8 new musical assaults to the masses.. Ready and Enjoy

Zamboni- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Crossover Thrash that reminds me very much of bands like DRI , Cryptic Slaughter and Excel. The production is very hard to love it far too raw and under produced to really hear whats going on. It's more of a demo done fast and cheap then a proper album. I can here moments in the band they love that late 80's Thrash punk ideal but it just not coming across as I said. I'm going to make this a bit short... I don't see my listening to this often..

Blakk old Blood- Greed- CD/Digital ( Clavis Secretorvm )

Not really sure where to begin with this band as its just chaos inspired  Raw Noisy Black Death with a heavy heavy dose of Punk and Early speed metal elements. I want to say this was the stuff members of Mayhem and Emperor were making in their demo days but I think it's even more primitive and punk then that. I know the line up of this band is a group of seasoned noise mongers but If this was the early 21st century they would be on a label like Moonfog or Osmose as this was where nightmare's like this were produced and enjoyed but the original underground black metal maniacs. A band like this is really impossible to explain and needs to be heard. The madness in each passage is worth the price of admission alone. This is just a MLP and if it was more I think mental issues may occur for many. Very interesting ride to say the least..


Obsidian Sea- Dreams. Illusions. Obsessions- CD/ Digital - ( Nuclear war now)

Lets just get to the brass facts here I fucking hate this is all that retro stoner Doom bullshit if you love Candlemass and that mass of crap that Rise Above released then you going to find this a wonderful journey . I can't take the wavering vocals and 3rd tier Black Sabbath worship ok I'm done..


Darvulia- Mysticisme Macabre- CD/LP/ Digital ( Nuclear war now)

Well well well a 2nd release to review from NWN!! and what a night and day difference. This is amazing outsider avant war metal with love of Noise and Black metal. This is the kind of music that will make many run in fear and some to say that there is nothing musical about this at all. Love the dissident tone, tormented vocal  wall of drums and rumbling bass line. If Voivod and Ved Buen ende were full on a black metal band this what it would sound like. Post Black metal is primitive to this band they love the sci fi and futurist sounds many metal bands are using today but take it to some very impressive levels and mix elements of Bestial Warlust, Krieg and Watain in for good measure.  This is the Nuclear war now label I know and love. Stellar album !!!!


Cannibal Accident- Ritual Paprika- CD/ Digital ( Nailjar)

I want to love this for the total over the top album cover and album title but I have to honest in this review batch there has been some really weak shit. Grind and Gore Metal I do normal love but this is really even outside the farm leagues of fun, original or interested . If I may use a baseball term this is Single A talent at best. They could be something great as you can hear they know how to play. This style and sound needs to have creativity which is all but lost here. I want the music to be a nuts as the cover and were just missing it here. They could very well be the Gore/Grind Gwar if done right and I would be laughing my ass and well as doing a circle pit . I hope if there is another album it does as they do have parts of songs listen to track 4 and you will see what I mean.


Unhuman Disease- De Templi Autem Veteris Serpents- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Occult Black metal can really take on a few forms but when you mix Epic elements and Eastern Elements in the music arrangement as well as a wall of reverb you 99% of the time have a winning combo. The vocals are those of adults nightmare the ones that make you wake in a cold sweat. The arsenal of guitars, synths, drums and low end bass lines just makes you want to relive all those great demo you got in my early tape trading days through fanzines.. It's how I heard about of the amazing underground bands in New Zealand, Poland, Germany and Greece... Moribund just keep on giving me amazing Black metal and I will continue to sing your praises to the underground . Unhuman Disease you have found a perfect home to create your blackened sickness.


Boudain - Way of the Hoof- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

I don't know why but when the fuzzed out tones are in the Melvins, COC and Kyuss vibe and ways I love the band but then they want to sound like at 3rd rate Ozzy/ Sabbath cover band I just can't take it . I think it's I come from the school the heavy grooves work only when that rock out and I still thin Sabbath was best with Ronnie James Dio !!!.. There is even a very early Monster Magnet Kick as element to Boudain . I do love the Southern elements to the tone as well . You can hear the Nola vibe shine from Boudain speakers.  What else can really said this is one heavy as hell grooving rock/metal album that just hit's my ears in all the right pleases. Keep on keeping on Brothers of the Sonic tones...


Atala- Shaman's Path of the serpent- CD/ Digital ( Self Released )

Sometimes I should not read about a band as I was getting a very different vibe then what I hear. They were calling them Desert Rock and while there are some Kyuss elements of even Fu manchu there is so much more an Isis, Mastadon and Later Neurosis sound going on here mixed in with that groove that you can no lose when Scott Reeder works with you as well as Billy Anderson.  Atala have a very spacial and otherworldly element about them as well as they let the notes carry and loop through out and the very aggressive primitive percussion is where that real Neurosis vibe comes shining through with vocals that I swear could be Steve von till at times.. They add that heavy prog rock tone too. I really impressed with this band. There is a strong love of Post Rock with Atala as well. This album is really the sums of all it's parts. I must listen I will say.


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