Cryo Chamber Artist Aegri Somnia Interview is up

1.The us what Aegri Somnia looks to bring to the world in 2015?

After long pauze new album is out.

2. How did you come to work with Cyro Chamber? 

I contact them and send them my demo material and they found it interesting so we start to communicate and work on material, first demo was very different than final product, it was more in old minimalistic dark ambient fasion. I choose to add more elements and textures to make things more interesting, so final product is more experimental, unusual and complex ambient material.

3. There is a ritualistic darkness to Monde Obscure . Was that just natural
to the sound or has the come over time?

Its part of experimentation with sounds and it come natural.

4. What is the running theme on Monde Obscure?

Whole album is conecptual and one big puzzle. Protagonist found that he lives in very dark and corrupt world,from politics, religion, people etc, and basically he choose to escape. Music speak for itself.

5. I know you come from a Metal music background I can feel the heavy and
bombastic element still in Aegri Somnia. Do you feel that past made this
project all the more interesting?

Maybe, i really lisen alot of different music styles and i think that producers shoud not lisen to only one genre of music, but yes my main genre was and will always be metal music in all different spectres and styles.

6. Croatia is not a country i know much music from I know the mighty
Kerovnian is from there can you tell of other great bands from there or
other projects you are in or work with?

There are some names in underground music styles that made some impact. Some metal bands also. Its very small scene but its enough for country of 4 million people.

7. Were do you see the future releases of Aegri Somnia traveling too will
it get dark more aggressive or something very different?

I work on more spacy ambient project in moment that is more traditional minimalistic ambient material. I have harsh noise/industrial project to with releases on some compilations, a lot of material here. I have some requests for video representations, so there i make some light drone stuff.
Aegri somnia is done for now, when inspiration and time come i will made new material, i cant talk about future sound but it will be experimental, strange, innovative, different etc.

8. Does the band perform live or just a current studio project?

Its studio only.

9. What are you currently listening to and reading? Always find that

Last books that i read was from Benatar, Dawkins, Sartre, Camus etc. Music to much to mention really,

10. You have a facebook page do you find social media very important for
experimental music ?

Yes you can search for aegri somnia on facebook. Yes all kind of social/internet media is very important for experimental music, times are very different and fast so you can basically found all that you need in second, every genre has it own ways and public.

11. Who would you like to collaborate with under Aegri Somnia ?

Its only one man project.

12. What do you use to record the sounds you make?

Computer, DAW, vst, virus synth, microphones, studio monitors.

13. How would you explain Aegri Somnia to someone that has never heard you?

Experimental dark ambient, with lots of field recordings.

14. Does Image and theatrics add something to Dark Ambient / Industrial
projects or is it up to listener to make the world around the music?

Ambient is always meditative and reflective music for me. So images are just things that are there for decoration, more important is sound and states that evolves.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here?

Thanks for your interest and be well.