Tritions Orbit Artist Noise Trail Immersion Interview is up...

1. How did the band come to mix Grind, Noisecore and Industrial elements into a Very Math metal overtone ? 

We started out as a Mathcore band in 2013, but later on we got into different genres, like the new wave of dissonant Black Metal and Blackened Hardcore, Post-Metal and Ambient. So we realized that what we wanted to do for our first full-lenght album  was trying to combine the attitude and the sound of the styles that we were starting to approach with the “Math” side of our music, already present in our first EP.

2. The Frantic elements of the music and off time signatures are what make the band so interesting what bands influenced you of course you can hear Converge, Dead guy, Dillinger Escape Plan and bands like Gorguts , Virus and Opeth .

Yes, we love the bands you mentioned! Apart from those, we also love bands like Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, The Secret, Amia Venera Landscape, Altar Of Plagues, Celeste and Krallice, that influenced the “Post” and Black metal side of our music. 
Our “Math” side, instead, is influenced by bands like War From A Harlots Mouth, Ion Dissonance and The Arusha Accord.

3. I know very little about the label your signed to Tritions Orbit tell us about them and how did you begin working with them ?

We got the contact of Catia and Against PR through a friend because we needed some promotion for the album and then we decided also to print and distribuite the physical CDs with them. We want to thank them for the work!
Digital distribution,instead, is being handled by Moment Of Collapse Records, so we also want to thank Sebastian!

4. What is a live show for N.T.I like and how does it differ from the album?

Hard do tell how it differs from the album: for instance, maybe we try to look more like more like a Hardcore band than a Metal band in terms of the show, even if our musical style has more Metal elements.
Anyway, our main goal regarding live performances is to make the show coherent with the music. 
In order to do that, for example, we use a fog machine and a particular set of lights, and often put creepy interludes between the songs.

5. If you could make a proper video for any track on the album which would it be and why?

For all the “right in the face” tracks of the album we think that a playback video is the way to go. That’s why we chose that kind of video for the song “Organism” and we would have gone with the same solution if we had chosen “In Somnis”, “Placenta” or “Tongueless”. If we had chosen a more introspective track for the video, like “Birth” or “Light Eaters”, probably the best solution would have been a video without the band playing, but something like dreamlike and dark images flowing. 

6. In 4 words describe the band to someone that hasn't heard you.

8 strings blackened chaos

7. You album cover is very interesting how does it play a role in the story of Womb?

Yes, partly. First of all, we decided we wanted a piece of art as our album cover. Casually we found the image of the women dancing and we decided to adapt it for the album cover. 
The album is a concept about a metaphore of the womb, and we thought that the image of those women was somehow coherent with the idea and the intention of the album.

8. What music or books are impressing the band at this time?

Speaking of metal, some stuff we really loved in 2016 are the new records by Deathspell Omega, Plebeian Grandstand, Coma Cluster Void, Krallice, Dysrhythmia and Gorguts; but we’re also listening to a lot of non-metal artists: SaĆ„ad and Arve Henriksen to name a few, and in general a lot of Ambient and Dark-Jazz.

9. Do the members of Noise Trail Immersion have other project as well tell us about them.

Yes. Our singer Fabio and our drummer Paolo also play in Thirst Prayer, a blackened hardcore band, our guitarist Daniele has a side studio project called Occulta Veritas (Post/Progressive Metal). Lorenzo, Davide and Daniele are also collaborating  together on building a little studio and doing productions both for metal and electronic music bands/artists (in particular, Lorenzo and Davide also do electronic beats for other artists.

10. What you thoughts on Social Media and Digital media in 2017 is it truly the next frontier of the extreme music underground?

Social Media is definitely important since it’s the most relevant, and easiest as well, way to comunicate with the audience. About digital media, it surely plays a big role, but we also believe that physical CD-s and vinyls are not gonna be “left out”, and that’s a good thing. It’s good that we have music in a digital format, but it’s just one of the options.

11. Where do you see the sound of N.T.I heading with future releases?

Actually, we have almost finished writing a new full-lenght album and we’ll record it this year. This new record will be a little different: first of all, It’s darker than “Womb”. Speaking in terms of genres it’s a little more “black” and a little less “math”, but the crazy element is still there and the guitar parts are really intricate, since the two guitars play different parts in most of the album. 
In this new record every song is connected to the following one, so that the album seems like just a long track, and we’re really excited about that.

12. Does Imagine play a role in the band at all?

Yes, maybe not the most important one, but it plays a role. Anyway, we try to concentrate mainly on sound and impact.

13.  Are there any local acts from your area that we need to know about that just are not getting press ?

Well, we think that Italy is full of awesome bands that deserve more. To name a few, Sunpocrisy, O (Segno Circolare), La Fin, Wows, Haram, Khoy, Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Last Minute To Jaffna, Fall Of Minerva, Despite Exile, Lies Of Nazca, Marmore, Zeit and many more.

14. If a large label came and offered you a deal is it something that would work for band like Noise Trail Immersion?

Maybe yes, Maybe not. The main point is that large labels for many reason often tend to be “sectorial” from a certain point of view, while we feel like we don’t really fit in a specific “scene” right now, and maybe we’ll never really fit. For example: in terms of attitude, we feel like a Black Metal band, but at the same time we realize we’re not really doing Black Metal. Sure, there’s a lot of Black Metal influence in the music, but clearly that’s not the same.Anyway,  that’s not a problem to us, we just like doing the music we do, and we don’t do this for a living, so we’re not aiming to become “someone”.

15. I really like to know where did the name of the band come from and what meaning does it hold?

We don’t want to disappoint you or anything, but they’re just three random words we thought sounded cool when put together.

16. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you and Absolute Zero Media for the opportunity! It was a real pleasure!