Goodbye 2017 Bring in new adventures 2018!!!!

Lihhamon- Doctrine - LP/Digital (Nuclear War Now! Productions )

Ok it's a come to your senses moment with Lihhamon . This a mix of some very caustic and  violent sounds that are from The  Black, Death and Thrash metal realm. I'm not going to spew out band names look at the cover and know there is a melody and brutality all at the same time here. The vocals are the most Blackened side of the soundscape. the music is much more a  Death Thrash journey with some very extreme punk like movements. This as a very South American  Black Death feeling even know they are from Germany. I would say they like to add a bit of industrial overtone but it's never more then that. The Militaristic elements are strong here as well. So were to close on this .They are very much a band that NWN Productions should have on the label as the nightmarish and oppressive metal sounds are all here and in all their splendor!!!!!

IGNIS HAERETICUM- Autocognition Of Light - CD/ Digital (Goathorned Productions )

An oddly this continues with an odd  South American comment I just made in last review . This band is  actually from South America . Columbia  actually . This is more a Symphonic  Black Death Occult Journey and  Impressive as all hell. This reminds me very much of  a more Progressive  Blackened experience where bands like  Death Spell Omega, D.H.G., Early Code  and  Ihsahn.  This is a  Jaw dropping talented  Duo creating something that the Post Black metal crowds of  UK and  North Europe will come to in swarms if you just give them the chance to check it out.  The  Occultist  side of the  ritualistic music makes the  jazzy/prog side shine all the more within the bleak overtones. There is so much here . You need to witness it to understand this is were  extreme dark metal music is at the crossroads of innovation.

Iron Monkey-9-13- CD/ Digital ( Relapse)

I don't ever remember  the UK force known as Iron Monkey being so much in love with the  Amrep and Touch and Go  Noise Rock genre but this time out the always Sludgy, Dirty and Hate filled  Doomsters very much have added those elements in to make the band all the more enjoyable for this reviewer. There is a catchy element to the tormented heaviness of it all. There is a punky feel to this too much more in the Nola side which Iron Monkey were always more of UK Sludge band with love for bands like like  Cavity, Eyehategod and Buzzoven but you would hear it in elements not upfront . With 9-13 it's all in your fucking face. This is a nasty album in tone and feeling and makes me feel like a kid and want to get back in a pit and rip shit up . This maybe the most enjoyable outing from them to me .  9-13 is a step in the right direction for me the older material was too much on the chin tough guy music and this as more layers and creativity . Stunning Coming back you musical terrorist's ...

Coscradh-Of Death and Delirium- Digital/EP  ( Invictus Productions )

What the  hell is going on here . This is music by the loosest of terms. This is were nightmare go to die , This is were happiness is  crushed in to pain, sorrow and fever dream. Coscradth is three tracks  of  Barbaric Black Death with enough spacial reverb to make you feel like you are drifting through dimension lost in the madness. The vocals are just  pure hate. This is not for hope and redemption bands like this have one very simple mission " Extinguish all the light around them and let the new dark age begin." You can feel the  horrors and terror in every note and vocal line.  There are going to be moments in extreme metal fans lives that only a band like this can make the world seem right and we need bands like Coscradth . This album is a keeper for sure .

Invertia - The Crimson Screen Vol. 1- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

They are calling it industrial metal. I feel its something much more . There are indeed industrial elements in the  drum machines and the vocal effects but the music is much more  Death metal and  Gore metal  then Industrial . There are some very cool Horror samples and layers to the whole picture. There is a very avant extreme metal element to this I do hear band like  Abyorm and Vondur in the  mix but there are even some very Black metal and Doom riffs coming through out they even go more electronica like Manes at times too. Where I will end this ..4 songs is far too short for a band like Invertia we need more and soon.

Thantifaxath -Void Masquerading as Matter- CD/ Digital/LP  (Dark Descent Records )

Progressive, Sci fi and  Epic  is what I'm leaning to in the  Black metal spectrum for  Thantifaxath . This album is a massive under taking with  huge Guitars, fragile piano's , endless drifts and drone and ear curdling blackened Cries. I would call this  Black metal theater is there was such a thing. The production on this makes me feel like Voivod or  Devin Townsend went full on Black metal for an album and give the world a sound changing gift.  This is about the experience as much as the Journey . I hear so much Oxiplegatz in this album . The Chaos of the over all sound is  what is making me want to listen to it over and over again.  Remember Insanity and Genius are  Siblings in the  night and can be mistaken for the other many times over. 

Wolfhorde- The Great Old Ones- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

So if you love  Amorphis, Inflames,  Dismember , Moonsorrow, Falkenbach and Borknagar you very clearly get Wolfhorde this is the best elements of  Black, Folk, Viking and Power metal. The album cover says it all as it adds all the elements to the photo for were the band is reaching. The Synths , Vocals and Percussion play a major role in were this is leading, The guitars and bass are more of the Viking Doom metal. At times the Finnish Folk is screaming from the speakers but in a very enjoyable way. Wolfhorde really love that mid tempo 90's Death metal you got from Nuke Blast or  Earache at the time. Inverse as a label is really releasing some over the top impressive metal album and I hope this trend continues.  Wolfhorde come to USA so we can see you live as this album is that good I want to see you on tour....