10 New Reviews 11/8/14

Latitude Egress- To take up the cross- CD/ Digital ( Art of Propaganda)

 The label keeps calling this Doom and I don't here it at all. This is progressive black metal with elements of goth and melodic death metal . There the tempo is way to fast and the melodies do not fit with the Doom genre in any way.  Latitude Egress have more to do with bands like Agalloch and Wolvhammer then others. There is such an occult element as well. reminds me of many bands on the Prophecy label too like Fen, A Forest of Stars and  A Bleak vision. The other sounds that come out of this release are Post Rock, Avantmetal and Darkwave music elements. This band is beyond worlds of impressive in presentation and layering. I've never heard the early works under a different project name . Nerrath has a release that is magical, introspective, dark, haunting and powerful all at the same time. Emotions in music like this are where the black metal ideal came from. There is so much pain and sorrow in the words and music that I really love how the dissident tones of the guitar work over all the off key melodies. We need more Latitude Egress for sure.


Bloodtruth- Obedience- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Ok so I was very confused by the intro to this album and it was Gregorian Chants and church hymn and then with in a minute it turned in to Tech Death metal on par with some of the best out there today mixed with that full on balls to the wall 90's Earache/ Nuke Blast Death metal machine. The complexity of riffs is much like bands on Willowtip and Listenable artists are doing to today and Bands like the Mighty Gorguts, Gorjira with touches of Dismember, Carcass and Impaled.. I don't know if there really is more to say as again Unique Leader are getting the cream of the crop for forward thinking Death metal in the  3-4 yrs. If your a fan of the genre here is an album not to miss.


Septycal Gorge- Scourge from the formless breed- CD/ Digital ( Comatose Music)

 So this Italian unit has a few album out I've read and I can see why Comatose signed them for North America. This is the best mix of Brutal, Guttural extreme Death metal mix with Tech metal, Odd melody and a machine like presence over the album as a whole. There is fully the darkness and the light vibe going on here. The intricate riffs and percussion with those low deep death growls works so very well. This is one of the finest moments on the Comatose roster with Bloodsoaked. I can see myself coming back to this Death metal buffet of an album over and over again . It really does have a little bit of everything that makes Death metal original, infectious and just damn amazing...


Calm hatchery- fading reliefs- CD/ Digital ( Selfmadegod)

DAMN!!! were didthis band come from .This is massively epic death metal with a doom and avant over tone through out the release. There are so many twists and turns on this release. The production is so massive and enveloping, the band just pulls you in and will not let you out. There are even some Hardcore element here that come from the At the gate side of the Death metal spectrum. The label is very much correct in comparing them with Nile or Immolation as that is something I hear very in common with Calm hatchery but there are Hypocrisy, Marduk and Behemoth moments going here as well I want to call it Epic Black/ Death but that really does limit the over all appeal of the release as there is so much more going on here. Stellar album folk and a must listen. 


Sick of it all- Last act of Defiance-CD/ Digital ( Century Media)

Let's play no games here  THIS IS HARDCORE!!!!. Sick of it all is just a band that have the fury, passion and talent to keep the hardcore torch alive for another 20 yrs. Century media was so smart to pick them up and release the new album as with Last act of Defiance they band has not lost a beat actually they maybe better then the last two album as the production is better and I almost feel a rebirth with a major promotion and a label that has a long tradition with hardcore. Look this style of music should be no frills just the voice, riffs and circle pits abound and with the latest Sick of it all is just that. Long live this music and this band!!!!


Whore of Bethlehem- Upon Judas throne- Digital ( Self Released)

You all know I'm a sucker for strong Black Death bands and with Whore of Bethlehem you have a major winner. We mix  Melodic elements of bands like Dark Funeral and Emperor the bombastic elements of Decide, Incantation and Marduk and the epic thrash elements of bands like  Kreator and Testament in the over all make of this band out of Austin TX. If there is an underground unsigned force you should be throwing your support to it's Whore of Bethlehem. The album sounds better then most band with a larger label budget and the song written is 2nd to none. There are this massive dark grooves that hook you in through out the release as well.  Goto there bandcamp site and so some underground love to a band that is making the metal scene stronger and worth the challenge to find new music...


Maid Myriad- with haste on it's breathe- CD/ digital ( Nefarious Industries)

Oh my oh my this is a is Post rock/hardcore/Prog/Indie music with Alt metal moments through out all of this the vocals are so beautifully sung and position to the amazing arrangements I don't know how to really come across in a review how to say it properly. This album is simply breathe taking. If you could mix bands like  Into Another, Shudder to Think, Foo Fighters, Cave in, Sense Field and Dog Fashion Disco all into a pot then add a bit more fringe tones and concussive elements into the mix and you would have the band to a tea.  Maid Myriad cross the boundaries of Pop.Rock, Hardcore, Metal and Prog into something so very very special. This could be one of those Desert Island Discs for me. It's that impressive...


Hornwood Fell- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Black metal at times can be the most pure form of musical release at times in your life and with bands like Hornwood Fell that is a no Brainer. This is one pissed off noise and raw toned Black metal force straight out of the Norwegian Forests .. The band are from Italy but that you could never tell by the sound as its have everything  Darkthrone, Saytricon,  Burzum  and many others bands could ever want. Hornwood Fell is a sonic wall of hate, anguish, nightmare and dry tones with a voice of a nightmare in a nightmare. This really does bring you back to the 90's BM movement  and I could not be happy to hear it.  There really is an occult purity here and a homage to all those before showing how to make it sound right with good production in 2014. Horns up and Black hearts present this is for all of us in the underground.


Kontrust- Explostive- CD/ Digital (Napalm Records)

I know many of you are going to hate the mix of style, approach and just over all arranging of music by this band but they just blow me with every release and with the new album no less they mix elements of Electronic, Dancy Industrial,  Post Metal, Punk, Funk and Indie rock all into a stew that is catchier with every song.  So just food for thought this is Manes, Tub ring , Skinny Puppy, Ram stein, The Gathering, J-pop styles and Devo all at the same time . The mix of Female and Male vocals just works do well. If Lacuna Coil or The Gathering has a funk and heavy electronic over tone you would see where im going with this release. Every track on this album could be a major single and become a new mainstream force for true underground creativity and ideals. Kontrust is just fucking amazing and you all been everything they have released up to now... The previous release also on Napalm is a must have as well !!!!


Mysticum- Planet Satan- CD/ Digital ( Peaceville )

its been over to 20 yrs since the debut release on Full Moon Productions of a mix of Electronic, Black metal and industrial and changing the course of extreme music forever from that point forward. They have inspired bands like  Von, DHG, Red Harvest, Aborym,  Khold the list goes on and on and on.  With Planet Satan they have just come right back from where it all began .I  know some of you feel that some of the album is very samey but to me its suppose to be way over the top, programmed  and set to annoy and confuse most with its robotic drums, guitar and synth tones. Mysticum is a band about forcing you to show an opinion and reaction to the music and ideas rather then just sit back and listen. This is still something very few bands do well and even less bands excel at and with Planet Satan I hope to not have to wait another 20 yrs for a great release like this .


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