Prophecy Productions Artist- Nucleus Torn Interview is up ...

Hi earthlings, this is NT_No.1 in world-downfall-mood/outlaw-mode. You have been warned. Brace yourselves.

1. So it's been about 4 yrs since your last proper album what has Nucleus Torn been up too?
No, it's been one year. 'Street Lights Fail' was released in autumn 2014, 'Neon Light Eternal' followed in November 2015. You're referring to 'Golden Age', which came out in 2011. In the meantime, NT have obviously recorded two new albums (or one double album) and two EPs, which have been released on the huge 3DVD retrospective 'Blowing up the Entire World'. Lots of work to do.  

2. Listening to  " Neon Light Eternal" it sounds like the band is moving into more diverse sounds with mix of  Post rock, Prog, Neoclassic/Folk element all with that Post metal element you have always had.  Was the more open direction a natural progression for the band?
Sorry, NT_No.1 can't see your point. Please compare 'Nihil' to 'Knell' to 'Andromeda Awaiting' to 'Golden Age'. How much more diversity do you want? And how much ("post") metal do you find on these albums? No more than 10%.
SLF and NLE are not "more open" than our earlier albums. They have a different focus, a different aura. NT have got rid of all escapist elements. NT are in the here and now.

3. You have been working with Prophecy Productions for a while now. What makes this partnership so special?
The fact that Prophecy still work with NT? They have little reason to do so apart from the quality of the music we deliver. We don't sell a lot. We are unpredictable. We don't play live. We piss on everyone's gate. We are a label's worst fucking nightmare.

4. Does Nature and Heathen Beliefs play a major role in the thoughts and creativity of the bands sounds and ethos. As there is such a Folky/Fragile Beauty to the music that meshes with Darkness and aggression that come in waves with the albums?
Sorry to disappoint. NT_No.1 is Roman Catholic, No.2 and No.3 don't give a damn (as far as No.1 is aware of). The beauty in our music has very little to do with the beauty of nature. NT 2014/15 prefers  to deal with the spiritual aspects of human earthly existence.

5. I hear so much in common with bands like Third and the Mortal, The Gathering, Dead can Dance, Bjork and Madder Mortem are any of these artist influences on your creative styles?
Influences: No. NT has not the least desire to recreate what others do.
Third and the Mortal: NT_No.1 owns a couple of albums and always listens to them when NUCLEUS TORN are compared to TatM. About ten attempts later he still can't see the parallels.
The Gathering: Great band, but NT_No.1 has completely lost track of what they do.
Dead can Dance: NT_No.1 listened to them a lot twenty years ago but hasn't in the meantime.
Bjork: A particular favourite of NT_No.2 and of NT_No.1 as well.  
Madder Mortem: A particular favourite of NT_No.1.
They all have something in common with NT: female lead singers.
6. Can you tell us a bit about this 3 DVD collection called  Blowing Up The Entire World (Explosions 1997 - 2015).
It contains all our recordings. Every single song completed by NUCLEUS TORN. In new stereo and glorious 5.1-mixes done by yours truly. It's an artbook release with 96 pages with all you never ever wanted not to know about NUCLEUS TORN. It blows your mind. Buy it!

7. You're a Swiss band I know of bands like Samael, Celtic Frost and Coroner from there. Tell us what the music scene is like there and what amazing bands are from Switzerland we need to know about?
I don't think there is a music scene. If there is, NT_No.1 is certainly not part of it. We write our tunes, we play our instruments, we somehow earn a living, some of us tour with big acts, we meet people, we forget people. It's called life.
Amazing bands? HILDEGARD LERNT FLIEGEN, a crazy avantgarde-"no-longer-jazz"-thing featuring our former drummer Christoph Steiner. I'd also suggest listening to the bands founded by double bass player Daniel Schläppi, especially his magnificent collaboration with American pianist Marc Copland. However, if you're into metal, you need to ask someone else.

8.  What is a live show like for Nucleus Torn ? How does it differ from your albums?
Our live shows differ from our albums in that they don't exist. They are completely and utterly silent.

9. If you were offered a major label deal 1st would you even accept it or is it something that would never be a 2nd thought for Nucleus Torn?
Commercial success? Forget it. I'm grown up. No need for such pipe dreams.
10. Do the members of Nucleus Torn have other projects they work in. If so tell us about them so my reader can check them out?
NT_No.1: He's going into hibernation. Last interviews before falling asleep.
NT_No.2: Eluveitie, Lethe, Fräkmündt, maybe others she has not yet mentioned.
NT_No.3: He's doing sessions but is not really part of a band.

11. If the band was to end tomorrow what is the ideal you want people to get from the band and it's powerful musical library?
Well, the band just ended yesterday (or sometimes during the last months). It says so in the press release, so I guess it's true. NT_No.1 has had his share of pleasure from NT, so it's fair enough to say that he doesn't care what NT might mean for others. Feel free to check out 'Blowing up the Entire World'. Or SLF and NLE. We end on our highest note.

12. Are the members of the band fans of  Digital age and social media or is it just a needed evil in 2015?
NT_No.1 hates it. Although he admittedly likes his CDs and DVDs and even owns a few blurays. And he has an e-mail account. And records NT's music digitally. So it's probably a love/hate thing. Give him a decent harpsichord in a properly heated room, sheet music and a lot of time and he's happy.

13. There seems to be a theme that runs through out all your releases am I correct or am I just wanted this to be true?
'Nihil', 'Knell', 'Andromeda Awaiting' and 'Golden Age' form a tetralogy.
'Street Lights Fail' and 'Neon Light Eternal' form a double album. They belong to one another closely. NLE expands, contrasts and completes SLF.  

14. If you could record and rework any song from any artist which one would it be and how would you rearrange it?
I'm done with that. I'd rather do a beautiful surround mix from the multitracks. Radiohead would be nice.  

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.
I think I'm done. Thank you.

Be well

You too, shalom