Inverse Artist Verikalpa interview is up

1.  As Verikalpa is a new band tell us about yourself?

    We're six dudes from Oulu, Finland, who loves Folk Metal, Play Folk Metal, and make-up for the gigs! - Jani

2.  How did you come to sign and work with inverse on this album. I know youre both in Finland.

    We thought about sending thousands of Promo copies of our album to thousands of record labels, but since our Bassist Sami's other band (Quake The Earth) works with Inverse,
    we thought why not ask how Inverse would feel about us. And yeah, Inverse digged our sound and that's about it. All happened rather quickly. - Jani

3.  I hear Viking , folk and melodic death in this album. What bands influenced the over all style?

    I'd say the big ones, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow etc. All of those we fell in love with as a kids back in the day. - Jani

4.  How does a live performance differ from studio material?

    It's a bit faster i think. With already fast songs it's total fun. Some songs has a little rearrangements here and there but not too much. - Jani

5.  3 words to describe bands sound?

    Beer-drenched Troll Metal. Is that 4..? :D - Jani

6.  The artwork to Taistelutahto is very fantasy and pagan how does it play to theme of music and lyrics?

    We sing about both trolls and knights, and in both perspectives, alongside with the beer songs depending on the song. So we felt like we want to include both of them on the cover.
    Our album's title Taistelutahto translates to ''Battlewill'', so figured it'd be fun to have a Troll and a Knight battle in form of an arm wrestling at a bar! - Jani

7.  What bands are impressing the band right now?

    There's a lot of them. I can only speak for myself but i would say Kalmah and their new album comin' out right around the corner. Pretty excited about that. - Jani

8.  Finland seems to be a stream of great extreme and underground  music. Why is your nation one of the more interesting for these music styles?

    That's a tough one. Honestly i don't know. Probably the cold and dark we have most of the year drives us into metal. A lot of forests here as well hah. - Jani

9.  Where do you see future sounds heading for Verikalpa?

    We don't think that too much. We try to stay true to our sound. Keep it simple trollmetal and most of all keep it Verikalpa.
    I' not a fan of experimenting when i write a song cuz everytime i do that, into the trash the song goes :D - Jani

10.  Are the members of Verikalpa fans of social media in 2018 or does it water not music as anyone can upload to you tube or Bandcamp...

    Well we all have facebook accounts, and some have instagram as well. Some uses more than others. But yeah i guess i could say we are.
    I think it's great that people can let their music to be heard and promote a lot easier nowadays via social media.
    And i'd be lying if i'd say social media hasn't been a pretty big part of Verikalpa as well. - Jani

11.  Does religion or image really change a bands fan base in 2018?

    No idea what that means :D Good ole trolls and trollettes! - Jani

12.  Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here.


    Stay metal, have a cold one, and see you on the road folks!!!

    - Jani, Verikalpa