One's musical path can change by a simple whisper ..

Cardiant- Mirrors-CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

This  album is  a journey into  a world that is all  of Cardiant's making. I will be very clear this is a bit of an album that is right up my alley they mix  Power, Prog and Symphonic elements in Metal with a very Sci fi and Electronica overtone. So year I'm going to say I really dig the groove elements with the amazing  piano movements . The Synths,  Guitars and Heavy Bass lines work so well with the Strong male and female vocals . What I hear is a mix of bands like  Rhapsody , Symphony X, Fates Warning, Ayreon and Saxon . I can tell you the catchy side of the band is what makes this so much of a joy to listen too. I even hear moments of bands like Pretty Maids and TNT in this masterpiece in the making for they have some great heavy 80's and 90's rock flavors going on to. This hits all the hard rock places I want as a 45 yr old man. Though it still has a modern production for 2017. Cardiant needs to play the prog and power fest for sure they would be a huge hit. Inverse thanks for another stellar album tor review.

TONGUES -Hreilia - CD/ Digital / Limited Vinyl ( I Voidhanger )

I feel that for once I can explain a band perfectly with a description and with TONGUES that is going to be  " Progressive  Black Doom" as if you mix Enslaved, Dolorian and Deinonychus into one singular force you would have it there is a lot of bands like  Shining (Sweden), Bethlehem and Ancient Wisdom in this monster of an album as well. There is something very sinister about what I listening to hear but that Doom element really comes through sometimes in a Dark metal or Sludgy way but its always coming out. The Black metal is very much in the vocal and production at Post Black metal is a feeling and you get that here with a very ritualistic and progressive music element . They are a heathen force for sure just by listening to this . I think they are ready to release the titans on the planet at this will be there battle  hymn.

Hoofmark- Stoic Winds- CD/ Digital (  Ultraje )

This is the 1st  release for the label and Hoofmark from Portugal is a good beginning I will say that . As the heart of this band is some good old school Black metal meets punk with some very heavy thrashing moments . I'm really digging it as it's giving me that  Bathory, Hellhammer meets early Marduk and Darkthrone . I would even say there are some experimental moments were they go into a bluesy Black metal feeling and it work. There is this  ambient tone over this as all early Black metal did with it's more muddy tones and primitive construction. The vocals are so cold and grim they have that early Mayhem, Taake and Saytricon side to them. Hoofmark is impressive to say the least and I can see myself listening to this several more times. Sometimes you don't need to perfect the wheel you just need to make sure it stays on course for the next generation of drivers. The very cool spoken word moments are a very added plus to all of this .

H2SO4 -British Bangla Testament - CD/ Digital ( God's Eye Production )

Classic  Thrash metal fury from Bangladesh. This is everything that  bands like  Kreator, Sodom, D.R.I., Atrophy , Exodus and  Early  Death Angel brought to the season. There are so very symphonic moments as well but this as a roller coaster of thrash metal I know people are all in love with  Power trip as of late but this is 1000% more classic thrash and more in line with what bands like Warbringer and Havok are doing in 2017 keep the fires burning for the Thrash metal flag and listen to H2S04!!!!

Rabitrup- SWVMPS II - CD/ Digital ( Self Released )

 Well fuck me silly this is nothing of what I was expecting at all... I was thinking from the cover this was going to be a Noisy Rock meets Punk rock assault on the world . What I have  gotten is something even more interesting and fun for a fringe music lover to hear. This  is an Industrial metal band that loves Hardcore, Crust, Noise rock and odd Electronic that mixed it all together and has just really blown my mind and my ear's . Three tracks are not enough why are you teasing me with just 3 tracks. So for one moment imagine Godflesh, Swans, Cop shoot Cop, Merzbow and  Nitzer ebb came together and want to cover  Young Gods songs this is what you are getting here . This is a wall of  Noise , Hate , Fury , Sonic nightmares and Electronic break downs. I could not be more pleased at what is presented . I look to the next challenge by this creation.

The Divided Line- Paramnesia - CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

So this is not a bad thing so please do not give me shit about this . But someone loves Maynard of Tool and A Perfect Circle very much with a few bands like Chevelle , Mastodon and Opeth. Yes this is a Progressive  Post Hardcore band there are so many  East of the wall, Cult of Luna and Giant Squid , Sense Field and Quicksand. I'm  loving it as it fills a void for a more complex and heavy Progressive band that like to cross the boundaries from Metal to Rock to ???? The Divided line is all this an more. This is a thinking man's or woman's band as there are so many layers and things going on you can not listen to this album once or twice and ever get the full picture of a band like this . How is band not signed to a label like  Translation Loss, Sargent House, Matador or Temporary Residence .. So I'm yelling out to the world . This is Post Metal meets Post Hardcore  with strong prog elements. get this or miss out ..

King Goat -Conduit -CD/ Digital ( Aural Music)

So this is released bu Aural music as we what for the next release. The 1st proper album by the label. I like what I hear there is a mix of again Prog Rock and Doom with a very Classic Heavy metal element almost of Iced Earth went in a more doom direction they would sound like King Goat or if Opeth stayed heavy this is what it would have sounded like. There are some really promising things going on through out this release. King Goat can be catchy and balls out heavy all at the same time as well as introspective and challenging with the different genres and hypnotic tones. There are even some very stunning Melodic Death metal arrangements going on through out . I will say this it's better then good and I look forward to see where the band takes us for the next vision of there musical adventure .

THE KENNEDY VEIL- Imperium- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

So this is the 1st time I think I'm listening to The Kennedy Veil and I have to say this is one of the more impressive and fresh takes on Death metal I have heard in while. There are three very stunning layers to this band there is a Melodic element, Symphonic side and a very Tech Death side to it but when it mixed together I get the feeling  that this band is genre defining in the way others are going to follow but far to late. If Arcturus was a death metal band it would sound like this . They are making Symphonic Death metal with a regal overtone and refined style that is taking Death metal to the next level. There is so much complexity and talent in this band and at times there are some very cool Blackened elements that you hear in bands like  Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Old Mans Child. I hooked on this album . I don't know where to turn with this album as the more I listen to it the more I find I like about about . Right now I'm going to leave it at I think this is Symphonic  progressive Blackened Death on the highest of orders ..