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Skepticism- Ordeal- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl (Svart Records)

So it's been a few years since Skepticism has shown it's head with a record and this time out they decided to do something interesting . Record a full album of new material in front of a live crowd and I can tell you it's sounds better then any material recorded by them up to now. The vocals are deep and guttural. Full of  sorrow and pain. The Drums are massive and lumbering . The guitars and organ are full and warm everything you want for a funeral doom release. Ordeal is everything you want in doom release. Slow, Heavy, Fragile at times. The low end just reverbs through out your soul. There is melancholy melody through the complete releases. You can feel every note as it's played and the hymns created are those that you would hear at the end of a heroes journey leaving this realm. At times the crowd is part of the releases and It makes it all the more organic and part of the experience.  The darkness this time out almost seems hopeful at times and I think with was done on purpose. Over the years Skepticism has because more and more inventive with the Doom metal style and with Ordeal there are even some Darkwave and Prog like moments.  You will see without a doubt why this is hands down one of the best of the Funeral Doom Genre.


Chelsea Wolfe- Abyss- CD/ Digital ( Sargent House)

Ms Wolfe makes some of the most beautifully disturbing Avant music I have heard in years. If you could mix Projects like Jarboe, Sanctum from Cold Meat Industries, Aghast, Sabbath Assembly and Ideas of gemini. Doom, Goth, Haunting ambience and Post Metal come ripping through this release . Sometimes in fury other times in such a creepy and minimalist way that is the most haunting chilling manner. You can hear the torment and suffering is every moment of her  music. There are so many layers in the music. The guitars are from Delicate acoustic to full on Doom/ Drone metal. The drums are thunderous then very experimental. The Bass is a warm glow to a mountain of low end majesty and then it comes to Ms Wolfe who I swear is a siren luring all that come in her vocal reach to give up to her spells and control. You can hear elements of Swans, Neurosis and even Dead can dance at times. I just know this an artist of many style, talents and creative way and with each release its because more epic and controlled if you have not hear Chelsea Wolfe yet shame on you. Just shame on you.