OF THE SUN Interview is up ...


1. How did the mix of Power metal , Thrash and  Prog Death come to be in the form of a band called  OF THE SUN?

We drew from what we dug, man. Life's too short to seek a template to fit into, and the way we always figured music's about breaking the rules anyway. We're not content to settle with this genre or that, definitely ain't trying to mirror anything. We're writing tunes the same way we listen to music. We don't only listen to one subgenre, so we're going all over the place with this stuff. We're writing the music we want to hear.

2. Is  D.I.Y the best way to release extreme underground music in 2017. Are labels not needed is it just a good PR company and  strong digital distro/ you tube what you need now.

Haha! I dunno... I think the answer to that depends on the aim of the artist, but for the most part, probably. There is just so much overhead in being in a band, the focus transcends PR, digital distro, and social media. There's also physical distibution, merch distro, producing more merch options, touring, booking, etc, etc. Loads of things that need money to move. Doing what we're doing, we're not counting on getting lucky, so we're building from the ground up and learning along the way.

3. I hear elements of Pantera, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend ,Entombed and Gorguts. What bands would you say are the Major influences?

Mr Bungle, Between The Buried And Me, The Ocean, Mastodon, Tool, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dream Theater, Primus, Behold... The Arctopus, Psyopus, Corrosion Of Conformity, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, White Zombie... those are some, to name a few. Ain't like we ever stepped back and decided that any certain part of a tune needed to be tooled to sound more like a certain band, though. Certain elements of these bands haunted us in fantastic ways and survive the filter.

4. What is a live show like for the band and how does it differ from the album?

The material always feels new when we're performing, and this is translated to the vibe that hits the room. Even though they've been played who-knows-how-many-times since they were completed, these songs still have the same potency. There's a strange, incredible balance that's met between outward aggression and introversion triggering an energy exchange between us and the crowd. It's symbiosis. The record afforded us the ability to convey these songs at unlimited depth. The live attack is more akin to punk rock, but with blast beats and sweep arpeggios.

5. If the studio how do you create such a massive sound. DO you have the core Idea and then go record is it a completed song live and then layered in studio or is it free formed and just going in with an riff or concept?

These songs were written quite a few years ago and many, many obstacles were dealt with in making this record happen. (visit https://ofthesunofficial.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/the-way-to-the-path/ for the full story) Our sanctuary for this record -and the next- is White Room Studios here in Austin, TX. We played with tones before we pressed REC and, man, it was well worth it. Being a 3 piece, something we insisted on was keeping the bass up front and this turned our tone into a BEAST. 

6. If you could cover any song what would it be and how would you make it  OF THE SUN.

Ars Moriendi by Mr Bungle! It's got a ton of gypsy swagger. I think we'd implement some southern stank in its place. There would also be a notable reduction of instruments in our version.

7. Is  Social Media and Internet Radio the savior or curse for Underground music ?


8. Do the members in OF THE SUN have other projects or is this where all the talent is focused?

For fun, David plays bass with "spy movie jazz rock" band, Muchos Backflips. Other than that, it's all us, baby!

9. Lets say a Major metal label like Century Media or Nuclear Blast come and offer you a deal is it something the band would be interested in or is this not were the band vision is heading?

That would depend entirely on the deal. We're all about teaming up with people who want to grow and expand their expertise alongside us as we do the same, but we're not bending over to get a handout.

10. If there was one band you could tour with who would it be and why?

The Dillinger Escape Plan. ......Holy fuck.

11.  What is the story line or theme on " Before a human path"?

It's all interpretation, mainly condensing the energy of what we were dealing with at certain points in time throughout the process and crafting stories that locked in with the attitude. It's not a concept album by any means. It's as varied and chaotic as 8 years of being alive. 

12. Were is the new material heading is it a Departure or just a refining of the current material ?

Before A Human Path picks up where we left off with our debut, AM Radio, which spiraled outward through its course. I think it's safe to say that we're departing as much as possible in an effort to explore possibilities, but that's what we've always done. And that's exactly what you should expect.

13. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

We're releasing Before A Human Path April 14, 2017. My beard is magnificent. I'm kinda hungry.