5 mind expanding Noise and Extreme music entries to a sick and un-trusting world ..

Baxter Stockman- Haul- CD/ Digital ( Ektro )

Finnish Noise Rock meets Sci fi rockers .. Made some great angst Driven music. I will tell you  they do have a very comforting Noise Rock meets Indie Rock sound . If you're a fan of bands like  The Jesus Lizard,  TAD, Mule, Tar or John Spencer then you are going to fall in love with the album " Haul" have a very singular sound and Idea. If Noise rock and Prog Rock could come full circle this would very much be it. Amrep and Touch and GO would have jumped at the sounds and styles of Baxter Stockman in the late 90's early '00. Do hear some Discord Records elements of bands like Lungfish, Shudder to think and Fugazi..  Really impressed on what Baxter Stockman created and too bad they are no more. As this is something that could really be a growing sound. I feel a lot of Exile on Mainstream bands have much in common with them. Noisey pissed off Punk is something that will never go out of style. 


Bungler- The Nature of being new- CD/ Digital ( Inner Strength)

From one of the most depressing places on earth Buffalo NY. Cold and overcast so often you almost think that is the norm there comes Bungler a pissed off 3 piece hardcore unit that like to mix in Post Punk and Noise Rock elements into it that reminds me of elements of bands like  Deadguy, Integrity ,Unsane and Today is the day . They have metallic tones but never get to what I would call Metalcore as the are way more  Hardcore, Noise and Industrial in the approach. This is total unhinged Hardcore and I need nothing more to please me then that. You will know in moments if this is for you or not and I can tell you keep it coming this chillingly good stuff ...


Emptiness- Not for Music- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

So what do you get from an album produced by Marilyn Manson members ??? Just from the 1st track I hear Coldwave, Goth Rock, Industrial Metal and Electronic elements.  I you dare to take a journey with me I hear bands like  Samael, Canaan,  This empty flow, Nick Cave , Nine Inch Nails and  D.H.G all at the same time . This is one of the most interesting, bizarre , rewarding and unsettling albums I've hear in so long. I want to this be on Eibon or  Dark Vinyl as I feel this is at home over even Avantgarde as this Metal elements are very few and far between this and  Season of mist normally has a much more aggressive side to bands like this and they come from a more Death rock/ Goth understanding of the music. So glad Season of Mist took the risk of getting this to the masses as  Emptiness is fucking amazing to say the least. Words really fail me on this album is something you need to hear. So good so good..


Friendship- I & II-CD/ Digital /LP ( Sentient Ruin Labs)

Japan is very impressive with mixing  Power Violence with Doom and  Hardcore to make something so frightening and disturbing that you just want to listen to see where the nightmare of this trainwreck leads too. If you're into Man is the Bastard, Corrupted and Cavity then folks we have a total winner and man did Friendship just kick my ass. This is all tracks of less then 5 mins and  punishing in all it's glory. You know when good DIY noisey heavy sounds just make you smile and that is what is going on here . This could very well be on Theologian, Slap a ham or  Prank as well you know where I'm going with this and we need more. I'm done get this or your LOSS!!!!!


Gorephilia- Severed Monolith-CD/ Digital/LP ( Dark Descent)

Finland again why is all the really ground breaking extreme music coming from the very frozen north of Europe. I hear old school  death metal mixed with doom and some very experimental grindcore movements all into something like if  Incantation, Disembowelment, Napalm Death and Entombed decided that they wanted to have Futurist and Sci fi sounds incorporated into an already complex sound. I think there are tones of bands like Nile and Salem in this as well as well as Orphanage and Altar. Gorephilia are mind expanding in sound and vision. I just love most of what Dark Descent and sub labels too as they really do seek out bands that are a cut above the rest and we need that in 2017 !!!!


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