EyeHateGod, Capital Causalities , Phobia and Sorrow ( Club Red Mesa AZ 8/3/17)

So Mike Williams back in full vocal command with  Bluesy  Sludge Doom masters EyeHateGod. They Destroyed the stage that night heavy sonic nightmares vocal snarls and twin Doom tones and feedback from Jimmy and Brian on Guitars!!! New Drummer was impressive still missing Joey (RIP) and Gary is one hell of bassist indeed 

Next we have  California Power Violence Artists Capital Causalities  . If you like your Hardcore noisy fast and pissed off then look no further . There were 25 songs in 31 minutes . Was great to see them again live. Still full of piss and vinegar!!!

Next Up was the Mighty Phobia Crust/ Hardcore legends and did they kill it  speed/ doom and fury all at the same time with some of the most bitting Vocals of the night. This band as not lost a beat!!!

First up was  Sorrow as we walked in they were a Crust/Grind/ Sludgy Metal force with some serious doomy riffs from time to time . This band is from Phoenix AZ and were impressive .  Think  Napalm Death meets Extreme Noise Terror