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Pounding repetitive rhythms, cold power-electronics filled with noise effects and well-placed striking samples and cut-ups. Includes the most wanted track "La vie en Rose."

$10 US

PHELIOS - 'Gates Of Atlantis' CD (Malignant Records)

The first new music from Phelios since 2010’s "Astral Unity", finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form, creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted, richly detailed cosmic drone. Very few acts are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and "Gates of Atlantis", offering up a multi-coloured tapestry of sweeping sounds, full of majestic, nebulous drones and ominous strings, propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen, textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience, and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit).

$8 US

Asmorod- Derelict- Tesco Org

An exceptional dark ambient release recently unearthed from the TESCO GERMANY vaults! A graceful and introspective CD which distinguishes itself from all others in the field. Deep ambient listening with an attentive ear to a glorious past and the shaking thunder of history. Packaged in an elegant, glossy fold out sleeve. OUT OF PRINT!!

$10 US

Negru Voda / Knös ‎– Face Without Face- CD- Malignant Records


Killer Bug ‎– Beyond The Valley Of The Tapes- DCD Troniks/ Ninth Circle Music

Kazumoto Endo is a name sometimes referred to by harsh noise artists as the man that changed noise for them. Typically displeased with how noise came across on record, Endo's work was fresh, an attempt to generate new perspectives in a genre that could seem stale. Beyond the Valley of the Tapes collects a lot of his early and out of print material in attempt to bring that same perspective to a larger audience.


Limpe Fuchs ‎– Muusiccia (Metal/Stones)- Streamline-CD

the duo of Paul and Limpe Fuchs emerged onto the experimental/free improv scene in Munich in the late 1960s as Anima. Both worked with a number of both conventional and homemade instruments. “Muusiccia” was produced by Limpe and Christoph and released in 1993. Very rare, long deleted now

$10 US

EVP* ‎– Postmortem Canticles Of Necromancy- CD in DVD Case - Autumn Wind Productions

$8 US

Housed in a clear DVD case with a 12 panel poster booklet which folds out into a Ouija board.

The band E.V.P., who originates from Kusel, Germany, can be ranked in the top for me as far as ambient acts with the exception of Atrium Carceri, Beyond Sensory Experience and Collapsar. E.V.P. paints a paranormal soundscape with the mixing of trance esque industrial, neo classical and dark ambient. The opening track “Left Hand of Glory” begins with a trance drone opening followed by neoclassical instrumentation then transitions smoothly into a haunting dark ambient interlude that draws you in. “Flesh Boiling from Bone” gives you the essence of human sacrifice and ritual, while the “Ever Downward Journey” and “Full Moonlight upon Dead” and “Frozen Soil” almost sound like the perfect soundtrack to a horror film particularly the movies Puppet Master and Creep Show. “The Undertow of Styx” is my personal favorite with its neo classical composition that will bring the dead back to life. The haunting Gregorian monk chants on “Consecration De Profundus” add a ritualistic feel to the albums already haunting undertone. I’m actually really anticipating a follow up to this album. I would like to see where EVP will take us next. This one I recommend for the living as well as the dead.
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