7 reviews the transpose time and space !!!!

Czar- Life is no way to treat an animal-CD/Digital  ( Self Released)

This is Avant, Post Metal, Off the wall and everything I'm going to say is great about music in 2017 and really brings out the odd and wonderful side to extreme sounds.  The sounds that 1st come to mind are bands like  6:33, Oxbox, Mike Patton , Dog Fashion Disco, Kontrust, Enablers and Obsidian Kingdom. I  know if you have even heard on of these bands you will very clearly get the picture I'm painting. Czar is a Metallic  Carnival ride into madness , odd tones, Nightmares, Jokes, Electronics and pure imagination. This band is not on a label buy choice as something this interesting can not be picked on and promoted by a label. There are elements of bands like Fleurety, Devil Doll and Ulver going on through out this monster of a musical journey too. I will end with saying. Once you hear Czar nothing will ever be the same again .

Anvil Strykez-  S/T- CD/ Digital ( Wolf Force Corp)

I'm not sure what to say about this but welcome to the late 80's early 90's Electro Prog realm. I swear someone grew up listening to  Transformers Cartoon Movie music, Music for Beverly Hills Cop and 80's Europe, Asia, Yes and  ELP. as this is all that I hear coming out with 80's Guitar metal riffs. I feel like a kick again watching He Man, Voltron, Thundercats and The Never ending Story. If you were not part of the world or not retro to that now then you will be so lost. Synth rock fans in the 80's with build a temple to a band like this . I going to say it like this  Imagine  Duran Duran, Early Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb  mixed into the bands above . I really love this and electro soundtrack metallic industrial is what I'm calling and no one is going to change my mind. 


Why? Moh Lhean- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Joyful Noise)

So this is not something I would normally review as it is a bit out of my wheel house of musical styles. I did listening to much of this kind of music in mid to late 90's so I'm going to reference this off a few bands that I feel are kindred spirits of this sound the 1st I will say is  When from Norway . There is some very amazing similar sounds and to this day When is one of my faves. I would say bands like  Sebadoh, Six Finger Satelite and They Might be giants and The Flaming Lips. I'm really digging the quirky elements mixed with epic and lush sountrack elements. If you like some of the more epic Beach boys stuff I would say this goes that way often. There is so much amazing music here. The have elements of last Kayo Dot too which did love Cold wave and Kraut Rock which Why? very much pulls from. Phillip Glass elements are strong here too. This is orchestral will out being full on. This is music that makes you feel with every song something different. You can go from Hope to Sorrow to Bliss to Satisfaction. Why? keep it up this is one hell of an album. Really liking what I hear and will be coming back for more for sure.


Lunar Shadow- Far from Light -CD/ Digital ( Cruz Del Sur)

This album cover is very misleading as you would think you're getting some kind of Black metal released and this very much a Prog / Retro Metal album that comes in line with bands like  Feg Slough, Opeth, Iron Maiden and Angra mix with some very mellower heavy rock/ 70's arena rock of band like Kiss and Deep Purple and even Rainbow.  I was not really expecting to hear this as its a great 80's Classic Metal album with heavy complex prog elements .They vocals never go that stoner way and always seem to rock that more power metal side of the fence. I will not say it something I love but for the style and input of the release they are one talented band and really do shine at what they are creating.  Just think a cover like this is going to fool some into buying and album they are not. 


Northern Blues- Splitmind-CD/ Digital ( Prime Collective)

Hardcore is something that needs to be talked about with Repect and honor as this has a long history for this musician and writer growing up in the 80/90's NJ/NYC music scene then moving to the New England area and going to many shows in RI/ CT/ MA .  With  Northern Blues we have two differ side of hardcore . We have that Post Hardcore made legendary by bands like Converge, Deadguy, Integrity and Dillinger Escape Plan then they are mixing in elements of Screamo and Metalcore which in there own rights have some amazing bands and labels releasing music worldwide. I know this band is very young I think they are all teens and with that alone the complexity and arrangements of this massive undertaking are amazing in their own rights. The power, passion and fury in this album with the harmonics and melodies intermixed with punishing riffs and drum movements are making me want to listen to Northern Blues over and over again. There is so much were labels like Translation Loss, Deathwishinc, Bridge 9, Revelation Records, Magic Bullet etc. I'm really blown away by the kick ass sounds coming from Northern Blues and this will be spinning for weeks come from this reviewer. When Melody and Pain can mix in such a perfect way all need to hear!!!!


King Woman- Created in the image of suffering -CD/ LP/Digital ( Relapse Records)

There are times in music you just get a chill listening to an album for the very 1st time and with King Woman I just had this happen. There is something so very mentally stirring about the sound and vision of this band. They are mixing some elements and styles that at the forefront really should be an odd or sour combo but works so well.  The best way to explain the sound is imagine a Droning Doom band finding the love Shoe-gazing music while all the time loving Prog Rock from the 70's and 80's then mixing in ambient and primitive eastern and heathen elements in the tones and layers they are recording. At times they remind me of bands like  Ides of Gemini, Sabbath Assembly , Earth and Amber Asylum. I don't think I can stop listening to this if I wanted too. There is a Jarboe feel at times too. King Woman is a band that Relapse needs to make sure the world hears as they are important piece to the next phase of heavy music they bridge a gap between two generation and make it all their own!!!!!


Nula- Kehoma-CD/ Digital ( Black Bow)

Just as this album begins I hear eastern Post Metal elements that remind me of bands like Salem, Orphanage, Old Dead Tree, Tiamat and Paradise Lost. There is a good Goth element in this as well but not in the Gothic Doom side more in Goth Death rock of Tiamat and Paradise Lost. There are some very heavy as Doom movements going on with Post Hardcore sounds as well. Nula is like a Sludgy Post everything band. There are some truly rocking and grooving moments too were you hear parts of Down , COC and Crowbar coming on through as well.  This ep is 3 epic tracks and really glad to get a moment to hear and review this as the mix Goth, Death, Doom and Post Metal into something that has familiar passages of many bands but really is very much there own sound and ideal. They have a love for bands on  labels like  Southern Lord, Peaceville, Season of Mist and Candlelight all at the same time and that is where the magic happens they do not want to sound like anyone they want to add elements of all the music they love.