New Reviews Experimental Music Edition

Aelter- IV Love Eternal- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( Pesanta Urfolk)

I know this came out in April but as a one man force I gotten to this title now and I'm glad I did as this is Blake from Wolvserpent other project. The earlier releases have been minimalist yet expansive and very ritual ambience. This release seems more expansive and darker just getting into it. There is a very spaghetti western/ italian soundtrack vibe about it as well. There is a drifting spacial ambience going on with deep spoken vocals almost chanted at times. The Otherworldly qualities going on here are great . Almost has the 60/70's avant rock style happening too. If your into Nick Cave, Boyd Rice , Bauhaus and Dead can Dance all mix into one  this comes very close to where I would want to talk. There is a love for the odder sides of Ulver and Manes.. I want to say the Doom elements are there too where I hear sounds of  Dolorian, Lycia and Canaan.  I will end with there is a strong love of Post Rock going on here as well mixed with the haunting elements of Jarboe and Swans. This is a massively important release and Aelter are moving into a sound that is awe inspiring and majestic for the minimalist movements..

Atrium Carceri- The Old City- CD/ Digital ( Cryo chamber)

This is something that reverts me back to late 90's early 00's Dark Ambient/ Minimal Neoclassical vibe. It's Dark, Ethereal, Creepy, Thought provoking and a soundtrack for the mind. From what I'm looking at this is a soundtrack to a video game and this could be amazing for one of those horror games were you lost or looking for clues on why a home is haunted or possessed. Something in that Silent Hill realm. This release is just down right un nerving on every level just what you want for an occult dark ambient release. I'm not going to over think or over talk about " The Old City" get it and learn what dark scary experimental music really is..

Atrium Carceri- Metropolis- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

Two for the price of one my friends. This is the proper new release from owner of Cryo Chamber label and former CMI artist. This continues on that Dark, Ritualistic Dark ambient journey here to make you fear, learn and respect the after realm and what you will see. At times I feel this is what it's like to be a lost soul traveling between the realms of the living and death. There is always a theatrical undertaking with all of these releases. The deep vocals talking about seeing life from the after realms and hopes and choices of those after death.  Metropolis is very later hours listening to set yourself in the mood of those dark and deary winters and fall days. The tone is very dark and deep and I would want it no other way. Again another epic release for Atrium Carceri and Cyro Chamber. Dark Experimental music lives on with this label home for sure..

Vomit Arsonist- Only Red- CD/ Digital ( Malignant Records)

Andrew Grant maybe someone that is not on your radar yet but with is 2nd full release on Malignant there is no excuse not to listen and see why he maybe one of the best artist today making power electronics/ Death Industrial today. With this release "Only Red" Mr Grant seems to be in a much more sinister mode of music creating . It's much more extreme and dense this time out and seems to be layered to the point of madness. You can feel the pain and nightmare in his mind ebb and flow through each track. The harsh elements are mixed with a underlying droning movement that makes the hair on the back on your neck stand at attention. " Only Red" builds into something many Extreme Noise artist are missing . There is a rhythm and melody to all that is going on here. I know it's subtle but oh it's there.  Vomit Arsonist as made a genre defining release with only red. I feel like the 1st time I heard Sickness, Brighter Death Now, Schloss Tegal or Nordvagr.  This with Sewer Goddess are two albums of the year on Malignant..

Seremonia- Kristalliarkki- CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Ah more weirdo 60's/ 70's Avant Space rock with female vocals from the mastered of left field music Svart records. Love the organs and simple guitar fuzzed out guitar riffs , wall of very dry sounding drums. Seremonia sound like it was recorded on analog 8 track live in a church or something along those lines as the guitars and bass have the over the top echo and warm reverbed elements. This band feels like the reincarnation of bands like Cream, Jefferson airplane, hawkwind and subarachnoid space maybe even Us Christmas. I love the odd riffing and trippy but ever going stoner elements of the album. There are some very rock elements but its something very much for the outsider musician and fan going on here.. What else can be said good music is good music check this out and expand your musical identity..

Northumbria- Helluland- CD/ Digital (Cyro Chamber)

With a slight move in style to normal Cryo Chamber releases. We have what I would call Post Guitar drift and drone that seems to have a pagan or heathen movement looking at the art and reading a bit about this group seems to be a duo from Canada and what I hear is a love for artist like Mandible Chatter , Troum , Tiermes and Encomiast. Love the looping spacial echoed guitars and and the string like way it done. It's almost in an orchestral and post rock way but then the experimental roots just have to come out as Northumbria is more about emotions and feelings of how a sound comes to your ears then anything else. There is a heart aching beauty to what is being presented here and they sound like laid back anthems more then just simple arrangements. You could hear this during a end of the world moment in a movie or the destruction of a planet or star. I'm very much drawn to music like this. passion and power are sister eternal and this is what Northumbria is..

Codas- Currents- CD/ Digital ( Crowquill)

It's doing get more unusual then Codas. Just for a moment think if you mix Godflesh, Jesu , Russian Circles, NIN , Skullflower and D.H.G together into some bizarre collab session  and told them all just do what you do and will track it into music magic well welcome to Codas. Words can not come close to what you will hear. You need to listen , absorb and try to understand it all after 10 or more listens I still hear something need on every play through. There are these noisy electronic moments through out the release as well. Codas is sensory overload in the best way possible. Guitars and experimentation are king on this release and if you hear this album there will be no way to turn back you will hunt for more like this as it's becomes a quest. Thank you Codas for that..

Aegri Somnia- Monde Obscure- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

Ambient music can be very dark and oppressive and with Aegri Somnia you have to mix in occult and rhythmic into it's mix to make the picture seem clearer as this band comes from a very murky, gloomy side of the musical spectrum. Croatia for years was a land full of war and beauty and you can hear it in every tone and movement of this release. "Monde Obscure" reminds me of the best parts of those very flat out terrifying Korean and Japanese horror films but with more of an end of the world element thrown in. This album is as dense as it is complex. If you close your eyes you make get the swears and look to sit with someone after listening. It's a very very creepy album to say the least. The layers are what make it so you can hear the decay and mental break downs happening around you. Ok before I scare myself again with this album. You need to become part of the inner circle.. Stellar release.

Christ- Tower- CD/ Digital ( L'Oeil Du Tigre )

Post Rock as become something of a major love for me in the past 10 yrs. With Christ they have all those elements and so much more. It's Cinematic, Southern Slide guitars, Slower, Droning, Dense and massive in sound and echoes through out the album. There is a very spirtual vibe coming from this as well not just from the name but the way the music is presented. Its very much in the more laid back drifting and looping style that labels like Constellation and Temporary Residence love to produce. It's album avant ambience more then just post rock. The guitars just never stop I love the ultra verb on them to make that happen. Sometimes its not rock at all its more electronic tones happening. I love the direction Christ is going with the megaphone vocals and tape loop vocals. It's that cut up element that makes it work. They have a love for GYBE for such and all the great ones do but they are also going into the more experimental realms too. Can not wait for more. Very much in that Earth style of works too. Great release we all need to support this album spread the word.