7 7 7 not 6 6 6 Enjoy the ride....

Aversio Humanitatis- Longing for the Untold-CD/ Digital ( Black seed productions)

I've gotten to a point were Extreme metal really is just a few styles and they mix in other elements from more traditional musical genre to add layers and sonic landscapes with some bands they have a strong love of the avantgarde and progressive music movements and with Aversio Humanitatis we are mixing the Post Black /Death metal styles with Celestial and Occult ideals into something that is melodic, dark, massive and unsettling all at the same time. When the vocals are not happening is sounds so much like mid period Emperor, Mayhem and Saytricon then they want to move into label sounds and yes record labels have a style to them esp in extreme music. They have a love for labels like  Anja Offensive, Nordvis, I Voidhanger and Agonia . There is something very Sinister, Gothic, Spectral and Otherworldly about this band but were others go for a much dirtier sound this is much more polished and effective.  I would even say they are going for an industrial element over top of everything else we have spoken about.  This style of creation is made for longer songs and that is just what you have gotten here. The vocals I will close with are very effected and grim and work very well with that fractured frozen guitar style that works so well with the over all musical dissidence . 


Abatuar- Perversions de muerte purefacta- CD/Digital (Dunkelheit )

Raw and Blistering and very very punk in creation is what I'm getting from project out of Panama not a place so see extreme sounds from often. There is so strong early Death and Grind elements here as to. This is more like Black crust then anything I've heard in a while they remind of a few bands I start listening to on southern lord like Nails  and Iskra. Both are ass kicking in their own rights.  I also really hear bands like Bestial Warlust, Gospel of Horns and Black Witchery. There is nothing easy or safe about an album like this and that is Abatuar is wanting to bring to you with an album like this. Even the very primitive cover art plays a strong role into what you're going to get with a band of this genre.  Raw emotion is the most important of elements when you get into a band like this. It's now time to take you on that journey yourself and see were it takes you this will be a bumpy ride be prepared.


Gra- Ramsvarta Tankar- CD/ Digital ( Carnal Records)

A two song single of old styled cold and distant Northern European Black metal that will sound like all the stuff you loved that came out of  labels like  Osmose, Candlelight, Misanthropy and Moonfog. I don't really have a lot to go with on this as one song is a cover they other is not and if you like more traditional black metal from Norway, Sweden and Poland your going to love this . No big surprises at all .


Gridfailure- Hostile Alchemy-CD/ Digital ( The Compound)

Gridfailure is having a change in overall tone and mood with Hostile Alchemy . The debut album whas much more minimals and distant . With Hostile  Alchemy this is much more Death Industrial, Horror sounding and in your face. They noise elements are down right terrifying. David vocals are more in line with bands like  MZ412, Staalaagh and Bright Death Now. Your can feel the suffering coming from this experimental album. The nightmares are very very real. I would say the drones are come very a place of sickness and vile thoughts. There is no hope or redemption here. As times it sounds like the really pissed off pieces of bands like gravitar, house of low culture and skullflower.  I will go back to Gridfailure has a very sinster left hand feeling to the over all presentation and it becomes more unsettling as you travel this the album. Schloss Tegal and Aghast would be very proud to know this album has been ejected to the world.


HENRY KANE -Den Förstörda Människans Rike -CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity)

Someone have a love for all things Swedish as far as punk and metal goes. This is a melodic Swedish Death metal sound with a Crusty, Dpunk Swedish element thrown through out the album all day long. It's noisy, dirty, fast and machine like tones are just every this you remember and love of bands like  At the gates, Dismember, Wolfbrigade and disfear. That is this sound and band in a nutshell. Henry Kane are pissed off and extreme and will not allow you a moment of peace till this album is done and more then most likely long after that as this is not the kind of album that is one and done this will be on repeat for those that like this sound and for one that's me . 


Deathwish- Unleash Hell-CD/ Digital ( Beer City Records)

Someone is in love with a few select bands and are making this live on so the next generation can understand what dirty, expressive ,nasty rock and roll. If you're a fan of  Motorhead, Black flag, and the MC5 this is going to be one hell of a ride for you folks as this is what this band is all rolled up into one glorious clusterfuck of noise, sweat and riffs. There is nothing groundbreaking here is just good angst filled music that will make all in the room what to jump around and get all that goddamn stress out of your system. Deathwish has a love of 80's Hardcore too so I would say if you are band of CBGB's matinees and Abc no rio shows in NYC at that time you would have had many bands like this ripping your face off at shows. Yes they never became world wide legends but in NYC's they were lesser Gods to who they played to . I love this album . Sometimes we just need fast, loud and sloppy to show the world were all this came from.


Venereal Baptism- Deviant Castigation Liturgy- CD/ Digital ( Osmose Productions)

Can a rotten apple just be a fucking rotten apple already. We don't need to over speak about how extreme or cult a band is any more when you listen to the album you're going to either like it , hate it or just have no connection. With Venereal Baptism you have a Black/ Death band with a vocalist that wants you to understand that the Black arts are the only choice . You know what you're getting Noisy Death metal with a very blackened vocal elements and lots of Satanic over tones. It reminds me of a more pissed of Vital Remains or Incantation . Really simple at the core of all of this . Rotten apples are just that rotten to the core and you can hear it in every blistering note that comes from this. Osmose could not be better label for this band as they sound the part ...