A Crap ton of new reviews my peeps...


Televisio- S/T- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Ektro Records)

So what do we have here . From the start of it all I hear a few very retro early 80's sounds going on if I was to tag  Televisio  with styles it would be  Electro, No Wave, Post Punk. I hear  early Cars, Talking Heads,  Kraftwerk and even Devo in the presentation . It like if Danny Elfman made a no wave record its a odd and wonderfukl soundtrack to something very much like an atari video game that was made into a proper movie. I know everything I'm saying is odd to read but if you listen you will hear the 8 bit magic on Televiso as well.  Its all Drums and Synths and really well done to say that . This would be the intro I would give people to retro Industrial and early electronic music as this is were Televisio are coming at. 80's Sci fi soundtrack fans will go bonkers for this . As we could have music like this in movies like Tron and it would work so well. Ok well I'm moving on to next review as you will either by this or pass . If your a fan of early Mute Records stuff this will be a major win.


Moonaadem - S/T- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This one man force from Lebanon of all places. The Middle east is really giving us interesting post black metal these days as well ( Just an observation). I would call this more  Industrial Blackgaze in the why the music is arranged and vocals come in. I hear elements of  Burzum, Coldworld and Lustre in what Moonaadem is creating here. The vocals are very aggressive and biting work well with the Industrial and Maniacal Black metal we have droning through the speakers. There is a cold distant melody that really works well with the over all complexity of the album.  With  Moonaadem  you can hear a futurist side to every thing being created as well as the heathen /pagan feeling coming through. I hear moments of  Old Silver Key and Ghost Bath as well . That is were that wonderful melodies comes from. This is a very depressive toned and themed album but the music is very powerful. There are some amazing harmony vocals going on that give you that Alcest vibe . I can not say more amazing things about this project other then don't miss out on one of the better more expansive Post Black metal albums of 2017..


Shadowflag- The Delusion Machine-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

 These Brits place a Black metal style that reminds me of 90's Northern European Black metal. Epic, Sinister, More mid tempo and full of hatred and passion. If you like bands like Mayhem,  Marduk, Saytricon, Frost, Taake, Code or  Dark Funeral then this is going to make you smile with that snarl you should be all. I hear so much of Avantgarde band like  Kvist here are well. I going to say the more I listen this album is giving me those feeling this feels like a rebirth of what Kvist , Marduk and Satyricon were doing in the 90's.  Shadowflag is fucking impressive to say the least. I want you all to support this band is you can as this is the way Black metal was meant to be in my eyes and ears. 


Tid -Fix Idé / Bortom Inom / Giv Akt - CD/LP/Digital ( The Sign )

Every time I get to hear a new band with Sci fi and Fantasy element in extreme music it bring a bit of joy to my heart. With Tid  a label called  The Sign is reissuing all 3 of their albums for the world to witness and I can see why. They mix some of the best styles in Post Black metal genre . Prog Rock, Drift elements, Orchestral movements and Cold and grim Black metal dirges. This is all fabulous in this reviewers ears and yes all three albums have a similar overtone but each verges in a bit of a different slant. one is more spacial one is more prog and one likes to mix all the elements into almost a Devil Doll, Arcturus,  DHG vibe and Goddamn if I'm not impressive to the Nth Degree here. This is forward thinking metal again so you going to have to be willing to accept many genres all in one interplaying into something that really at times is beyond world.  There are Epic moments were you can hear band like Emperor,  Samael and Dimmu Borgir happening in the arrangements. Love the electro industrial vibe from time to time on each album too hence the Samael nod. I really could write all day about these three releases as you can even hear stuff like  Therion and And Oceans going on at times. I really have to stop and tell you to just listen as these albums will change the way you look at extreme music. Good Shit indeed.


Thus Defiled- A return to the Shadows-CD/ Digital EP ( Self Released)

So what we have here is a Black /Death band with some very thrashing overtones for the last 25 yrs release an Ep for there fans and its one new original song and 4 covers that are done stellar from bands of the likes of Metallica , Death Morbid Angel and WASP. What else can be said other then four kick ass bands and the do them all justice by making them very much Thus Defiled retelling the songs in very much their style and they are just asking for you to Donate money to Chuck of Death fund . Which is a great cause.  The Metallica and WASP cover give me chills to say the least. They are so dirty , nasty, ugly and fast. So so good and impressive . With that support a band that for a quarter century and been tearing up the metal scene with kick ass music and themes. 


Nadimac -Besnilo -CD/ Digital ( Xtreem Music)

I'm going to keep the review short and sweet like the band. Ok they not sweet in anyway other then making stunning  Grinding Trashing Death metal that reminds me of bands like Deadhorse, Superjoint, DRI, Nuclear Assault, Entombed, Phobia and Terrorizer.  If you don't get the style and what this band is doing then go back listen to bands mentioned and you will see and become fan of several more bands that rule. This is so good words just fail at the mix of Punk , Thrash and Grind to something that will just make you listening to over and over and over again. Grind/Crust is a style of music that is never allowed to disappear and with bands like this thankfully new generation will get to hear it .


Moonshiner- Demo ( Self Released)

An honest to go 2 song demo from a Stoner Doom band from Bangladesh and you know what I fucking hate it. The vocals are not growls or  sung they are that throaty retro doom vibe that sound like grunts and the music is like a watered down St Vitus or Sleep .. I think what they are trying to do is be mid period Cathedral which is the worst of the worst style of Doom anyone can ever make. Why bother even  Cathedral knew and went back to heavier darker sounds and not that doom rock bullshit. I normally have not been this way in a decade but this is just awful and Monnshiner there is no need for more until you can come up with something better then this sad mess.

The Blight- Meditations On Insignificance - Tape/ Digital ( Tridroid Records)

The 1st track on the album is so extreme and over the top. I think I'm really just listening to Immortals at war killing the Karken. This is full on amazing Black noise in the same way bands like Staalaggh, MZ412, Vond and Mysticum and T.O.M.B have done as well.  The Blight sound like as the universe dies and all those in it have those last seconds of torment before they are snuffed out as the nothingness the started as.   A painful release as it starts straight to the very end. This is what noise is suppose to be way over the top and something very few of you will ever fully listen to minus a track or two and say you are a noise fan. Go to the shows and witness this live and you will never see art and music the same again.  The Blight are extreme for the sake of being extreme and this is needed in a world of snowflakes and safe rooms. People we need to get back to the tribal and primitive sides again to feel ALIVE !!!!


Atonement Theory -llumination- LP/ Digital ( I Defy)

Originally in 2016 released on Vinyl now a digital version is being relesase of this Post Hardcore/ Post Metal album from a very impressive to say the least band. Really loving the crushing Hardcore/Doom riffs with some very avant tones and the vocals that remind me of bands like Crowbar, Deadguy, Kiss it goodbye, Integrity, Rosetta and Fudge tunnel . The music follows the bands as well in the ebbs and flows . There are Crusty punk moments as well that just add to the melodic and slower heaviness that this very power album gives to the listening. Originally a 4 song jam that now has a bonus track added to it. So all and all check this out as I will be listening to it often . as a disclaimer I should say this is a Solo project from JAY JANCETIC of Harm's Way. So you know what you're getting yourself into .