Rabitrup Interview is up .. Merry Christmas Edition !!!!

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1. For those of us very new to Rabitrup  tell us a bit about the band and it's Industrial Doom meets Electro Noise presentation?

Long story short, grew up listening to extreme metal and similar genres (mostly mathcore/mathgrind stuff), always wanted to make heavy music but joining bands never worked out. 5 years back heard Igorrr for the first time and it motivated me to try and make electronic music. Then like I year ago I was listening to Battle of Mice and Admiral Angry nonstop and got some inspiration to try and mix all this together.

2. How does  Rabitrup fit in to a very diverse music scene in Seattle as it seems to be strong with Metal, Noise Rock, Art rock, Industrial and Left of center bands of all variety's?

I’m still not huge into the scene in Seattle, so hard to know, but everyone I’ve met so far has been great. So even tho my stuff doesn’t fit squarely into a genre everyone is pretty welcoming. I’ve done 2 shows so far, one was with some breakcore and noise acts, the other with some black and doom metal. 

3. This just Rabitrup 2nd release correct? why keep making short form EP's and not proper full length?

It’s actually the 3rd, but the first one doesn’t sound anything like the the last one or this new one. It kind of a mix of dubstep, breakcore, and trap stuff.

As far as short EPs, it’s just how I work. I’d like to release a full album one day, but doing it like this means I can get something released every year. I start and throw away so many tracks, plus make tracks in other styles, so if I committed to having 10 tracks like these first it’d take forever to put something together. And if I can’t release shit I start to lose motivation.

4.How would you describe the bands sound to someone that has never heard it before?

I’ve just been calling it electro sludge, or just “loud and abrasive” if they don’t know what that means. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but kind of gets the point across.

5. Your a one man force. Would you ever want to make it a proper band or is it better for you to create alone for  Rabitrup?

I mean, I grew up always wanting to be in bands, and joined a couple as vocalist (none ever got past jam sessions though). So I’d still like to do that if the opportunity showed up, but I definitely enjoy doing everything myself. Outside of that though, I would like to do some more collabs with other bands or solo artists.

6. Want current artist are impressing you currently?

This is hard, there are so many. Off the top of my head: Ghostemane, I Hate Sex, SOUNDING, and always Igorrr.

7. Does  Rabitrup  perform live? I not would you be interested in a live audience seeing what you create as you give me a feeling o bands like Author & Punishers and Boredoms...

Twice so far. It is scary as all fuck, but it’s exciting and fun. I’d like to do more, and be able to do tours and shit, but on the low I have like a million anxiety disorders so traveling is kinda hard. I have friends who have done Japanese tours and that’s kind of the dream, but I haven’t put any work into making that happen yet. 

8, Rabitrup is fully DIY right now would you be interested in label support or is good PR and Social Media ( You Tube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook etc) all a band needs today?

I don’t think a label is really necessary, but I wouldn’t mind getting on one just for the networking. I might be talking out my ass, but it does seem like most genres/styles of music have their small circle of artists and being on a label related to them gives you the legitimacy to get in their ears and maybe get some collabs goin.

9. How does the Cover of SWVMPS II  fit into the over all theme of the tracks?

Really nothing, haha. It’s something a friend of mine painted before we even met, and I saw it and thought it was great. That said, I didn’t really want something that reflected the sound too much. More fun if the cover is nothing like the music, I think.

10.How does a Rabitrup recording come to be . Tell us a bit of the process to completion?

Most of the time it’s just me either trying to make a riff I think sounds cool, or just some ear fucking sounds. If anything gives me that fuck yea feeling it kinda blossoms into a song pretty naturally I think. But only like 1 out of 100 times does that happen, haha.

11. If you were not making music what other creative outlets do you have?

Well I grew up wanting to be an animator, used to draw constantly until a little after high school, so been getting back into that lately. Tried fiction writing but I’m pretty terrible at it, still fun to do tho.

12. . There do you see extreme music heading more underground or into a new larger view to the world?

I think it’s going to get more known. Probably never gonna have a pornogrind radio hit or something, but it’s already moving to other genres. There’s a good amount of noise/industrial/metal inspired rap music out there with a growing fanbase, lots of distortion and screaming vocals and noise. 

13. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here 

This was fun, enjoyed your questions.