That's right 5 is what you got ... Happy Easter Punks...

Talvienkeli- Hybris- CD/ Digital ( Wormhole Death)

As the soaring female vocals come in with a very Symphonic  Folk Metal intro begins us. The Track very much builds into a Prog metal album of epic manner. The vocals are much more operatic then I was expecting. I hear a ton of bands like  Third and the Mortal, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Leave Eyes. I'm not sure there is much more to get info about with this album. It's a bit to poppy and polished in the vocals side the music is much more in the style of music I love. Reminds me of bands like like Tristania, Dismal Euphony and Theatre of Tragedy. I just want more aggression to the vocals and not so flowery and floating in the way it over powers the music. I can say I love this . It's up to you to make that final choice.

Damnations Day- A World Awakens-CD / Digital ( Sensory Records)

Epic Power Metal with a Prog over tone does it for me 95% of the time and with Damnations Day they are hitting the spot that just blows me away. This as it all Soaring vocals, Powerful guitars, Driving Rhythms as harmony that is pulling me in each and every track more and more. If you like bands like  Rhapsody, Savatage, Fates Warning and  Symphony X you will just melt when listening to this it also sounds like the really strong Mindcrime period  Queensryche. This is so much good to say about a band like this. Sensory as a label really just has me dialed in for Great more Classic Melodic metal. This was the stuff that was outside metal as a kid i grew up with they would play on off nights as smaller venues and just kick my ass. Damnations Day you need to tour in Arizona so I can witness the massive sound of this band live. 

Voidthrone- Spiritual war tactics- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

I don't think I use the word caustic in a musical description often but with Voidthrone
this is very much the sound you get with this sinister Post Black metal experience . The vocals that come across as unstable to put it lightly. The music has this terrifying melody to it that really sounds like it coming from the abyss or the darkness of nightmares itself. We have four long track avg nine plus minus a track. There is nothing about hope or redemption here . This is the end result of suffering and acceptance . Nothing more nothing less. The album cover for Spiritual war tactics says it all this is about ending the afterlife and sending you to the nothingness.  Voidthrone is a band you will either embrace or repel at any cost. This is not an easy listen and it should never be that is part of the wonderful challenge of Extreme metal music.

Sloth Herder- No Pity , No Sunrise- CD/ Digital ( Grimoire  Records)

Well here come the buzz words but it fits this  Juggernaut of sonic destruction. Sloth Herder are very much  a Crusty, Grinding , Hardcore, Noise Metal wall of FUCK YOU!!!. There is nothing soft or consoling here.  No Pity, No Sunrise is a steel bat to the head over and over again and if that wasn't enough they will kick you in the side a few times to make sure you do not get back up. Extreme and Sloth Herder should be the bands phone next to the word in dictionary. This should be a sub genre call Punishment Rock and I would make them one of the ruling members of this realm. Sometimes you just want a band to rip your face off musically because of brutally, talent and extremity well folks its all right here don't be a fool and miss out on one of the Crusty Hardcore albums of 2017 !!!!  

Unearthly Trance- Stalking the ghost-CD/ Digital ( Relapse Records)

This has been a band I have been listening to for over a decade and the one thing I can say about them is they have reinvented the Doom metal scene over and over again with Stalking the Ghost, We have Unearthly Trance bringing in Hardcore, Sludge, Noise and Black metal elements as well as off kilter avantgarde element into this. I want to say if  Kiss it goodbye, Fudge tunnel , Incantation and Disembowelment all came together and formed a band it would sound very much like Unearthly Trance the vocals are very Black crust this time out too the snarl and grim side works so very well over all to the manic and concussive style of the bands musical adventure . Unearthly Trance does not disappoint forget you not ...