6 New Reviews for the darkness in all of us....

Desiderrii Marginis- Songs over ruins- CD/LP/Digital ( Cyclic Law)

If your a fan of the old world epic Dark Industrial/ Dark Ambient sounds that Cold Meat and Dark Vinyl use to give us in the late 1990's and early 00's then you know where Desiderrii Marginis is coming from as this was a Cold Meat artist before the close of label this reminds me so much of bands like Protagonist, Sanctum, Arcana and Coph Nia just as a few. The sinister and dark elements are what add to the soundscapes, Symphonic loops and Noisy backdrops. This is music for those of us that want a candle lit  cold winters night listening to music with headphones and reflecting on the past and letting our imagination get the best of us .  I don't want to call this cultured music or art but its not pop or something the with mass appeal . You need to be into this genre or scene to understand it but anyone can hear the sorrow and beauty of the is almost Martial Industrial music coming from the speakers in 2017 there is no more perfect home for a band like this then Cyclic law or maybe Malignant Records. I miss the days of Cold Meat, Cold Spring, Dark Vinyl, Malignant, Tesco ,  Loki Foundation and Old Europa Cafe just time and time again giving us stunning works like this .  I'm again pleased to hear music like this still being made as it restores my faith is  Avant Industrial music in the world. 


Acrimonious-  Eleven Dragons- CD/ Digital ( WTC Productions)

Greece has a long history of all different styles of Extreme metal music over the years  with Acrimonious we have a mix of three very interesting blends  Post Black metal, War metal and Raw Black metal that is a mix of bands like  Marduk, Mayhem, D.H.G and touches of bands like  Absu and Septic Flesh into something rather refreshing and musically challenging at the same time. I always like that Jazzy over tone in Black metal that Ihsahn and Virus has so well taken in and made there own. The vocals are really something that stand out here from Grim, Chanting, Sorrowful and Painfully screamed. Yes there are what we could call Dark metal and  Suicide metal elements but they are just that elements. Over all this is very much a black metal album that wants to keep the sounds of old and new in mix . Occult metal is important to keep alive so we never forget about those Dark doorways . 


Palmer- Surrounding the Void- CD/ Digital ( Czar of Crickets)

The words Post Metal sum up so many things to me in 2017 but with Palmer they really have a love for bands like Early Swans, Isis, Deadguy , Tragedy and Fudge tunnel when I listen to this . There are some strong Doomy elements like  Phobos, Tripykon, Today is the day and even early Pitch shifter. This Swiss band is one pissed off force of  Metal, Post Hardcore and Noise rock into something as I listen to the emotions and power just flows from the album. The riffs are harmonic and crushing. The vocals are just tormented to say the least. If you like bands like Rosetta, Kolwoon walled City  and Mouth of the Architect then this is going to be one hell of a ride for you as well. Frustration and Loss are the biggest elements of where the feeling of this music comes from. The fragile and delicate meets the wall of sonic destruction is really what I look for in a good Post metal band and they have it all the way.  This is a very impressive release in 2017  check them out .


The Ossuary- Post Mortem Blues- CD/ Digital ( Supreme Chaos)

Some one fell in love with Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Cream and St Vitus and can not leave those bands and made an album of what almost sounds like retro album of covers from the late 70's early 80's .  The vocalist so wants to be Dio and Eric Clapton in his voice its  insane. I really can not love this because of the riffing and just the old sound it has. I honestly really hate this and I shouldn't as there are ok quality but I just do. I'm done listening to this steaming pile of rehashed riffs and lack of any original ideas. Just start a cover band and let it go already.


Cryptic Brood -Brain Eater- CD/ Digital ( Xtreem Music)

Raw old school Death metal from the 90's with a love of that slower Death metal that comes across as Doom you know stuff like  Incantation, Womb, The Chasm meets Carnal Forge, Autopsy, Demigod and early Entombed. So yes there is a strong punk element to this as well . Xtreem understand Death metal being it's owner is in a very well known Death metal band as well. Dave Rotten you make some kick ass music sir too. I hear elements of US Band Dusk and from Down under Disembowelment too. I just really like this album as it's not trying to be something it's not making good Punky. Doomy Death metal is hard and its as impressive as the 1st Darkthrone album to me and that says a lot.


Insanity Cult- Of Despair and self-destruction- CD/ Digital  ( Ogmios Productions)

Ambient/ Folk /Post Black metal is what I heard in the intro and it just get more extreme and grim as it moves through out the album this is Melancholy, Morose, Suicidal and Dark . You can hear the pain and madness in each and every song that is created by this unit out of Greece. This has elements of bands like  Forgotten Tomb, Silencer, Nocturnal Depression and  Make a change.. Kill yourself. I love the acoustics mixed in as the cold wintery folk /pagan metal element  really comes through on this album and makes me want to listen to more and more. I know this one of those album for a very select group but again that audience is me and I want to hear all Insanity Cult has created now after hearing this amazing and majestic and Nightmarish album has presented to me. Insanity Cult is a release and we all need them . After listening to this the pain of loss and loneliness is less and it takes those demons away. Stunning release by a band that does need more exposure for sure.


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