5 new reviews to get you by while I get my shit together folk !!!

totengott- Doppelganger- CD/ Digital ( Xtreem/ Burning World)

This Spanish Experimental metallic force is a bit of a mystery but they noisey neoclassic horror movie intro is making me love them from the out set of this 3 song epic- Doom. Noise , Black  and Avant experience. So imagine for a moment a mix of  Celtic Frost, Dismember and Darkthrone into something wonderful and sinister this is what I'm hearing from totengott. There are Crusty Death metal moments like Entombed and At the gates going on here too and a strong love for pissed off punk rock as well. This band would have ruled the UK and Germany in the late 90's Underground extreme metal scene. There are moments were a Doomy side comes out but its the doom you got from bands like  Unholy, Dolorian and Worship something very blackened and angry not slow and lumbering. I will say Xtreem Music is making a very cool retro influenced band get exposure to a world that truly needs it. This is Heavy, Dirty and Massive in sound and presentation. Really loving this one.

Final Coil- Persistence of Memory- CD/ Digital ( Worm Hole Death)

Thinking man's Post Metal is what we are getting here as Final Coil are mixing a few time honored styles into something that works if you like the more experimental and left of center metallic elements. As we have Grooving Thrash/ Melodic Death metal with Gothic Metal and Cold-wave music all colliding into something that is going to take listener by shock as if you don't like that more Canaan, Katatonia and Old Dead Tree clean vocal style its going to come a bitter pill to swallow.  I can hear elements of bands like  A Perfect Circle and Sunny Day Real estate in the music going here as well a bands like Shudder to think and Sensefield. So this is very much Post Metal and Post Rock on a very wide spectrum. The metal can become very Subtle at times so don't let me fool you about the album. Final Coil is a very rewarding musical journey if you will take this challenge and I truly hope you do.

HEADCRUSHER- Death Comes With Silence- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Well welcome this this corner of the world Headcrusher as I could not be more pleased to review this album as its  Extreme Blackened Metalcore . I could just end the review here and you would know what you getting if you ever listened to bands like Dissection and then mixed it with Deadguy .. This kind of band just makes you want to move and cause a circle pit in the middle of nowhere. There are moments of Thrash, Hardcore, Doom, Death and Nasty Crusty Grind. This is what I think a band like  Napalm Death would have been if started in 2017. Labels like Willowtip, Unqiue Leader, Magic Bullet and Translation Loss would be an amazing home for a band like this . Ok enough of the gushing about Headcrusher its time to listen and get this band a proper label home !!!!!!

Lor - In Forgotten Sleep-CD/Digital ( Self Released)

wow were the hell did this band come out of .... Oh it's Philadelphia and well what a culture shock we have here. Mixing power metal, Folk Metal, Black metal and all thinks epic and wonderful so for a moment if Blind Guardian, Amorphis, Subway to Sally and Thyrfing all came together and wanted to write songs that Summoning would record then we have Lor in nut shell  .. The have a lot of Slough Feg in the music and arranging as well, The group and choir like vocals mixed with those soaring guitars and pagan / folk elements will melt away any concerns at all. Lor is well beyond an impressive band. I even hear moments of bands like Skyclad and Gamma Ray here folk. Lor you are making my Saturday better just by getting to hear this album. Excellent work indeed.


IIVII- Invasion- CD/ Digital ( Consouling Sounds )

Do we all know who  Josh Graham is created Red Sparrows is in Battle of Mice and now Storm of Light. Well this is a Sci-fi, electric, post prog meets Post metal project from his mind. Words will be very hard to explain this album. the name of the band is said as " IVY". I hear elements of Oxiplegatz, Xploding Plastix, Ulver, House of Low Culture, Kovenant etc . IIVII is a musical theater of the mind and it mixes Neoclassical, Dark industrial into all the thing we have talked about as well. IVIVII is a massive electronic and musical undertaking to say the least and I don't want to short change the project at all. I even hear elements of Ayeron and When going on here . This is experimental music in the very meaning of the word. So very impressed here  I will leave it with Scifi meets Electro Doom is what we have hear and you all need to witness it and testify!!!