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1. Where did the haunting and Bombastic styling of Gale come from?

Our sound came from our various influences colliding during the writing process. We all listen to so much different shit that this is what came out. We got together with one goal in mind, to play loud, dark, and driving music.

2. I hear elements of Post Punk, Crust, Doom  of  SoCal, Nola and Southern US. Are you fans of bands like NoothGrush, Eyehategod , Neurosis and Cavity. I also hear bands like  His hero is gone and Ambiex . How did this sound come to be?

We definitely love those types of bands. Collectively, we love post-metal, post-punk, doom, grunge rock, ambient and drone bands, black metal, prog rock/metal, southern bands, blues, etc. It’s all there. It’s almost like we write post-metal songs that get injected with a dose of garage rock and who knows what else. It depends on what we’re digging at that point in time.

3. I lived in Phoenix for almost a decade it’s a very sinister and promising land at the same time. How did the harsh and wonderful surrounding  help with the backdrop to your sounds?

Great question! Music is directly influenced by its surroundings, for sure. There is so much wide open space here, so much open air that is dry as a bone and hot as an oven. This city is so massive and soulless as well. Maybe some of those frustrations from the environment as well as the city snuck their way into our music.

4. You have gone the DIY way was that by choice or did labels just never seem to understand what you’re all about?

We just went DIY because we didn’t want to wait to release this material. We haven’t submitted anything to any labels. Not that we’re opposed, we just haven’t seen a point in doing so, yet.

5. There is a Sorrow , Nightmare and Beauty about your music and words. What is the theme of the songs for Gale?

Those themes can definitely be heard in our music. The lyrics on Vol. 1 all deal with existentialism and the darkness that is revealed upon deep self-analysis. It is about the individual.

6. If you could make a long form video for the band what would it be like and why . I really can see the visuals in your music.

We do plan on doing a music video. I like black and white works and the life that is captured in silent films. I am a huge film nerd and I absolutely love movies. I would want Lars Von Trier to direct our music video. His aesthetic is truly impressive.

7. What are the members of Gale Listening to and reading currently?

I can’t speak for the other guys but I have been revisiting a lot of old blues records recently. I was raised on that shit and there is nothing better. I read a lot of non-fiction. Most recently I’ve read Noam Chomsky on Anarchism, Jean Paul Sartre on Existentialism & Human Emotion, and I am finally cracking into Friedrich Nietzsche.

8. If there was one band you all could collab with and make music with who would it be and why?

I would love to work with The Melvins. Again, I cannot speak for the other guys but I think that The Melvins would be one of the greatest bands to collaborate with.

9. What’s your thoughts on Social media and the digital realm these days has it burned itself out or is this really the new frontier for bands that want to make a career of music. You seem to use Bandcamp, Facebook as good tools?

I hate social media. I participate because I am in a band and someone needs to promote us. I do however love the digital realm. There are worlds of information at our fingertips. All we have to do is know where to look. In regards to music, the internet has made it free. The sooner bands can realize this, the less it will sting. Yes, I remember tape trading when I was a kid. Nothing will ever be a cool as that was, but that is no longer where we are. People no longer have to work to find an album let alone pay money for it. As a result, attention spans seem shorter. The internet has given everyone a platform. To me, it is all very exciting and I have no idea where it is going. All we can do is roll with it and attempt to be innovative in our approach to getting ourselves out there.

10. Do the members of Gale perform in other projects or is this the homebase for everyone?

We all quit our other bands to do this. Well, I’m in a black metal band but we rarely do anything because half of that band lives in Oakland. So yeah, it’s all Gale all the time.

11. I was told by Dave at Earsplit you have new material coming very soon what direction has this gone and are you still DIY or is there a label behind this juggernaut now!!!

We are writing new material. We are always doing that. We have received compliments from some local labels but that is all. We haven’t shopped any labels but that does not mean that we won’t work with one. If the details were right, I could see us working with a small label for sure.

12. Are there any local or close knit bands that aren’t getting the support or press they should you want to talk about?

There are so many good Arizona bands right now! Twin Giant, Goya, Sorxe, Funerary, Godhunter, Gatecreeper, Take Over And Destroy, Column III, Cave Dweller. The list is much longer than that but the important thing here is that AZ is kicking ass right now in regards to heavy music.

13. Will Gale be doing a full on tour or is that not possible at this time?

We definitely want to tour. That is what playing music is all about. I’ve done short tours that weren’t put together well and nearly killed me. I also toured for a year straight with an old band and that was great because it was well put together. That being said, it needs to be done right for Gale to do it. I am working on putting something together for next spring. That or I am always open to taking a call from The Melvins.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you very much and go to our bandcamp page for some free music!

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