Did you kill the Horse with Fear or did the jokes do it ... Yes it late folks.. Reviews Done

Integrity- Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume- CD/ Digital ( Relapse)

Dwid Hellion is  back with a new line up yet Integrity always will have that  Hardcore meets  Blackened Metallic  Hardcore vibe about them . With the new album they have gotten a bit more aggressive and darker again, It's Dwid throaty raspy vocals that are so Icon. There are some amazing  guitar solos on this album as well . Domenic is one hell of a guitar play and I love the nods to Extreme Thrash at times. esp the Slayer meets Testament solo flair. Metallic Hardcore is something I'm a sucker for  and I loved this band since the early Victory records days  the " Humanity " EP and  " Seasons " LP are what made me life long fan. I love  the Doomy and  Sludge over tones I'm hearing on this album too. Integrity is  running on all Cylinders this time out there have been some spotty moments for the band and so many line up changes. This Unit is amazingly strong . We need them to make a few albums.  Thumbs up all around for this gem ..


Fleurety- Inquietum -CD/ Digital ( Aesthetic Death )

So it has finally happened and I all the amazing 7" vinyl releases Fleurety did with A.D. are now on one CD and digital output . Fleurety is  Avant Black, Doom and Post Metal madmen and make some of the most creative and interesting extreme music ever . They Started with A.D and mover to other labels through out the years. They have an amazing new full length on Peaceville now as well . The 7" collectio moves through out all of the musical adventure from Raw violent Black metal to experimental Noise Metal  to Electro Post Metal meets Prog Rock. The band at the core of it all is just two  guys Svein and  Alex they do have amazing Jazzy movements with Female vocals  through out the band releases and all that wonderful magic is here . So glad  Aesthetic Death got this to the world if you don't the Vinyl releases your so missing out  get this and listen to musical visionary sounds.


Zud- A Wilderness Left Untamed -Digital /LP ( Self Released )

If there was ever the perfect time to use the words Black and Roll then ZUD based out of Maine are the band that has done the most justice to it ever. If your into later Satyricon, Darkthrone , Khold and  Impaled Nazarene then this going to stir music into new wonder and beauty into your collection. Healthy mix of Punk, Black metal and Melodic Death metal seems to be coming at you at all time. Zud does get nasty and dirty and raw and primitive at times too but it the punk inspired Black metal that really is making a band like  Zud  something Special . Not sure were else to got with Zud other then keep the fury alive as you a hell of an enjoyable listen and I can see myself coming back and listening to you some more .


The Great Discord -The Rabbit Hole- CD/ Digital /LP ( The Sign ) 

So this  is  an interesting  Project to say the least . This is a progressive metal band with some serious goth rock, Heavy Alt rock and even AOR hardrock moments. No sure how I could come at this album as I hear stuff  like  Fate Warning, Ulver, Devin Townsend, Styx, Old Dead Tree , Anathema, Pantera, Muse and Alter Bridge all in the same song at time.  If this hasn't confused you enough there are electro industrial metal elements too. I just want you to sit down and listen to The Great Discord . Are you a fan of bands like  Shining (Norway) , Shudder to think (USA) or  Manes  then you will very much were I coming from this is a genre defying kind of album and that is what makes it all the more interesting listening to it track by track.  Oh I have just make this one of the weirdest reviews to try and understand a direction of band but this something that must be listening too to get the majesty of what is going on here.


Jess and the ancient ones - The Horse and other weird tales - CD/ Digital /LP ( Svart )

By all matter of the  Universe and creation of life itself I should fucking hate this album and what to tear it a new asshole but I do not and I absolutely adore it The female fronted  Trippy, Warp Death rock meets Folky 60's Fuzzed out  rock band is just what the doctor ordered for this gruff and angry fat jack ass. Jess and the ancient ones bring Motown to 60's  Death rock shenanigans going on through out this amazingly catchy and  down right breathe taken talented band. Svart is one of those labels that just know how to release music I have hated so many other times and just want it work for this review. I even hear  Deep Purple and  Traffic elements in this  magical album. Jess you just keep making music like this and you will never lose this fan I can  promise you that.


Funeral Chant- S/T- CD/ Digital /LP ( Caverna Abismal / Duplicate)

Ugly, Nasty and  full of  Piss and Vinegar is what  Funeral Chant is doing on this Demo finally properly pressed as the labels say . This  is  just Dirty  Black Thrash in the highest of regards. With Funeral Chant you are really just getting beaten over the head with  blast, noisy riff and hateful vocals is Sludge and Black metal could have a love child you have found it with Funeral Chant.  The Post Punk side of the band really coming pouring out a lot of the time too. I almost could see this band on Southern Lord or 20 Buck Spin if they were to record a new album for the world to hear. 


Acid Witch - Evil Sound Screamers- CD/ Digital /LP ( Hells Headbangers)

Acid Witch I not sure were to begin with this as there are Sludge, Doom Death moments that are really crushing and kicking my ass. Then there are these odd Tripped , fuzzed and drugged fuel Stoner  part that I want to throw into the  disposal and never hear from again this is a band that is really not for me not silly enough to be a Gwar or The Accused in that place and time and trying to hard to be sinister and it just coming across as disjointed . I want to like love this album be there there is an Autopsy and Noothgrush thing going on that is great. The filler parts between the songs come across as cartoony not in a good way. So I will just I will give my 1st ever blah to an album.  I want you to be lose the organs and go more Sludgy so I can love you .