming back for more and more .


Flowers for Bodysnatchers- Asylum Beyond- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

I know I behind on some labels and artist but this came out in Nov 2017 and deserves a major look into this is Nightmarish and Terrifying Black ambient with murder, occult and bleak themes surround all of this release. The production is 2nd to none and listening with headphones is the way to go for sure. This album by  Flowers for Bodysnatchers is a dream come true for  experimental music lovers that are looking for the Darker side of the the experience.

Here is the theme of album On the evening of August 12th, 1968 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts antique store owner Ernest Semenov brutally murdered his wife and two daughters in what police investigators described as bizarre ritualistic killings.

If you need to know more then please listen to the album in full as this is a soundtrack to madness, chaos, sickness all in lush and powerful ambient release. If you want to hear something that will change how you listen to music look no further.