Kidz Corner Reviews by my Niece Mackenzie 8/24/2013

Black Water Rising-Pissed and Driven- CD / Digital ( Metalville/ E1)

The Song is overall pretty good. But song sounds similar to other song's as in the riff of the song.The singer has very good Vocals and very good Voice. I think there might be a little to much going on at the same time. The Drummer and Guitarist is AMAZING!!! You Remind me of the band Warrant. I personally think you sound a little country.  Some of the riffs of your songs sound a lot alike. My Favorite song of yours is Along for the ride because it's a little different from the rest of the songs in the Album. Over all the Album is really Good but I think some Female back up Vocals would make the Album Perfect!

Siren's Cry -Scatterd Horizons- CD/ Digital  ( Nightmare Records)

Sound's like Transiberian Orchestra. This band reminds me of Queen. The voice is really High pitched. Over all 8 out of 10. Some of the songs sounds like Arabian or middle Easter music. Sounds like the songs from Bratz and the magic genie. I like that there is female vocals. This is a very good Album.

By, Mackenzie Morgan 


Clint Listing's Niece