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1.I know you have an affiliation with Sektor 304 but many of my readers your very new tell us a bit about  Tendagruta?

AC: I was a founding member of Sektor 304 and still was when this entity was finally buried in the heap where it belonged. My connection with SG is a long one since she was one of the first supporters of Sektor 304 and soon came to realize that we share a paralell vision towards certain areas of human expression. Sooner of later something as Tendagruta would appear.

It did around the begining of the second decade of the XXI century after several sessions of technical experimentation and search for a more intuitive modus operandi. “Ensalmo do Sargaço” are the scraps / relics of this period.

2. You are  mix of Black Noise, Power Electronics and Droning industrial sound scapes. What is the end goal with a band like this?

AC: We understand that tags are important as a guide for the listener or the casual but the though of integration within a certain code was never present when we decided to create such a project. Crafting soundscapes or somesort of soundpoetry and thus invoking a sensation or feeling of a surreal temporal dimension was our only intention. This is the music for the ruins of the future and the echos from the past.

3. Your working with a new Sub label from Signal Rex called Dissociated how did you come to work them?

AC: Contact with the people behind Signal Rex has been maintained within the time frame suitable for a relation of trust to be built upon. Afterwards it was only natural that such a collaboration was established. The path that led to the contact is perhaps too ordinary to become part of this narrative. 

4. Will Tendagruta be performing live at all or is this more a studio creation? If so how would you want the live show to be?

AC: Performances were developed twice but both differ in several formal aspects. The first appearance was within the Matanças Festival in Porto and it was driven by a different force and featuring a third member, João Filipe from Sektor 304. Aggressiveness aiming towards collapse and terror, power electronics on the verge of equipment and human decay. More industrial, if you wish.

The second live performance entitled “Of Rust & Dust”, also in Porto and part of the Occult Esoterica AV Gatherings, was closely connect to the material presented on this tape. For this we relied on electrically empowered objects, strings and the ever present looped noise. I bear the rememberance of a closing afternoon sun and the warm of having so many friends witnessing our performance in a beautiful open air garden. Night fell once our action was over. The night became the void afterwards.

5. If you could create a proper video for any track on the album which would it be and why?

AC: All tracks are suitable for a visual translation, as well as a literary one, for instance. Although these compositions have been spread through several contexts previous to their assembly as a body of work, this only happened due to circumstances related to the chances of fate. In our minds they always formed a complete body from which I cannot choose a better limb, artery or nerve.

6. So I hear elements of MZ412, Valefor , Aghast and Sewer Goddess in your album. What projects or Bands are those that made you create this project?

SG: To be honest, none of those projects were in our minds when we started Tendagruta, even if we do appreciate them. Some of our main inspirations are not very explicit and it might not be easy to find a direct link to our sound, but I would refer ZGA, Herbst9, Deutsch Nepal, Brume's "Accident de Chasse" and Giacinto Scelsi.

7. Do you feel Social Media and the 21st century digital movement is a blessing or a curse? How can you use this media to not get lost in so many bedroom projects out there?

AC: The inexorability of time is something that cannot be challenged neither it's blessings or curses. Acceptance and survival is all that is relevant. About getting lost, which is usually a suitable method to begin any creative process, preserverance is usually a characteristic that sets breeds apart, either in social media or any other, even in bedrooms.

8. What are some of the projects out now that are impressing the members of Tendagruta?

SG: I've been listening to Northern Electronics lastest releases - quite interesting Stockholm collective focusing on artic and atmospheric techno - and Pogrom's Father:Land.

9. What is the story or theme behind the new album on Dissociated Label??

SG: There is no story or theme, Ensalmo do Sargaço and the titles of the tracks are phonetic surrealism, words that we joined or created because they sound good and cryptic in portuguese.

Our main goal was to create a mysterious and knavish atmosphere, an immersive post-industrial and post-devotional landscape inspired by some poetry and short stories of Tonino Guerra with a not well definied surrealistic and dystopic twist.

10. Does Images and Visuals still play a big role in very underground Noise/ Industrial music like this?

AC: There is an extreme relevancy connected to every source of inspiration that leads to a creative process, no matter if it is a static image, a text, a visual narrative, an odour, texture, luminous presence or any other type of sensory experience. These are clues, traces, paths that lead to other planes of thought or imagination. Time/space transcendancing and yet, they are a gateway to reconnect with reality.

11. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts please place here.

AC: Thank you for this pleasant conversation.

SG: Thank you!
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