New Reviews 12/18/2010

Moonreich-Loi Martiale-CD (De Tenebrarum Principio)
Atmospheric as all hell Black metal with a monstrous production and low end. This reminds me of the more powerfully recorded Swedish and Norwegian bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk, Dimmu Borgir and Old Mans Child. But with out the heavy orchestral moments of some of them. This is full on Battle metal though from the drums and guitars blasting in the front and the vocals a war cry to those to attack the foe with cold and heartless emotions. There are some very cool piano moments that give it a more classic feel. There is an amazing melody to all of this esp in the guitar and warm flowing bass lines. Moonreich are not joking around here. This is a black metal force to keep an eye on as they have the chops to keep you going for many many listens. This war machine is all aces for this reviewer ...

Woebegone Obscured- Deathstination-CD ( I Voidhanger Recordings )

This is Crushingly slow Doom/Death and for one I could not have a bigger smile on my face. If you like Dusk, Thergothon, Mournful Congregation, Womb or the mighty Esoteric. This is the so ultra low and guttural in sound and style the guitars sound like bass guitars and the vocals are those of a bear taking its last dying breathes. Woebegone Obscured is more of a blackened metal name so I wonder if that is were they came from. This band has a lot in common with the slower Incantation material as well . There is a pain and bombastic element that doesnt always come across with other bands. I swear this band could cause earthquakes and tidal wides that how DOOM they are. I'm so pleased to see a band like this keeping this very sub genered style alive.

Demonic Ressurection-The Return To Darkness-CD (Candlelight)
So as I'm reading about this band they are from India not a common place for metal music at all and what they present is Black Death in the highest of order. If your a fan of bands like Hypocrisy, Nile and Later Emperor then this a band not to miss as the mix elements of Black, Doom, Prog and Symphonic elements into a thrash metal  back drop that would impress fans of Exodus and Testament fans as well. Then this album hits the Swedish Gothenburg sound as well were fans of Inflames and Soilwork would like them as well. Demonic Ressurection is all over the metal map but it makes it all the more interesting almost like what Devin Townsend or Opeth Do as well.  Candlelight has been hitting a lot of home runs as of late with releases I hope this continues.  The Return to Darkness is a massive undertaking in the metallic realm and sound get listens by all ..

TO CAST A SHADOW-In Memory Of-CD (Kolony)
Wow I have not heard this style of Doom in yrs from a new band. This is Gothic Doom/ Death in the way bands like My Dying Bride, Tristania and Paradise Lost did so many years ago. This brings back a feeling of Majesty , Grace and Complex Epic song structures. Love those Dueling guitar harmonies tuned down and driving through those screaming amps. This would be very much home on Peaceville or Napalm as it fits that genre and style that both labels are so well know for. The female vocals are soaring to say the least. As we dig deeper into the release we have moments of Post Black metal in the Satyricon and Madder Mortem as well . To Cast A Shadow is more then the some of its parts by a long shot. They sound like early 3rd and the Mortal when Kari was in the band very much at times as well. This is just sweeping and delicate all at the same time. Kolony has a major winner in this band.


Folk metal is something that can be more then Difficult to pass off as interesting to say the least. There is a very eastern European gypsy element going on with this long time   active force. The Czech tongue makes it all the more exotic in they way the songs are presented. love the violins and mix of female sung , the choir vocals and deep growled male vocals. This is for fans of bands like Tyr, Finntroll, Subway to Sally, Skyclad and Dorenreich .. Silent Stream has a doomy side as well but the folk metal of the heathen days of old are what really shines through on this album. Season of Mist has something of class and passion going on with Navaz. This is music full of emotion and history carved from the very stones of there forefathers from centuries past. Sometime just great music and melodies are all you need to inspire a fan of the band and this is what you get here. There is a very avant prog element at times with this as well. Orphange is another band that I would say that is a kind to what this project is going for. The lush string make this album for me. Check this out and you will be taken as well.