The Sign Recording Artist- Siberian Interview is up

1.  Siberian  are what I would call modern Post Metal . Tell us a bit about how the band came to be?

We started playing together as kids under different constellations. In 2010 we began to take our musical journey more
seriously and signed with local record label Gaphals, which are the same guys that runs The Sign Records.
We then released our debut album Modern Age Mausoleum and started to tour Europe.

2. I hear elements of band like East of the wall, Rosetta, Isis, Converge, Jesu, Earth, Integrity and Cave in and At the Gates just name a few. There is a sludgy element to the noisy hardcore. Was this the vision always for  Siberian ?

We never think in terms of genres when we write music. We just write and play whatever feels right to us.
A lot of our inspirations comes from philosophical ideas that we discuss with each other from time to time.
We also have literature and real-life experiences as a source of inspirations to write our music.

3. Your signed to a label called  The Sign . I know very little about them how did you partner with them and what are you looking for in this joint effort and are you seeing it?

We knew them before we signed with them. They used to arrange shows in Linköping before they started a record label.
So when we did demos of our first record we asked if they wanted to release it.
We have stayed with them ever since.

4. Being from Sweden there is a rich Hardcore and Metal history. What swedish band has inspired you ?

As mentioned before we don't get inspired by other bands.
Although when we were kids we would spend our weekends on a local place watching hardcore bands from all over the world.
I think that it gave us a great motivational kick starter for us in the early days.

5. What is a like show like for  Siberian  and do you prefer to play with more Hardcore or metal lineups. Which are more responsive?

Siberian is all about energy and pure emotions. We try to incorporate all levels of emotions during our shows.
It can be intense, angry, sad, honest and joyful. We try to play with many different types of bands so that we can play
for different types of audiences.  

6. What is the theme behind " Through the ages of sleep" is there a story behind album and how does the art play into this?

The theme for Through Ages of Sleep is based on our own personal dreams that we wrote down during a 2-years period.
We started documenting our dreams almost right after we released Modern Age Mausoleum. The symbolic meaning of the album
is to explore and get in touch with your subconcious-self.
Mattias Frisk, who illustrated the album, loved the idea and got our documented dreams that we had written down.
We gave him free hands to do whatever he felt like with the artwork and it turned out fantastic.

7. An Image, Religious ideal or Social issue seem to bring a fans to bands these days. How as a band can you just have fans listen to music and enjoy without dogmas?

I think that everybody is affected by society and other people in some way or another.
Obviously is that going to shine through your art. Even if the music isn't necessarily about politics, religion
or what ever is the artist going to channel his or hers state of mind and energy during that moment.

8. If you could have any band cover one of your songs and but their twist on it who would you want that to be and why?

It'd be very cool if Wovenhand did a cover on one of our songs, they are a fantastic band that have their own sound.

9. If you could make a proper video for any track off new album what one would represent the band best to those never experiencing you before?

Probably the last track on the album 'Age of Sleep'. It was the first song we wrote for the new album and the song itself inspired the sound
for the whole record.  

10. Would a band like  Siberian be interested in signing to a major label or are those day long over for extreme music?

We don't care much for that. We are more interested in putting out our art on our own terms and our current record label
lets us do just that. I know that there's alot of labels that's all about making profit as fast as possible
and we are not attracted to that. We want to release honest music and not to release an album just because we 'have to'
which happens to be the case on most of the major labels.  

11. Are you fans of social media and digital music sights or is it watering down the currently underground music scene?

I think that social media and all is great for bands. It lets bands connect with their fans and to be more personal.
We sometimes get messages by people that saw us on tour and we always try to give them a respons and to be greatful.
With things like instagram we can show people what's going on with us on tour, in the studio our home and I think
that it's important for some that wants to connect with people they are listening to.  

12. When you record does the musical ideas come 1st or is it written around lyrical content?

We tend to write the music first. But that's not a rule we have that is set in stone, so to speak.
Sometimes we adjust the music to fit the lyrics. We don't see them as two different mediums but as one.

13. Do the members of  Siberian have other projects  they perform in if so tell us about them so we can explore your musical landscapes more.

Our vocalist Gus have a soloproject where he sings and play acoustic guitar.
Linus and Daniel are working on a sidproject right now with some other musicians, but haven't released anything yet.

14. What bands are impressing the members of  Siberian  in 2017?

I think we all listen to very different bands or artists.
But overall we all listen to black metal, sludge, doom, folk music and acoustic music.

                               15. Thank you for the time and any closing thoughts here

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