6 new reviews Happy Birthday Mom Edition...

Ondt Blod- Natur- CD/ Digital  ( Fysisk Format )

So I was not ready for this at all . As it  starting out with and eastern element then went to So Cal Hardcore and the next moment we got a Catchy Punk meets Alt Rock element going and this band is from where ?? Norway really now we have a emo punk element going on what the hell am I suppose to think about this . This sound like Blink 182, Face to Face and Yellowcard ???  Then it goes to a more screamo hardcore move. All this is in Norwegian to say the least.  I again am taking by a major loop with this band as then they become a metallic hardcore band . Ondt Blod need to make up the mind and go a direction as all of is really good  but for most this is going to be too manic and all over the place.  This is something that really needs to be heard to understand. 


ILSA- Corpse Fortress- CD/ Digital / LP ( Relapse)

Sludgy Hate filled  Doom and Crusty Metallic madness is what we are getting from ILSA. This could come from Bands like  Grief, Eyehategod, Cavity, Unearthly Trance, Noothgrush etc. If you're into these Nola Crusty Doom meets North Calif Bands then you will be in love with this. This is that dirty nasty doom that gets me going . It's mid tempo and just angry from the second go and the vocals are spit at you like venom from the very core of it all. It like a tank coming up on you and will not stop till it get to the objective. I just want you to get this as you will not be disappointed . This is so damn painful and heavy I just love it the bluesy low end and chug riffs played at a slow molasses pace at time this is what Bolt Thrower would sound like if they were more hardcore .


JIRM -Surge Ex Monumentis- CD/ Digital/LP ( Small Stone )

Sweden the land of a thousand different musical styles and ideals. With Jirm we get  Prog Metal meets Classic Power Metal and some elements of  Post Metal into some that is a cross between Blind Guardian, Iced Earth and Armored Saint. With Touches of bands like  Pelican and Mastodon.  There is a fuzzy out  trippy element to this but in a very talented and great epic 70's rock vibe . You all know what I'm talking about here I hope if not then just listen to 70's Prog and area rock and you will get it . JIRM is massive in sound and talent I can see why  Small Stone took them under the wing. If you like Tool and A Perfect Circle  there will be something very rewarding here for you as well.  We get some  Pink floyd and Ayreon vibes coming to the front of the music at time.  JIRM have made a powerful and moving record indeed and I just glad I got to tell the world about it. Very good indeed.


Lumnos -Ancient Shadows Of Saturn- CD/ Digital   (Flowing Downward / Avantgarde Music)

So  Italian Doom, Black and Post Metal label Avantgarde has decided on a sublabel again this time for newer bands that want to give the time to grow and show the world with Lumnos you have a very spacial  post black metal band that I would call  Blackwave more then Blackgaze as it more a Cold wave meets Post Black in the way its presented there are Shoe gaze elements like  Alcest and Ghost bath but the bass and synths are more sinister and vocals are really a bit more grim then normal Blackgaze bands. There are many layers to this band for sure and they have more a Black Doom side like  Dolorian did band in the day on another amazing  Avantgarde sub label called  Wounded Love same  with Ras Algethi another band then sound very much like at times.  Actually more I listen to this its a mix of  Dolorian and Canaan then band that Ras Algethi Became. I'm very impressed to say the least at the beauty, pain and darkness of this all. 


Black Wizard- Livin' Oblivion- CD/ Digital ( Listenable ) 

So if Black Sabbath wanted to be a Classic 80's metal band and add  Maiden, Diamond Head and Priest elements into it all and make this stew you have Black Wizard I don't hate it at all its  the best of what the 70 and 80's had in Metal , Heavy rock and Power metal . You know what you are getting the second you listen to this beast.  I going to leave this as a shorter review and you are going to love or pass on this with the very 1st song as it tell the full story you are being presented . Enjoy ...


On Thorns I Lay -Aegean Sorrow-  CD/ Digital/ LP ( Alone Records )

I'm so glad this Greek force is band and making the music of my dreams again this is Gothic Doom with  Epic  Slow Death metal overtone. All I can hear are bands like  Septic Flesh, Paradise lost, Edge of Sanity, Saturnus, Novembers Doom and Early Anathema in this brilliant brilliant undertaking known as Aegean Sorrow.  This could have been on  Displeased,, Avantgarde ,Peaceville or Misanthropy Records back in the day . There is a  haunting , magical and painful gloomy over tone to all that is going on as well. There are even moments of bands like Morgion and Mourning Beloveth going on here. I just really don't want this Doomy journey to end and it really does get better track by track folks. With that in mind place just go and get this album and has those chills you got when bought albums back in the late 90's early 00's .  With those words we close the chapter on these reviews now your musical adventure begins.