The Sign Recording Artist- TID interview is up..

  1. Your band has a very spacial progressive element with Post Black metal theme. How    did this sound come to be for Tid?
Well, there are a lot of elements to take into consideration when trying to explain the sound of Tid. Basically you can say that we never had this ”one band/one sound” that we wanted to copy or sound like. Our sources of inspiration are legio. The sound of Tid is a mere manifestation of something we hear in our heads, made up from thousands of different musical styles. Little or no inspiration at all are taken from real BM or regular progmusic in that sense, other than the choice of instrumentation. Or rather – we listen to BM and to some older progbands, but it's not like we want to sound just like that. I think it's fair to say that given our frame, i.e. how we decided to carry out our music (guitars, bass, drums, ambient synth's and harsh vocals) it can easily be interpreted that we want to sound like BM or prog. And maybe that is why most metal heads find our music so weird: they are used to the sound of the instruments – but not to the idea of the actual music. We find our inspirations all over, not just in our or our peers asses. If one does – one will eventually and sooner rather than later sound and look like everything else. And we are not interested in doing that.

  1. Your albums at the core have a genre but each goes off in a direction one more prog one more ethereal and the other more post metal. was this a plan all along

No, it wasn't. We develop, and we wouldn't listen to what we ourselves had to say in 2006 about what we were supposed to do in 2017. We get smarter, get more and different sources of inspiration and also get new ideas. Thought, as much as we develop there is some kind of ”world” we enter when we write for Tid. Like, whatever idea we might have, it needs to feel it fits in our mutual idea of what Tid is and shall be. Just what that is I couldn’t say, but I can very well tell you what it is not.

  1. You have had The Sign a new label to many of us reissue all 3 of your albums how did this come about?

    We recorded our debut EP ”Bortom Inom” in 2006, our second EP ”Giv Akt” and our third
EP ”Fix Idé” in 2015. In 2015 we had just signed a record deal with The Sign Records, and it was decided that they would also press and sell our first two EP's, since none of them had never previously been released in a physical format. Hence the release of all three albums more or less all at once.

  1. Your from Sweden,  a hot bed of extreme musical ideas. How does this influence the sound of Tid? What is the local scene like in 2017?

    As much as we don't really dive into any Swedish metal scene (if that is what you refer to) I guess we are part of it since we are Swedish and live here. The local scene seems to be very vivid and constantly growing. More people than ever are in bands and a lot of exciting ideas are heard and seen, as well as many or more not so exciting ones. There are a lot of great Swedish bands/artists. Unfortunately many of them are not so original, and it kind of seems to want to sound just like their idols and nothing else – and they do it rather good. In doing that they seem to lack a voice of their own; they become great copies with great songs, but maybe not so exciting when it comes to the sound or the actual songs. Then again – if something is great – why not have more if it? : )

  2. In 4 words how would you explain TID sound to someone who has never heard them?
    Majestic, mysterious, dreamy and filmic.

  3. What bands are impressing the members of Tid currently either local or global?
    Oh, a long list. Everything from The Beatles to Mozart, Neurosis to Bob Dylan, Dead Can Dance to Prince, Vangelis to Air. It would be unfair to say that one band or artist.

  4. Your Website seems to be a portal to video , music streaming and video . Do you feel social media and digital media is the future of promotion currently?

    Yes, we do. Apart from actual PR groups, when it comes to a band promoting themselves in order to be heard or seen, internet is obviously a great platform. Mostly because people can find you, and you don't always have to find them. For people with certain interests, the digital world is full of opportunities. Clever ideas, strong followings that are willing to help you spread news or updates, great music and visual art can go a long way today. Yet, the internet is a very busy place, and it will naturally be hard to be seen or heard without the help of PR Companies, Record Companies or any sort of investor. But even without all that,  people from all over the world can listen or look at what you are doing at an instant, if they happen to stumble upon you.  

  5. The Video for Aurora Surrealis is impressive how does it play in the theme of the song?

The video idea is not connected to the lyrical content of the song in that sense. Tid's singer
Claudio Marino wrote the synopsis and made the whole video, as that is what he does
when he is not singing in Tid – work as a film maker. So, the video is another story, set to the tones and lyrics of Aurora Surrealis.

  1. What is a live show for Tid like how does it differ from the albums ?
    We do not know. We have only ever done one live gig with Tid, back in 2010. Since then we have been busy doing other things, to put it mildly.

  2. Martin you were part of Ghost a very different sound force why leave them and focus on Tid?

    I didn't. My main focus is on MCC [Magna Carta Cartel], which is the sister band of Tid, containing more or less the same members, but that has a different musical style.

  3. Do the members of Tid play in other project if so tell us about them please.

    As mentioned above – we also play in MCC [Magna Carta Cartel]. It is Tid's sisterband, and is not as mysterious and dark, but still a dreamy kind of music. That is our main band, and Tid is our Art-project if you will.

  4. Were do you see the future style or sounds of Tid heading?
    No idea. We never ever write any music for Tid unless we are inspired to. Right now we are writing an album for MCC [Magna Carta Cartel]. Now and then we write something that we feel belongs in the world of Tid – and then we just put it into our Tid-ideas box and let it marinate in age. Then, one day when that box has a lot of stuff in it, we sit down and concentrate on writing songs out of the ideas. That tends to happen every 3 or 4 years, simply because we like to do things slowly with Tid and also because we write a lot of music for other things, and most of it is not as dark as the Tid stuff. It comes when it comes, and what it might look or sound like next time we do not know – blessed be. It would be rather boring otherwise, wouldn't it? :)

  5. How does visuals or image play a role in bands over all presentation or fan base in 2017?

    For our own part it is vital and integral. We present ourselves not only with music, but also with art. We like a lot of artist that take a more casual approach in their presentation, but we are not that. For us, this particular band ”looks” like this, and thus it is important for us to get that idea across along with the music.

    Aside from that I think that the image of artists today has since long taken over the importance over music. Shit songs shouldn't be able to stay alive, but they do with enough PR and artist-image and videos and whatnot. Luckily, given the worlds evergreen catalogue, there are a lot of older better songs still available if one does not approve of the current musical climate. Also, and in line with what I just wrote, image can actually make a song better. Maybe the image have you listen to the song in a different way, maybe the song makes more sense because of the video, maybe the album cover makes you feel like you are in a place where this particular song fits perfectly, unlike how it fits into your kitchen when you are cooking. Image and music are tied together since way back. It is rather hard to find any ”clean” music if you think about it. All bands or artists are tied to an image. That image might very well be played down to look like casual and unpretentious, but that is rarely the case when you look closer at it. People think of how they are perceived, and make efforts to control it.

    There are a lot of interesting thoughts about this – how the music itself is distorted by things other than just the music. Even if you listen to classical music, which is seldom marketed as a band or a cool artist, you will still see images in your head that has nothing to do the with the music: a symphonic orchestra, a musical director or just a scene from that movie where it was used recently.

    So all in all – yes, image plays a huge role. It is what you tie your music to, in order to present more than just the sheet music: image is the sounds of your band, the looks of your band, the name of your band, the photos of your band, what instruments you choose to play, what you say and do, and lately with todays we-want-to-know-everything – also what you eat for breakfast. : )