7 New Reviews 11/22/2014

Today is the day- Animal Mother- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

There really is not a better label for the band to be on minus maybe Neurot or 20buckspin. What we have here is Steve and crew mixing many different phase of the band sound from there Touch and go day of more experimental to the Relapse more Noisy Hardcore  style . This time I hear elements of Neurosis esp " Through silver in blood " period mixed with Crowbar's low end groove and that amazing mix of crust, punk and experimental thrash side the band has always had. Animal Mother is one pissed off album and its a bit more stripped down then normal to me but the aggression of the album makes it's all the more impressive. I want to call it Doom filled Post Hardcore but its so much more then that every second of the record. It's a good beginning on how to explain it . If you mix that with bands like Buzzoven, Tragedy, Kiss it goodbye and many of the bands on the label Translation Loss . You have this gem of a release. This is one of the best and most focused Today is the day releases in years.. 


Disasterhate- Mirroring the abyss- CD/ Digital ( Club Inferno Entertainment)

The very 1st thing I hear from this band is a love for two bands  Crisis and Made out of Babies this is there they come from this is one Pissed off Female fronted  Post Hardcore Metallic hate fest. The riffs are bombastic and on a Juggernaut level. The vocals are a mix of sung, screamed, hauntingly melodic nighmarish lullaby at time. The music goes from multi timed thrash, hardcore and metalcore but all in some of the heaviest and darkest way of presenting the music and tone of the songs. There is a death metal over tone as well in the riffs at times but never fully moving in that direction. Mirroring the abyss is a jaw droping sonic fest for those of the fore mentioned styles and bands above to check out and really dig deep into. 


Sleep of Monsters- Produces Reason- CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Do you remember Whores of Babylon this is the front man's new band with members of of HIM as well and this sound just like you would think . Gothic infused groove filled fuzzed out 70's heavy rock with that metal over tone.  Bands like Sleep of Monsters are the new rock icons and keeping the heavy rock sound that is so loved in theaters and arenas alive. This album is infectious it's plain and simple  great hooks, driving riffs and a back beat that keeps your head rocking. The vocals very much are of that goth rock style . There are some very Sisters of mercy, Anathema  and Tiamat moments going on here folks . Svart really has a vibe about there records the like them to be occulist, retro in tone and just catchy as all hell and with Sleep of Monsters we have another winner .


A Breach of Silence- The Darkest Road- CD/ Digital ( Eclipse Records)

Ok so with bands like this I always have mixed emotions. As the have elements I love the Melodic  Swedish Death sound is something im dear to  its the more modern metalcore style of  where bands like  Darkest Hour, Inflames and Slipknot are in that really makes me lose the understanding of this album. There are some truly crushing riffs but its that screamo element and glam like gloss of the music at time that really makes me feel like the band is more a fashion show then a band for the music. I will full on say some of the tracks are stellar and if the album could be less bubblegum and flashy and more about the complex riffs and talent with the vocals mix of clean and death metal . I could give you a full thumbs up. A Breach of Silence needs to be less Hot Topic and more Nuclear Blast Records.. That how I'm ending this review.


Foreseen Hki- Helsinki Savagery- CD/ Digital ( 20 Buckspin)

Hell ya where is the circle pit and my buddy to stage dive I feel like I'm in the late 80's early 90's here this is everything I love back on the Megaforce and Combat days.  S.O.D, Nuclear Assault, Faith or Fair, DRI , Leeway and Cromags.  Forseen is a giant fist to a world that thinks 3 minute pop music and flash is all anyone wants to hear. This is over the top, raw and filled with some of the most memorable tracks I've heard . The more I listen I hear early Slayer, Exciter and Raven going through out this modern classic in the making.  I don't know where to begin or end this album is making me smile so much. This is retro in the best of ways done to show bands can still make this style interesting and down right amazing.  GET THIS THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER !!!!


Morbosidad- Tortura- CD/ Digital/LP ( Nuclear war now!)

This is what the word cult, raw and black metal is all about there is nothing friendly or hopeful about an album like this . There is only one mission sonic and mental destruction on the highest of order. Blistering , Lo fi and a mix of Black, Thrash and punk in the old school way of Black metal . Remember when you would get those packages in the mail from Redstream, Osmose or Relapse and just got into a listening frenzy on all the bands you read about in a staple copies fanzine you read from europe or at some show you got. This is all that Morbosidad is and more . I get that Bestial Warlust, Early Marduk, Watain and Hemlock moments from a band like this . There is that Brazilian black metal vibe going on here as well . This album will peel paint off cars it's so dirty and nasty!!!


Centinex- Redeeming Filth- CD/ Digital ( Agonia Records)

When I think of the term Death metal is is what I hear plain and simple. Heavy, Thick, Deep guttural vocals a  driving steam roller groove of power, passion and pain.  You know the bands  Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Grave etc you get where im going with this there are tons of Incantation and Deceased moments going on in this band and sound as well . The mid tempo stuff as will all good death metal is where a band in this genre will shine and Centinex is just that band. I know were say these things as reviews but it doesn't have to be flashy or new to be good and again  Death metal is a timeless art if done well generation will come see a band by the power of the riff and we have many of those here.  Glad to see the war machine of Centinex shine once more.