6 New Reviews Part 2 10/12/2013

BeastMilk- Climax- CD/ Digital (Svart)

So are you a Fan of Killing Joke, The Cult, The Smiths and Radiohead well mix them all into a single force any you have Beastmilk.  The best way to say is that Beastmilk are Post Punk mixed with Coldwave and a Folk overtone..  All in All they are one of the catchiest Darker Rock bands out there today . What separates them from most is the Hypnotic over tones of the music and the very 80's UK New wave/ Punk elements that flow through out the releases. Understand clearly this comes from Kvohst ex front man of  Code and D.H.G  but this has nothing to do with either other then the experimental nature of the music. Beastmilk almost creates hymns more then just songs. There is a very Mark Lanegan / Screaming trees vibe going through out this as well. Svart Records when there on and that is often have some of the best bands creating music today and Beastmilk is one of them for sure..

Code- Augar Nox- CD/ Digital (Agonia) 

With a new Line up esp a new vocalist and new label Agonia . Code is some of the old but much more of the new here. Code he were more a Post Black metal made in the vein of  D.H.G, Emperor and Arcturus  have now moved into a more Prog/ Folk/ Blackened Metal world . They are very similar in approach to Borknagar or Enslaved now. Honestly this is one of the most refreshing of sounds were I didn't expect it from Code. There is much of the clean Simen or Vintersorg vocal movements going on here. The music is as complex and flowing as always if not a bit more focused to say the least. Agonia took a risk with a major line up change came out with a  Code even stronger then before. It took me a few listens to get the new direction a I was so into the last album Resplendent Grotesque.This is a must more mature album and I know normally this been tame and processed but if you think bands like  Wolves in the throne room and Agalloch are tame then so be it as this is were I would but Code now. 

Ephel Duath- Hemmed by light, Shaped by Darkness- CD/ Digital (Agonia)

So this is the 2nd proper release with Karyn Crisis as the vocalist of Ephel Duath and yes its a much different beast as its more aggro in the vocals yet the full on Prog Death metal going on is in full force that is what you would hear with bands like anything Dan Swano, Opeth or Gorguts. There is a Post Rock and Post Metal vibe too if you like bands like  Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or Made out of babies there are strong elements as well going on through out Ephel Duath. It just makes the album as a whole more interesting to listen to and not become boring in any way. The Textures are so dynamic . The Fragile and Massive sounds are within the same songs and there not short tracks so the begin, build and climax . There is room to breathe with this album here sometime on early Ephel Duath it was about just how weird one could be. WIth time they have become a force to be reckoned with and I want more and in the end that all any band wants from its friends for them to come back for more...

Rosetta-  The Anaesthete- CD/ Digital ( Debemur Morti Productions)

Post Rock/ Hardcore and Strong elements of Black metal mix within the blood lines of Rosetta . Are you into Isis, Godspeed you black emperor and Ishahn then you will worship the ground Rosetta walk and play upon and this is the mix of all I hear with this release. There is sorrow, beauty, pain , hope, loss and redemption through out every song. The more somber moments of this band are what make the Full on wall of metallic fury all the more impressive. Rosetta know how to convey emotion on all levels in there music. This is not Emo music as that is like calling Neurosis or Kiling Joke emo they are not they just know the power of minimalism and the success of a distortion pedal all mixed into one epic event. If there is a doorway to the after world then this would be the soundtrack for that entry to the next realm. I'm done listen to this or be a bit less fulfilled musically int the world.


Beehoover- The Devil and his footmen-CD/ Digital ( Exile on Mainstream)

This is a duo of just Bass, Drums and vocals and oh what a sound they create. If you could mix The Melvins, Rush and Oxbox into some kind of sonic soup then we would be coming to the proper angle to a band like Beehoover. There is a band called Lighting Bolt that is a duo that have similar power as well but in a much more hardcore way. Beehoover is all about Prog, Jazz and Noise Rock... Another band that yrs ago would have found a long term home on the Mighty Amrep label. Exile is one of those labels that always amazes me on the talent and fringe band they can find and expose to the world. Beehoover live must be a force to reckon with and I hope someday get to see this live. This band is proof a Rhythm section can kick all the ass a band ever needs ...


Corrections House- Last City Zero- CD/ Digital ( Neurot Recordings)

So you have a supergroup of the Doom, Sludge, Noisecore world with members of Eye Hate God, Neurosis, Yakuza and Minisk all together for a Drone/Doom, Industrial, Electronic, Jazzy ride . There are strong elements of all there bands here and then I would mix stuff like Cop Shoot Cop, Big Black and Nine Inch nails in the way they are cutting away from the old and making something all there own. You can here this is a collaboration of sounds and ideals this is not someone's pet project . This came together a friends wanting to make something new. I even hear moments of Soundgarden and Sonic Youth coming across the speakers with Corrections House. Last City Zero is not for the casual listener by any means and each of the members meant it to be this way. You have to at the root like Doom, Noise and Electronics or this is going to be a massive undertaking for anymore.  So glad I got this and was able to review it.  This one of my favorite surprises of 2013 .... Thank you Neurot.....