Jester/ Vendlus Artist NIDINGR Interview is up

1.After 5 long yrs want brought the Idea of NIDINGR back into you mind?

Well, we had a leftover song from "Sorrow Infinite & Darkness" and it we made some songs on rehearsals that we wanted to record. None of them fitted very well in the Enochian theme we got going on, so we choose to make a new concept album for them.

 2. Teloch you have been with 1349, Orctstus, Gorgoroth and Ov Hell. What do you find the big different with NIDINGR as a project?

The bands mentioned above was as a hired gun for me, Nidingr is my main band.

3. Your working with Jester records a label owned by Kris/ Garm of Ulver fame now, Not a label known for metal how did that come to be?

Kris is a friend of mine and he wanted to work with Nidingr after listening to "Sorrow Infinite & Darkness". The time was right now to work with him.

4. I see this was presented to me through Vendlus an amazing label in North America do you have anything to do with Joseph or did Jester do this?

Mr.Vendlus had already released the Umoral 7" for us on his label, and we talked about doing something together after that. 

 5. Will NIDINGR Be touring at all I see the recording line up was impressive with Hellhammer on the Drums and Blargh or DHG?

Yes, we will start up doing live gigs next year, got some festivals booked here in Norway. 

 6. Your Website seems to just be portal to labels and myspace right now. will it grow or is this all that needed?

I have no idea, right now i feel that Myspace is doing the job for us. But who knows, maybe one day we need something else than Myspace. 

 7. On this topic what is your thought on the modern digital age ( Myspace, Facebook, Digital Audio, Webzines etc) Do you feel its watering down the music and artists are hurting, or is it a new exciting time were Artist can be truly independent?

I never been in a band that actually has sold a lot of cds, so I have no idea. But when it comes to the digital age with downloading shit, I am all in. 

 8. Is there a theme or story line on " Wolf- Father"?

Yes there is, its based on Old Norse Edda, story's about the old Viking Gods.

 9. Kris/ Garm made a excellent appearance on the album . That part had a very Arcturus vibe was that done on purpose or just how it came to be?

I have never listened much to Arcturus so I haven't got a clue. I liked Kris's voice and I wanted him to sing on a riff, that's it.

 10.  Will there be any Video or DVD work for NIDINGR . I feel a very visual over tone to the music if a close my eyes and listen?

Hopefully there will be a video, but it cost money, money that we don't have. I'm thinking of making one myself, if I get the time for it I will. 

 11. Are more extreme metal artists in Norway and Sweden tired of the term Post Black metal as Bands like yourself DHG, CODE, VIRUS etc really fit this ideal?

I never heard the Nidingr been used with the term "Post Black Metal" before, that said I rarely talk to people in the so called scene, so i wouldn't know. 

12. With  NIDINGR you seem to have shed the corpse paint and BM Imagery. Is NIDINGR more about the Journey then the Image?

We are more about the music rather than the theatrical image.

 13.  Teloch if there was a style of music you could perform that you haven't what would it be and why ( Be it Jazz, Blues, Pop etc) just wondering ?

Right now it is all Metal for this guy. But I made some Electronic songs in the past, hope to pick up that again sometime in the future. 

14. I'm interested what you thoughts on so may line up changes and stylistic reworking in so many BM or Post BM bands do yo feel its growth or just frustration on a sound and ideal that really can not be reached for long term without madness?

I don't care at all about that. People are free to do whatever they want with their bands. 

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts place here. 

Thanks for the interview.