7 New Reviews 11/17/14

Tongues- Thelesis Ignis- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger )

What we have here is an album actually a 35 minute EP dripping in Occultish Black Death. The music is chaotic , melodic , haunting and compelling all at the same time the vocals are very much those deep death metal vocals that should be sung and commanded from a pulpit to the masses.  There are moments of full on raw black metal fury in vocals and music as well as a very doom like over tone to the music. Tongues is one of those very unsettling extreme metal bands that really make you rethink everything about genre and style and there are even some full on noise moments going on with the release. Tongues are very much about the darker side of all things in this and any other realm. The duo have crafted a release that will not be forgotten and makes you explore your personal demons with each listen and there will be multiple ones as you can not even touch the surface with a single listen of  Thelesis Ignis. Post Experimental Black/Death/ Doom/ Noise more of that forward thinking metal my friends. Excellent release indeed.


Inconcessus Lux Lucis-  Crux Lupus Corona- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger)

I'm not sure where to begin with this as there is a mix of 70's Prog, 70's Punk and Metal of bands like Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone all very diabolically arranged and presented to a listening group that will be stunned but the shear power and majesty of an album like this . At times there are even Motorhead and Diamond head elements going with this band. No only are the vocals in that  Darkthrone/ Saytricon/ Immortal ideal but there is something very sinister about the album as whole. There is a very catchy quality to this release over all. While you may think there is a simplistic overtone to the album you will be very mistaken. There is a very heavy complexity in what the real vision of a band and sound like this really is. Inconcessus Lux Lucis draws the listener in and does not let go. 


In the Hands of the Betrayer cover art

Northern Crown- In the hands of the Betrayer- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Classic Metal, Doom and Experimental Rock is what I really hear pumping from the headphones with this release . If you could mix  Black Sabbath ( Dio Period), The Doors and bands like Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble you would come real close to what you get . There are elements of early 80's Classic metal and 70's arena hard rock going on as well. I would almost expect an album like this to be on label like Cruz del sur and it fits the labels ideals and sounds to a the letter. The vocals are very much in that  Dio, Gillian, Halford vein. So yes there is a power metal element to the band but is more just a flavor then the over all tone. Northern Crown make one hell of a heavy rock album with Metal and Doom overtone. I really am digging this album and I think many of you will as well.


Machinae Supremacy- Phantom Shadow- CD/ Digital ( Spinefarm )

Symphonic, Polished  Thrash Drenched Power metal with some amazing vocals and musical visions . Bands like that come from bands like  Helloween, Gamma Ray, Angra, Blind Guardian and Dream Theater to make something all their own in 2014. There is a very German sound to the metal going on here . They love the electronic and gothic over tones as well. Bands like this are very over the top and need to be to make an album like this . I know very little about this band but the album and songs speak volumes with the skill and talent going on here. I'm not going to drag on with the review you know already if this album is for you or not and if it is then don't pass on it..


Colosus- Blestem- CD/ Digital ( Kaotoxin )

This is a one man force also his the drummer for a band called Sidious I do not know much about about from listening to the 1st track I hear Black ambient styles going on full of organs and eerie sounds.  There is a very cold desolate sound and style going on here. As the album comes into full form this is Raw Black metal with a very ethereal and Ambient noise over tone.  Colosus have very much in common with bands like Xasthur, Abyssic Hate, Burzum and Happy Days to name a few there is a very suicidal black and doom element to this album as a whole and the slower darker passages are the ones that really draw me to the release. This is music full of sorrow, pain, madness and bleak ideals with a terrifying and haunting melody ( it's almost a sickness coming from the very speakers). The vocals are just as you think torment on the highest of levels. I can not say enough good things about this album over all. This is the black metal I'm truly a fan of and want more Colosus great release here sir.


Gale- Vol 1- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

YES !!!!  Crusty, Sludge filled Doom and Drone madness form the Desert of Arizona. This is perfection in music mix the elements of bands like  Black Cobra, Today is the day, Noothgrush, Eyehategod and Nails and you have a DIY field day of sonic destruction, beauty , nightmare and harmonies with some of the oddest combo of clean and screamed/ guttural vocals this side of anything. Love the complex Post Punk meets wall of low end feedback filled DOOM. There are moments of Down, Crowbar and even Neurosis going on here. There is a Total SoCal meets Nola love fest going on.  There are touches of bands like Cavity and Ambiex and His Hero is Gone as well. There is so much sonic goodness here words are just not enough it's something you have to listen to to just absorb and worship. I need more not less . Imagine Killing Joke being a Doom Band and you have a great Idea of whats going on here.....


Sleeping Pulse- Under the same sky-CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Production)

Mick Moss of the mighty Antimatter and Luis Fazenderio of a project called Painted Black have created a mighty atmospheric heavy rock band of power and emotion this is as strong as anything Antimatter, Tenhi, Anathema etc creates it has elements of bands like  Daughtry, Alterbridge, Dead can dance and Third and the mortal as well.  There is a very folkish and World music to this as well. Mick vocals is so soulful in the way it's comes across. This more aggressive then most of anti-matter's material. I think Mick wanted a true heavy bluesy and soulful rock album and that is just what we have gotten. Sleeping Pulse is a very thick and well produced album as will all things on Prophecy. Emotion plays a big part of the song structures as well. The Delicate and Bombastic is where Sleeping Pulse really shines. With the right push there album could be massive worldwide and sell millions it's that impressive. Chris Daughtry or Godsmack have them open for you and let the flood gates open..