10 New Reviews 10/11/13

Drugs of Faith- Architectural Failures-CD/ Digital (Malokul)

Manic , Chaotic and full of Aggression is what we get from this Grind unit out of Virginia. They love to mix the more Post Hardcore elements of Dead Guy, Napalm Death and His Hero Is Gone there are even moments of bands like DRI and Dead Horse going on through out this EP of just blistering riffs and pissed off vocals. I would say a lot of what Amprep label was doing years ago is very close to were Drugs of Faith are approaching as well. Grind often has sub par production and with this album the sound is bass heavy and crystal clear  you can hear each of the notes perfect. Drugs of Faith just plain kick ass and are a band not to miss.  Drugs of Faith are the sum of two parts  Experimental Noise Rock and Post Grindcore ... If you can not hear the beauty in the riffs here then there is something wrong with you...


Funeral Circle-S/t - CD/ Digital ( Shadow Kingdom)

The music started out with such promise a Doomy Dark rock record and then those vocals starts that Classic/ Stoner Doom vocals  ( Candlemass, Orange Goblin, Sheavy etc) and I lost any way I could like this album. Clean vocals just do not work in doom for me ever unless operatic or female..  Oh well this going to be a quick review after all. So bummed...


Pyrexia- Feast of Iniquity- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

When you think of  NY  Death metal this band has to come to the list with bands like  Immolation, Suffocation and Internal Bleeding . With this release you get nothing less then a full on Death metal assault . The Vocals are crushing, the guitars and drums are that of a lighting strike and the warm low end bass. If you want Death metal pure nothing mixed in then Pyrexia is second to none.  Pyrexia awaits the pits and welcomes the bloodshed.  They even have the full on metal breakdowns going on with Feast of Iniquity. Unique Leader has scoop up a classic death metal releases and given it to the world again.. Horns raised high!!!


Prospekt- The Colorless Sunrise- CD/ Digital ( Sensory)

With albums like this we will always have a love/hate faction as its Prog Avant Metal with a Power metal swing but if your a fan of Symphony X mixed with Nevermore then this is a winning release all the way around. The guitar, bass and drum work on here is razor sharp and the solos are just mindblowing . This is a Technical musicians dream there is so much going on and layered to perfection as with most Sensory releases. The vocals are more in that Nevermore meets Rhapsody style so if the higher range vocals bother you this is not your album of choice.  Prospekt is both heavy and catchy something very hard to so correct and add the symphonic elements but never become a symphonic metal band . I hear a lot of Fates Warning going on here as well as the heavier moments of Porcupine Tree. The Harmonies with that full on deep heavy element is just so good , so damn good. Prospekt you are a force all its own I thank you...


Warmaster- The end of humanity-CD/ Digital ( Dead Beat Media/ Slaughterhouse)

Warmetal !!!!!!!  YES Warmetal!!!!!  if you like  Bolt thrower, Panzerchrist and Dismember then this is the album you should already own and know its coming out months early. Warmaster is just that a journey into battles, conflict, bloodshed and survival...  I'm a sucker for this style of Death metal as it just gets to my primal needs and makes them happy. Brutality like this in metal is a lost art and more about speed and number of notes in a solo. Bands like Warmaster just punch you in the face with power and sonic nightmares. At times this even gets doomy the same way Incantation does another band that Warmaster has taken a que from. The production on this is a bit raw esp the drum sound but it works for the over all tone of the album.  Load your weapons and let the war machines approach this is the age of Warmaster!!!!!

Handful of Hate- To Perdition-CD / Digital  ( Code666 )

Extreme Black metal in the way that  Gorgoroth, Marduk or Immortal gives it you. There are no regrets with anything Handful of Hate records. They are on the left hand path and with take them with you or you will be no more. Handful of hate is not about choice its about musical supremacy and with To Perdition the war has been wages and there will only be carnage. The wall of aural mastery is strong, This is black metal and with this I will just end the review with saying its good to have a band you know what your getting into from second one. Let the flag of darkness fly!!!!


Rising- Abominor- CD/ Digital ( Indisciplinarian)

Ditry Crusty Black Death is what I hear with Rising something that would fit very well on Southern Lord or even a label like Agonia. You can hear the raw punk and hardcore elements seeping into every pore of this band. The way the songs are even arranged it feel that way . They have the Northern European Death metal sound going on to almost in the Death and Roll way . Yes they love Motorhead and there is no shame or should there be. The vocals are throaty but not guttural in anyway. This is more for Carcass and Entombed fans out there. In the way the sound of the production is. I want to call this DBeat music but there is an edge to it that just takes it to a different level.  Rising is many things but never fully just the some of those. This is a band I can't put my finger on and again that is a good thing . I need to hear more this is by far their most impressive album yet...


Tombstoned- S/T- Digital/ CD (Svart)

If you can not tell what your getting with cover and band name then I'm a bit ashamed of you this is 70's Fuzzed out Doom rock. Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Deep Purple etc. I wanted to love this but it's just way to retro for me. I'm shocked this didn't get picked up  my Mr Dorian and Rise Above as this band screams to be on that label and with that I say pass pass pass on this band that was born 35 yrs late...

Profanatica-The Kingdom Cum- CD/ Digital ( Hells Headbangers)

Remember when Black metal was so extreme only very few of us listened to it in the 80's and 90's . Remember when it was those things of nightmares and terror and you would wait for the mail to come from Osmose, Redstream or Candlelight for those imports you read about in photocopied zines and did tape trades for . Well Profanatica is all that and more full on wall of Noisy Raw Black metal not for anyone with any sense of mainstream musical ideals. There is a madness and torment bands like this project that many will never be able to understand or accept. Please never let the underground music scene like this go away as we need more of this were  " WE" can still have our bands and not have to give everything to the world outside... This album is fucking amazing in every way ..... 

Heretic Soul - The Nihilistic Attitude- CD/ Digital ( PRC Music)

This is powerful Death metal in the way the first time I heard bands like At the Gates, Dissection and Edge of Sanity this is what Heretic Soul gives me those very same vibes and complexity to the song structures. This sounds like an army of guitars and drums and the vocals are brutal and clear to understand. The low end fills out the album perfectly. This is Swedish Death metal style through and through but their from Turkey there is only one other metal band I think I heard from there and for the life of me can not remember there name. This band came out of nowhere to me and are one of the best death metal bands I've heard in 2013.... PRC you have a gem here we need to get their name out there for the world to hear....