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Interview from Angelo

My Hollow Interview

1.       So you are very new to my readers tell us a bit about how The Hollow got to this point with " On Borrowed time"...

Well, “My Hollow” got to this point with many years of dedication and practice. It takes a lot for any group to maintain a positive presence on the scene with years of perseverance. We carefully craft songs and select pieces to make it to the final copy. We have all been together a long time now and we feel we are getting better, wiser and more sufficient as the time goes on.  We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and “On Borrowed Time” is our installment to hit the next level.

2.  Why Self release it ? Is the age of Label needs over can a band do it all with Social media, Good Pr and Distribution now ?

As a group, My Hollow have practically self-released everything we had to offer up to date including, a four song E.P., multiple music videos, photo shoots etc… As far as labels go, we have been lucky and fortunate enough to have the means to be able to produce all we have with the help from friends and people who we have been to loyal to as they have been to us and without the need for any financial and promotional backing… until the release of “On Borrowed Time” which we took the approach of hiring (plug plug plug) ClawHammer PR, which we couldn’t be more pleased with! As mentioned, we never tried anything like that before and we are getting around the world with interviews, mentions, internet radio airplay, shares and much more. It was a great step and we look forward to doing this again!

3. The more I listen to " On Borrowed time " I hear elements of  Strapping young lad. Pantera , Fear Factory, Whitechapel, The Red Cord etc. I don't want to call you a Deathcore band but you have the elements with Industrial and Grooves as well. What bands made you who you are today?

Ya, You don’t have to label us a death-core band as we believe there’s enough variety in our music and enough sub-metal genres out there that it’s tough to categorize, sooooooooooo without naming any specific bands (as we could be here a while) each member has multiple styles of musical influences from hip hop, to classic rock, to classical, funk and most in between!

4. The us about the album cover for " On Borrowed time" how does it play to theme of the album and songs?

The cover for the album plays into the title “On Borrowed Time” by depicting a beautiful girl becoming decrepit over time, symbolizing that we shouldn’t take for granted what we have and don’t know when our times up! See our music video for the title song for similar details!

5. What is a live show like  for My Hollow. Are record and live very similar or what separates the two?

A live show for My Hollow is large sounding and feeling which is similar to the album only you get to see and maybe touch the metal that is before you aggggghhhhhhhhh

6. If you could make a video for any song on new album what would it be and why?

We have an official music video out already for “On Borrowed Time” which we are extremely happy with the outcome of it! If we could make another video of any song on the album, it might be for “History of Violence”. We have some great ideas cookin already!!

7. What are the guys in My Hollow listening to and reading these day?

We have the privilege of playing with a lot of very talented local acts that produce some awesome music, bands like The Agonist, Burning The Day, Neck of the Woods, Crimson Shadows, Vesperia, Caym, Unsacred Seed, Christ Complex, Devilz By Definition, are some of the Canadian bands that have released awesome albums in the recent memory that we listen to. As far as publications, Decibel Magazine, Blabbermouth, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, and Metal Nation Radio News provide reliable updates and news articles focused on the world of metal.

8. I'm coming back to label question again as I could very easily see you on a label like  Willowtip, Victory, Nuclear Blast or Century media with style your creating. Did labels just not offer or did you not even look that direction?

To be honest, it wasn't something we pursued very diligently. The music industry is a different animal these days. We have friends with absolute horror stories regarding record labels and being locked into multi-album deals that don't end very well in their favour. Yes, it is something that we would be open to, but it would need to be on terms we agree with. Fortunately we live in an age where most of the services that a record label provides are available through various internet services and or can be researched online and done by the band themselves, thus keeping the power and control within the hands of the band itself. We have hired a PR agency (Clawhammer PR)  to help take care of our social image, we write and record all the music ourselves, we book our own shows and we haul our own gear. If we can do most things by ourselves, why would we need a record label?

  9. What's the extreme music scene like in Toronto these days? 

The extreme music scene in Toronto is hit and miss these days. We've played shows that we didn't have particularly high hopes for that have turned out to be awesome fun packed nights and then we've played shows that we thought would sell out that were relatively empty. Toronto is a busy city, there is a lot going on at any particular time; with 5+ major sports franchises, multiple venues all hosting big name events on a weekly basis, and not to mention the traffic - the bane of all Torontonians. With all the factors coming into play it can be difficult to attract people to come out to a metal show. Having said that, the scene is loaded with talented bands and we are seeing a shift in the perception of metal music in Toronto with more bands from the area getting noticed producing awesome music.

10. Do the members of My Hollow create music in other projects?

The members in My Hollow do not create music in other projects as all of our extra time always go to the well being of the group….and happy about it!!

11. What words of advice would you give new bands trying to break out in a very over crowded Extreme music scene of 2015?

Words of advice we would like to give any new bands breaking into the scene is to make sure you learn from those around you and experiences you have, good and bad as it’s crucial to do just that! We have taken commitments to always be punctual by being early and staying late. Showing respect for the other bands, venue, fans and those who threw the event is a natural thing for us and should be for any new member of the scene. Staying on top of social media is a great tool as well.

12. Does Image or Theatrical elements help bands stand out in 2015 or is just about the music and passion on stage these days?

The theatrical elements of a bands show can certainly make them stand out and it’s a major part of My Hollow, the live show! For us and speaking on behalf of many other groups we’re sure, playing live is what it’s all about! The feeling and the adrenaline you get from performing what you created on a stage in front of people is something to bottle! The music obviously is your backbone, but giving it all we got on a nightly basis is what we do and intend of continuing such enthusiasm!!

p.s  did you see or know about our coined “SLOWBANG” from our song “Cold Dark Days”??

13. is an impressive site how did it come about?

Creating websites is not nearly as difficult as it was a decade ago. We use a website creating service called Wix. It's unbelievably simple to create a website and the only real work that needs to be done is the images, and thankfully the My Hollow I.T. Department is proficient with Photoshop, so the whole thing was put together in a few hours using the album artwork and layout.

14. Where do you see future music heading for My Hollow ?

With an influence base as wide as we have, future music can head in any number of directions. We feel like we don't have to be pigeon-holed into one sub genre or style, and that our musical development is still in its early stages. We want to focus on creating music that satisfies our criteria all while learning the ropes of the system and taking advantage of the opportunities given to us.

15. Closing Thoughts

We would like to thank Absolute Zero Media for this interview and thoughtful questions. Give us a lick on facebook, twitter and instagram, check out our videos, download the album, buy our damn t-shirt or underwear……nowwwwwwwww…….because we are all ON BORROWED TIME!!!