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Hopeajärvi- Mahdotonta-CD/ Digtal ( Ektro Records)

More Finn's create off the all Noisy Fuzzed out rock  with a indie/alt sound and overtone. If you like the 90's with stuff from Matador,  Alt Tentacles  and Touch and go then you will love this band with out a doubt. This reminds me of bands like Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Pavement and Polvo I just more more more. It's got that jangle noisy guitar sound and that spoken sung and yelled vocals that all those bands made a trade mark in 80's and 90's . Really like when a band adds their punk roots but mixes with all the ideas they want to rework the landscape of the sonic ideal.  Ektro and Svart have really been breaking this ground with mixing Retro and Avantgarde into something rather impressive to say the least.


Fucked up- Year of the snake- CD/ Digital ( Tank Crimes)

This has that Soulful Punk/ Hardcore sound that came out of Midwest in the 70's/ 80's you know what I'm talking about right  The Stooges, Husker Du, Big Chief,  Babes in toyland, Early Soul Asylum mixed with some bands I really loved that didn't get huge but few that come to mind are Rein Sanctum, Gravitar, Love Battery,  Green Magnet School and  US Christmas. There is a very eastern / ambient/ ritualistic element to all of this as well. The first of two tracks is over 20 minutes long and never gets boring it takes so many twist and turns.  The second track is a brief 6 minutes by comparison lol. This is very much still in that same fuzzed out soulful Punk inspired rock but adding more of that Avant Art rock that the later bands i mentioned did as well. I'm not sure Fucked up is really that structured I feel the just play what feels right and it becomes an album of some kick ass jams!!!!


Skyclad- Forward into the past- CD/ Digital ( Listenable )

With Skyclad's ever evolving and changing line ups . They have stays pretty on course of the Celtic, Folk, Trash and Punk over tones from album to album. I would say with Forward into the Past this the must punk and hardcore I've heard the band but those Folk inspired thrash elements are very much still part of the mission and plan. Skyclad seems a bit more pissed off on this album and it has a very Snotty NYC Punk over tone from that. What listenable has gotten here really a mix of all the Skyclad releases into something that would be a good starting point for new listeners as it really does cover the spectrum and the songs are catchy as all get out. The Vocals are very strong this time out as well as they were a bit spotty at times after Martin left the band.  You can still see where bands like Subway to Sally and In Extremo came from and why they hold Skyclad with the honors of this UK legend should rightfully have. 


Orm- S/t- CD/ Digital  ( Indisciplinarian) 

Sometime an album is just what is right folks well lets get down to it them. Orm is  Epic Northern European Post Black Metal with an industrial and doomy over tone. You know the bands that give you this flavor of music and you would not be wrong. This could very well have been on Moonfog,  Peaceville or Avantgarde Music as well as this is the direction Orm has gone. Noisy, Doomy, Sludgy Post Black metal with an agenda to cause sonic nightmares in the wake of all that pass them. As the end of the day black metal is very much splintering off to this style were the Avant and Dark rock side of the music has to show as much as the raw and blistering. The vocals are much more  a Doom/ Death style and I think that maybe one of the biggest stand outs of the label that and the amazing complexity of the musicianship that is going on here. This has a lot in common with the new Woe album I just reviewed . Keep up the amazing work gentlemen I look to your next release for sure.


Peter Bjargo- Aimus retinentia- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

This is the third album from Mastermind behind Arcana and Sophia if you don't know who they are then you have some music searching to do as they are Neoclassic/ Dark Ambient  majesty and  Martial Industrial perfection repectively. With Peter's new solo album he goes back in to that Dark haunting Post Industrial realm bands like  Sephiroth, Robert Rich, Raison D Etre and Lustmord has brought magic to over the years. This is a story of loss an sorrow with moments of hope and dreams to the future. I'm on very much of an emotional roller-coaster with album like this . It reminds me of the late 90's early 00's with amazing music coming from labels like Middle Pillar,  Projekt, Eibon, Cold Spring, Dark Vinyl  and Loki Foundation. . I find nothing but beauty in the darkness and underlying heathen/pagan sounds that come from this massive sounding album. Peter all I can say is thank you again for making another album I will be listening to for years to come.


Disbelief- The Symbol of Death- CD/ Digital ( Listenable )

A juggernaut of Death metal is what we are presented with here. If you like your Death metal with a full of war machine of sounds and vocals that will take you to victory then you must find this and listen to it on repeat over and and over again. This comes from bands like  Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Behemoth, Nile and Vital Remains.  Yes there are elements of Thrash and Black metal here but it really about the power of the music and battle to lay waste to all in front or behind . I want to call this War metal but it is really so much more with the amazing melodies going on under the Death metal assault .  I hear that experimental death element from bands like Gorguts, Pestilence and Death too in the way you want to carve out your own legacy and make sure that the world will never forget the name of Disbelief and with an album like " The Symbol of Death " this is very much so happening .