Candlelight Records Artist Nuclear Interview...

1. For those of my readers you are a new band even though you have been around over a decade. Tell us a bit about your extreme thrash sound?
A. First off, thanks for your time and support. I would say it is a kind of mixture between 80s thrash and a little bit of hardcore punk. It is funny as we have been compared to a lot of bands including Kreator, Sepultura, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, just to name a few. I think we are pretty much comfortable by playing this type of thrash. We just enjoy playing fast and violent music. We don’t think much about labelling.

2. Your last full album was 2010 what was the reason for 5 yrs between full albums?
A. I’d say we got busy doing a lot of research, short-length recordings and playing live. We always put out albums every two years but when we came back from the Jehovirus European tour of 2011, we were kind of burnt out and did not have enough ideas for a full length so we decided to go for an EP in 2012, something we hadn’t done before. The EP sales went good and went touring to support it a couple of times. Then we put out a 7” split vinyl, a DVD and a couple of live albums. We were also trying to figure out how to get more exposure, to get signed and that took us a while.

3, How did you come to work with Candelight for your new album?
A. Actually Candlelight got in touch with us while on tour last year. We do not know exactly how was that they knew about the band but we are really happy they did. Candlelight has been very supportive and it is really a great place to be right now. There are still 2 more records to go with them so we are pretty excited about the future. We are already working on some ideas for the next album and we are confident things will continue as good as they are now.

4. Some would call your sound retro thrash , I would say it more a mix of classic thrash of bands like Kreator, Forbidden and Testament with some elements of speed metal and power metal. I see a major thrash rebirth would you agree?
A. At some point, yes, however, thrash metal has always been there. Thrash is that kind of genre that never disappears but from time to time it just goes way too deep into the underground. We have been playing thrash metal since the beginning but it has been difficult to get noticed with so many great bands out there and still, it is. I’d say it has a lot to do with the music industry and trends - It works cyclically, every 5+ years a specific genre gets a new spirit and spotlight. Thrash is no different.

5. Is there a theme or story behind Formula for Anarchy?
A. Not a particular story, however the main theme has to do with the global chaos we are experiencing as a society because of corrupt and inoperative politicians/governments. It is kind of a cooking recipe; they are just adding the right elements to create anarchy, a perfect formula for it. They is no doubt anarchy will come along with war and death. It is just a part of human nature.

6. What is a live show like for Nuclear? how does it differ from a proper album?
A. A live should be always as intense as possible. It is what people love to watch and hear. Heartless music is unforgivable. We always give 200% onstage and try our albums to sound as close to the live sound. If we miss a note and it still sounds great, we just leave it there. We prefer intensity over perfection. We do not over-protool our albums, it is something that does not work for us.

7. If you could tour with any band who would it be and why?
A. Napalm Death. ND is one of our favorite bands musically and lyrically. Their live shows are just insane and they prove there is no need for a band to overproduce their albums to sound extreme. They are just what they are and they still rip. Hey, if someone from the ND management is reading this, we are open for this! A place to crash, 40 minutes set, beers and will do the job!

8. Are you fans of digital age (Social Media, Internet radio, Web zine/Blogs) or do you miss the print media and traditional radio???
A. I personally enjoy both. I obviously started by reading the print media and it was great. However there are less and less of that as it has become really expensive to keep releasing printed magazines and radios decided it is unprofitable to keep metal bands in the air play rotation. Fortunately, internet is filled up with great projects and ideas to support metal music and I’m all over it nowadays. Nuclear owes a lot of its promotion to it and it is something a lot of bands should learn and understand. It is definitely the present and future for metal music promotion.

9. What is the metal scene in Chile like strong scene or is it rather small?
A. It depends on the angle you look at it. If you mean international acts support, Chile is probably one of the best crowds of the world. There is a total support for them, packing venues and stuff. However, the local scene still lacks of a lot of things such as labels, venues, and a good production commitment. Bands are great; probably you’ll get amazed if you listen to some of them. The music quality here is unquestionable but we need to understand there are a lot of things we need to change in order to improve what we have right now. I’d say it is kind of a disaggregated strong scene which needs unification.

10. What bands are currently impressing you guy and you like to talk about?
A. Definitely Havok, and not only for their obvious talent and music quality. I think those guys are doing one hell of a job. I think Havok is the perfect example of hard work, perseverance, and innate talent and they are getting all they deserve. I have no doubt those guys will make it big anytime soon. I just read they will start touring with Megadeth in a couple of months. Total respect.

11. Do the members of Nuclear play in other bands you like to tell us about?
A. No, we don’t. We are 100% focused on Nuclear at the moment and there are no side-projects in mind right now.

12. The artwork for Formula for Anarchy is very impressive. Who did and how does it play into the theme of the album songs?
A. Thanks a lot. The artwork was in charge of the brilliant artist Gary Ronaldson from UK (Napalm Death, Cephalic Carnage, Kreator, etc). Kudos to him! We asked Gary to draw something according to the album’s theme and he understood perfectly what we wanted. It worked incredibly great. Actually when he presented the first draft, we were instantly amazed. I can’t think of a better album cover for it. We are really happy with the result.

13. If Nuclear was offered a major label deal would you 1st accept it and if so how would you change what you do in any way?
A. That’s actually a very good question. Some bands would probably ink that deal without thinking it twice. We are not that sure and probably we don’t have enough information right now to come to a decision about that. If that deal offers not to compromise the band’s musical aspects, it would be worth a second thought. If not, not a chance on earth.

14. When you record do you like to record more live or is it more about layering one track at time. I hear a very live feeling even though new album is well produced?
A. It would be just awesome to have enough tools to record every album live but right now we try to emulate the live recording by playing all together every time we lay down a track, but just one at a time being recorded (at least for drums). Formula for anarchy was made that way and we loved how it ended up. I would love you to hear us live and tell us about what you think.
15. Will Nuclear be touring USA soon?
A. We would love to, but it has been really difficult at the moment. We have received a lot of feedback from the states but not real interested parties to bring us there. We will keep pushing.

16.  Thank you for your time any closing thoughts here...
A. Thank you for the time and support. We are always open to answer any question you might have. Keep supporting the metal scene worldwide! Cheers!