8 New Reviews 10/26/2013

Scarificare- Postulado-CD/ Digital ( Hell Prod)

Remember the more  raw and abrasive Black metal of the late 90's from Germany and Poland. This is were Scarificare comes form form me . That mixed with Swedish Black Death bands. There is most definitely a hollow melody going on but it is drenched in Thrash metal lore. I get a Graveland vibe to this the more I listen through out the release that and if you remember Twin Obsenity this is another band I very much hear also things like Bathory or Celtic Frost going on. Scarificare is one of those bands thats sounds like you've heard them before but its so much more then just one band and this is why you stay on course and listen till the end. Some times a mixture of old and new is really the best way to make yourself sound like a band you need to hear more from. Good work gentlemen if I can call you that ... Out hell Horns raised high on this one...

Twilight of the Gods- Fire on the Mountain- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Someone has gotten into the Manowar and Judas Priest and made one hell of a retro Classic metal band and that band consists of members of Thyrfing, Primordal,  Dimmu Borgir and Mayhen and Einherjer so if you want to call it a supergroup of Death and Black metal then so be it but none of the bands have anything close to a platinum album on their walls for the other projects. Twilight of the Gods mix Prog, Thrash, Power and Viking metal into something that sounds like ti should be from the late 80's early 90's but is just ass kicking metal for 2013. The vocals are those that you would have heard in the late 80's arena metal days. They also have a very Helloween and Saxon vibe going on here. Really really impressed by this retro band of amazing musicians and talent level. This could have been a sound track to a fantasy movie . 


Blackout- We are here- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This is a Doom band that loves the low end droney fuzzed out madness. If your into early Cathedral and Electric Wizard mixed with Kyuss and St Vitus then this going to love this . The music for me is amazing. Its the vocals of the lee dorian vein that are not doing it for me. The fuzzed out music works well with the slow and plodding music at times its almost a funeral doom release in the way the music is presented. The 70's stoner vocals are what loses me . Blackout you are an acquired taste for sure but I think you lost me on these vocals... I going to have to pass. 


Oblivion- Called to rise- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Tech/Prog/ Futurist Death metal wow just holy shit folks this album just slays all Death metal around it. Just listen to the skill and changes going on in a track forget the album. The vocals are from guttural to deep and powerful . If you like extremity with creativity this is a must own. They remind me of a few bands on Willowtip Records as this is the style they are presenting to me. Are you into bands like Sophicide and Neuraxis for sure . My head spins as the the layers of sounds going on this is Jazz metal beyond . If your into Atheist, Gorguts and Pestilence then yes yes yes. There is that total Sci fi element going with the band as well. Death metal has moved into such a cool and interesting direction in the last 5-7 yrs and it's really become fresh again.  Oblivion is one of those bands that you will have to be in the know to get it but if you do they will be a band that you will want to listen to over and over again... Killer just Killer album....


East of the Wall-  Redaction Artifacts- CD/ Digital ( Translation Loss)

So Imagine if you will if you would mix elements of  Mouth of the Architect, The Red Chord and The Ocean with a strong love of Yes and Early Genesis .. You will very much have East of  the Wall. I want to say remember when Kayo Dot was mixing extreme metal into there music East of the wall are very akin to them in this fashion. We have a controlled Chaos going on here folks. You can hear they love bands like  Neurosis, Isis, Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah . I know many of you call this Post Metal or Math Rock well that is just limiting to the creativity of this band. Complexity is just second nature to them. Its the way East of the wall releases the thoughts in their head.  Forward thinking, inventive, next level these are all things that announce a band like this. You should know by now what you get on Translation loss and with Redaction Artifacts you getting more of this cutting edge material and Amen to that...


Arabrot- S/T- CD/Digital ( Fysisk Format)

Industrial Avant Noise rock on levels with bands like Oxbow, Shellac, Jesus Lizard mixed with Melvins, Polkadot Cadaver, Today is the day. These are just some of the things I hear from this just fucking brilliant musical force. They are here because they love what they do there is no other reason for it folks. This is not music for the masses.  They have that 70/80's industrial element to  Think Throbbing Gristle and Neubauten  etc they have this very odd mix of collage of sounds, loops, tones, vocals and broken musical ideas that just are amazing to me.. Arabrot you just fucking rule as I said...


Cop Problem- Buried Beneath white noise- CD/ Digital ( The Compound)

Female snarled  Crust, Punk, Grinding Noise from the nightmares of low class and the down troddened masses. If your into bands like Made out of babies, Oathbreaker, Walls of Jericho etc this is what I hear when I listen to Cop Problem mixed with the old Cali Crust label Slap a ham if you know where I'm going then look no further. This is a band you would have seen at ABC NO RIO in NYC, Fort Thunder in RI or at Ratskellar in Boston Back in the band. This have pissed off DIY all about it and I could not ask for more.  I love the in your face and I could care less if you like us as were going to say what we need to.. Cop Problem you are anything but a problem to the underground scene you are an answer in this very screwed up age...


Ovo- Abisso- CD/ Digital ( Supernatural Cat)

This Duo of  Percussion, Bass, Loops and wonder Noise and Oddities. I loved Ovo 1st album i reviewed. The Female Cries, screams and growls just rule . Jap Noise mixed with free form Doom and Noise rock  and now they have added the full on electro element to it all.  If you like bands like Melt Banana, Sonic Youth, Khanate and Gnaw then this is going to be an amazing journey for you as well as all the madness inbetween. There is no rhyme or reason to Ovo they just are and rock as being so.  So influenced by John Zorns Painkillers and Merzbow at time then they do remind me of a band called Six Finger Satellites at times too. Then out of no where they going into a Atom/Phantomsmashers sound.. Ovo you are just everything I want and more please never stop what your doing the two of you make music nightmare I can not live without thank you...