Hypnotic Dirge/ Solitude Production Artist- Immensity Interview is up

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1. Tell us about this Greek Gothic inspired doom/ death force. As your very new to my readers.

A big hello to Absolute Zero Media readers and to you Clint... We are Immensity, from Athens Greece. The band was formed in 2009 by Andreas K. (Guitars). During the years the other players came along. Of course with some changes, as most of  the bands suffer.
So we have:  Leonidas Ch. on Vocals, Christos M. on Guitars, myself Yiannis F. on Drums, Giorgos Kr. in Bass and Nora K. in Keys is the current formation of the band. In March we published via ΗYPNOTIC DIRGE RECORDS / SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS our debut album, entitled “The Isolation Splendour” Five songs of melodic Doom/Death metal including as well the “The Lonely Aquarelle” a 2 - song promo as bonus . Now we are in a promotional procedure, giving as many gigs as possible. We think that is the best way to spread out the name of the band.
2. The mix of clean and death vocals give me a very November's doom, Paradise lost and Katatonia vibe. A peaceville records vibe. Is this close to direction you were going for?
Of course, any band who is under the “doom/death” flag, is kind of “doomed” (hehehe...) to follow this particular path. Those bands (and many more) are quite influential for us, but we believe that we make it our own way. We try to maintain an original point of view and for sure playing the music sincere and true. In other words, we follow our own path, using our influences as fuel, not really as a vehicle.
3. How did you come to work with both Hypnotic dirge and Solitude Productions for "The Isolation Splendour"?
We remained patient and we waited until we would complete the recordings and after that we did our research on the Internet for a label. Nothing simpler than that. The guys from H.D came in touch with us, we happily discovered  that we share the same vision about the music and the music “industry”, so we came to an agreement. The collaboration with S.P was a bonus, since it is known and respected in the European Doom scene label. We are very optimistic about this, they do a fantastic job and we are happy for this.
4. What is a live show like for the band vs album material. Do the live versions of song get different arrangements?
The sound and compositions of “The Isolation Splendour” are very demanding and we have to be 100% focused on stage performance. We try to keep the original arrangements “do-able” for the instruments we have. During a live set though some differences are there, mostly about the harshness or the clarity of some riffs, but the whole idea is present. What you listen to the cd is what you experience in the live performance.
5. If you could work and sign with a major metal label like Century media or Nuclear blast? Would you or do band that are more underground really get lost on those labels?
Collaborating with these labels is something great, and in a perfect world we would at least give it a shot (crossing our fingers, for paying attention...). But, being a member of these labels means that you have to work in a very professional way. “Professional way” means that you have to quit your day job. For us it is impossible because we are literally living from this. We haven't the “luxury” to just quit. Because you have to tour and be an 24/7 artist. At least this is what we consider but you see being an artist in a small band simply does not pay off your bills. Besides that being a small band in a big label you don't have the “proper” attention, a “small” label can provide and attention is more important than being under a great label name stamped at the back of your cd. Of course it means that you have some standards, but at the end of the day, good music always finds its way...
6. What bands impress you currently?
The last band that triggered my attention lately is Batushka...Fantastic and very haunting black metal. Dead Congregation as well, did an excellent brutal Death Metal by all means. And DHG's last album was a masterpiece.
7. Are you fans of social media or is it just a needed evil in 2016?
Social media is just a tool. A useful tool. If you work with it properly you are going to have only benefits that spread your music all over the world, and that's huge. It is something that 20 years before was out of mind. Unfortunately this tool is mistreated from some people, but that's life. So we are not “fans” but we are grateful having the gift of “spreading the news”.
8. If you could make a proper video off new album which track would it be? What would the video look like?
Well Hypnotic Dirge made for us a video for “The Sullen”. It is a track that combines several “faces” of Immensity. Brutal – melodic – slow – intense. The video was shot entirely in Canada and we believe captured completely the lyrics and the whole ambiance of the track. It shows slow shots of a main theme, giving the pace of diving into the depths of “the Sullen”. We have plans for another video to support the “the Isolation....”. We do not know which one yet, maybe we are going to show another face of the band, an “outsider” track maybe.

9. Do the members of Immensity work in other musical projects? If so tell us about them.
Yes, there is a quite complex map of “other musical projects”. First of all Leonidas Hatzimihalis is an experienced musician, having his own history in the Greek metal scene. He was one a member of Fatal Morgana, Equal Vector, Agnosia (major progressive metal bands). Speaking of myself (Yiannis F. - drums)  I have almost 20 years of  running Decemberance – an extreme Doom/Death metal band, and I am the drummer of Daylight Misery (“dark” metal). Christos M. from Immensity is as well in Decemberance.
10. What is the music scene like in the area of Greece you’re from? Is there a strong underground extreme music scene?
The metal scene in Greece is growing so fast and in full quality. Not only in the extreme sound but also in more traditional metal as well. Always the underground was the pioneer in music. Globally I think . It gives the sincerity that Art needs. Mainstream music (and in metal of course), is full of bands that are settled down with a pattern that it has to do with money.
11.  Why do you think Greek black, doom and death metal became so popular in 90's ?? Unisound records was a staple for some of us back in the day..
Those bands were fighting against the whole system. People took them as outlaws, punks, drug addicts etc. This, I think, empowered their will to create Art and go against the stream of popular music. Talented musicians in a “difficult” country. What a great combination for great music...!
12.  If you could cover any song and make it your own what would that be and why?
- Aaaah covers...what a lovely subject to share some kicks and punches with your band mates... So many songs, so many different ways to approach the music. Nowadays we are in the process of covering a very well known song, but we can't say more until June. We did it our way let’s say slower and darker and more brutal but we kept the original spirit of the song. Maybe we might include it in some of our shows in the nearest future...you never know.
13.  Does a band need a proper website in 2016 or does sound cloud, band camp and blogs do it all these days?
A band needs “Good music”. “Good music” will find it's way apparently...(crossing our fingers for that). As we said before Internet is a tool. And we try to use it properly. A proper site is a “professional” face of a band. The other formats are doing their own part of the job as well.
14.  Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.
Thank you Clint for your time and the interest you showed for us, we really appreciate it. We hope that “The Isolation Splendour” finds its way to an audience. Anyone who might be interested can find us on our Official immensity Facebook page, so we can be in touch with as many people as possible. Cheers from Athens Greece!
Doom and Respect to everybody
Yiannis Filippaios (drums), Immensity