Best of 2015 AZM Reviewed in 2015

Sewer Goddess- Painlust- CD/ Digital ( Malignant/ Black Plague)

Dead in the Manger-Cessation- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( 20 Buck Spin)

Primitive Man- Home is where the hatred is - CD/ Digital/Vinyl (Relapse)

Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches- Salem's Wound- CD/ Digital ( Century Media)

Father Murphy- Croce- CD/ Digital ( The Flenser)

Antagoniste- The Myth of Mankind- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger)

Chaos Echoes-  Transient- CD/ Digital ( Nuclear War Now!)

Sigh- Graveward- CD/ Digital ( Candlelight)

Humours- The Onanist- CD/ Digital ( Eolian Empire)

Sisters of...- The Serpent, The Angel, The Adversary- CD/ Digital ( Crowquill)

Immortal Bird- Empress / Abscess-CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( Broken Limbs/ Manatee Rampage)

The Exploding Eye Orchestra-I- CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

Alda-Passage- CD/ Digital ( Bindrune Recordings)

Sabbath Assembly- S/t- CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

Trials - The Ruined World- CD/ digital (Self Released)

Aegri Somnia- Monde Obscure- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

Vomit Arsonist- Only Red- CD/ Digital ( Malignant Records)

Aelter- IV Love Eternal- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( Pesanta Urfolk)

Hope Drone - Cloak of Ash- CD/ Digital (Relapse Records)

Lychgate- An Antidote for the glass pill - CD/ Digital ( Blood Music)

HEWHOSEOXISGORED- The Camel  The Lion The Child- CD/ Digital ( Bleeding Light Records)

Hate Eternal- Infernus- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

NightFell- Darkness evermore- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( 20 Buck Spin)

Wilt- Moving Monoliths- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( Bindrune Recordings)

Dodsferd- Wastes of Life- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Corrections House- Know how to carry a whip- Digital/ CD ( Neurot Recordings)

Kowloon Walled City- Grievances- CD/ Digital ( Neurot Recordings)

Dead to a Dying world- Litany- CD/ LP/Digital ( Tofu Carnage/ Gilead Media/ Alerta Antifascista)

Nucleus Torn- Neon Light Eternal - CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions )