10 journey's into sonic dimensions!!!!

Blood Feast- The Future State of Wicked- CD/ Digital ( Hell Headbangers)

NJ's  Extreme thashers have returned back into action after more then a two decade with a new album that you would swear is from 89/90 as it sounds like all the great over the top thrash from that time Slayer, Exodus, Sodom, Kreator, Forbidden, Destruction , Whiplash,  Overkill  and Violence. This is just a kick ass trip down memory lane with some very impressive riffage. The production doesn't miss a beat either. If you want this style there is nothing better. Horns up high and let you metal patches be seen by the world!!!


Heart Attack- The Resilience-CD/ Digital ( Apathia Records)

Thrashing , Melodic Power metal with a strong dose of Hardcore thrown in for good measure .  You can very much hear bands like Machine Head , Testament and Anthrax in what is going on with the catchy groove in the extreme sounds we have going on here at times they go the Death thrash way that Testament and Slayer did for a bit of time. The power of the mosh riff is very strong with these guys as well as The melody and brutality at the same time. I even hear bands like Cro-mags and Devil Driver at times too. I would even say the Gothenburg movement plays a role in the overall same. Though at the heart of this best is Thrash and Power Metal!!!!


Selfmachine- Societal Arcade- CD/ Digital ( Worm hole death)

Ok this is a new wave of bands that mix elements of Prog, Tech and Death metal with heavy melodies and groove moments and then the teeth come out to the circle pit movement.  This is very much a mix of bands like Strapping young lads, The Red Chord, Dark Tranquility and  Amorphis . That will give you a very good cross section of where this band is going there are some full on Prog/Power metal moments too bands like Symphony X and Fates Warning so this band really does hit two amazing side of the spectrum and the talents are across the board too. This is impressive as hell and makes you think the way music can be arranged to still make much creative and interesting in 2017...


Emma Ruth Rundle & Jaye Jayle- The Time Between us- CD/ Digital ( Sargent House)

Just for a moment think about the saddest most desperate love song you know, now add shoe gazing elements to this and put the back drop of a spaghetti western sound made by Post rockers and we start to come to the passion and pain that this album brings into the world.  Are you fans of Chelsea Wolfe, Mazzy Star and Earth  who all love Johnny Cash and Neil Young . This is all that echoes from the speakers as I listen to this track by track. The Delicate and fragile beauty of this album really is second to none and I can tell you sometime the simplest music is the best and more rewarding. I will be listening to this as the week and months go back as this is just a fantastic record and needs the world to hear it..


Jesters of Destiny-  The Sorrows that refuse to drown- CD/ Digital ( Ektro Records)

Fuzzed out  Arty, Avant Rock with a Prog and Proto metal vibe going on and a catchy and riffy rock band too. If you could mix bands like Cream, Deep Purple, Captian Beefheart, Steve Winwood, Beatles and Fleetwood Mac all at that time . That is what I'm getting from this band the debuted over 30 years ago. Rock and roll is suppose to be fun , weird, infecting and a good time and with Jesters of Destiny your getting this for sure . There are even elements of bands like Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls going on here. Yes the lower east side Glam punk sound comes through here as well. In closing i'm going to say I even hear a lot of Norway's When in this band and that is a very good thing. This album is epic...


Mordbrand- Wilt- CD/ Digital (Carnal Records)

Wow the Swedish Death metal sound is bleeding from every edge of this band . The first 3 bands I heard in the music of this band was Dismember, Marduk and Hypocrisy... and it just gets more dirty and nasty as the album goes along. They have those buzz saw guitars that throaty raspy death metal vocal that work with the war machine rhythm section thing going on here. This is battle metal waiting for the end time to take the troops out to victory of whats left of the savage lands they have left to protect. The noisy overtones just make Mordbrand all the more something to respect and want to listen too. This band must be a wall of power and fury live and I hope I get the chance to see them here in the US.  Massive and Bombastic all the right things for Death metal keep it up gentlemen..


Ex Deo- The Immortal Wars- CD/ Digital ( Napalm Records )

So what do you get from man guy from Kataklysm. Well this very much a death metal album but were Kataklysm is full on extremity and pain. We get something very different but just as stunning . This is Symphonic, epic and majesty about the Roman empire and their time. This is still very much a death metal album but on a massive sound and arrangement way of doing things. There are Eastern, Celtic and Oriental movements through out the album and I mean movement as that is how big this album sounds. The synth and loop play a major role this is very much in that Samael, Orphaned Land and Dimmu Borgir landscape of sounds and song structures and you would really want it no other way. Amazing from being to end is an album like " The Immortal Wars"  a big step in the next wave of Death metal with an band like this. Another must listen...


Venenum- Trance of Death- CD/ Digital  ( The Ajna Offensive )

The album start off with a Neoclassic / Darkwave intro that is almost something you would have heard on the Cold meat industry releases of old and then it kicks in to an occult black/death movement that is almost as thrashing as blackened and makes you see why bands like Celtic Frost and Bathory were such a big influence on this sound and style as that is the two bands I hear immediate as I listen to Venenum. This is something very ancient and ritualistic about all Ajna Offensive album and I think this is very much a plan and the label likes to be shrouded in mystery like their bands . There is an  unsettling over all element in this bands sound and it's what gives them that otherworldly style and sound. Again nothing but an impressive release from this label and there are some very post black metal moments through out the way as well. This album will keep you on your toes..


Nidingr- The high heat licks against heaven-CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Mayhem current guitarist brings us another journey into the realm of Nidingr. I will and always call this  Astral Post Black Death as they mix some elements of very certain bands into  a musical event that you will not forget . This is equal parts Emperor, Virus, Saytricon and Immortal into an invocation of black thoughts and dimensional travels . The dissonant  tones of the guitars and the very bombastic chaos of the over all noisy yet wonderful sounds that are created work so well with the lacerated black vocals style. There are moments of bands like Khold and Darkthrone too esp earlier Darkthrone elements. I love when a band has a sound you know the moment you hear them and Nidingr is one of those very such band !!!


Poison Rites- S/t- CD/Digital ( Self Releases)

Holy Punk rock my friends this is fast , dirty, nasty and noisy. If you like  Misfits, Fear,  Poison Idea mixed with bands like  Nofx, Bad religion , Gas huffer and UK Subs then again you got what you want here. this very bluesy and as that twang that those bands of that time had. three cords and the love of Memphis blues is all you needed to sound like this . I'm going to keep the last review of this group simple as well . Good Punk needs to be experienced and thats what you have going on right here..