New Reviews 12/11/2010 (Experimental Edition)

Parhelion- Midnight Sun- CD (Cyclic Law)

Drone music can be very very grueling on some as I have heard. I don't understand this but some tell me its very unnerving. The Icy cold feel of the drifts and tones that go on with Parhelion is just what you want in Dark Ambient. Midnight Sun pulls you in the same way band like Sleep Research Facility and Nordvargr releases have done so. With a build up and layers of sounds getting more and more oppressive and powerful and then washing over you almost enveloping you in audio landscapes and then coming back around to a more somber dark minimalist approach. It's almost trance like in the way Parhelion does it. At time I feel this is about to become as full on Noise release but it always just stops short of this. With Midnight Sun there is a creep out factor going on but it works so well with the non western sounds and effects that are used. If you miss Raison D Etre or like what Karl Sanders of Nile does on a solo basis then Parhelion  is a release not to miss. Midnight sun is so well done. Just another reason Cyclic Law is the mysterious and wonderful label and has really taken the leadership role in premiere Dark Ambient sounds that Cold Meat Industries use to hold.

Sophia- The Collective Works 2000-2003-4 CD (Cyclic Law)

If you don't know Sophia why??? that would be my 1st question. This is Peter of Arcana fame creating some of the most powerful and majestic Martial Industrial/ Neo Folk/ War theme Orchestral Hymns  that has ever been seen on this planet. Think Der Blutharsch, Puissance, Arditi, Von Thronstahl and Boyd Rice all mixed, filtered and masterfully arranged into a beautiful of all at once. The massive percussion, the spoken war chants and stories of long ago in the old world conflicts. The strings, horns and musical elements make you feel you are very much in the middle of this period right before the monumental battle comes. If also gives you the fear of waiting for what can be your demise or the sadness of that lose of a loved one by war.. Having all these amazing titles all on one collect that 3 albums and 3 eps the full collection of Sophia's moment in time. Music like this is just not what you get often and to miss out is really going to make your like a little less full filled at the end of days..

Earth- Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1- CD (Southern Lord)

Jazz, Bluegrass and Old School Country has been seeping into Dylan's playing of Post Rock and Drone music over the last several yrs and with this release Earth has become a band that is nothing like its former self of Noise , power and sloth like aggression.  This in no way means I like the band any less . I actually think I like them all the more. Mix  bands like Rachels, Mogwai, Mazzy Star, BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE and you have a close Idea of what Earth is trying to do now. The syrup like guitars with the reverb and twangy chorus. The laid back percussion and more bass lines and those wonderful classical cello and contrabass elements in the back drop make for a wonderful haunting soundtrack to a dark Spaghetti western or to an art house film in the making. If Johnny Cash was to play post rock I really feel it would sound like what Earth is creating today. You can hear the passion in " Angels of Darkness" pouring out into the speakers. Southern Lord has been been branching in to Noise and Post rock for years now and with each Earth release come a more personal and special sonic story from them.  I almost feel that Earth would be more at home on PIAS , Matador, 1/4 stick or even Kranky as they have become a groundbreaking band in what is stylistically coming from this release..  Hats off to Southern Lord for letting Dylan and his crew release the music they want rather then making them live off past legends...

Control- Deadly Sins- CD (Malignant )

Mr Garrison is back with the sonic assault know as Control. This is Power electronic and noise that will punch you in the face as well as destroy your mind and body. The power and aggression is that of the highest order. Control is the sound of cold steel and machines on a war path to kill and eliminate all in its way. Control is what I call the real Death Industrial . If you like Slogun, Sickness, MZ412, Grunt then this is a chosen path for you and all around you.  I don't really know what else to say about a project that over the years as just gotten more and more extreme as the releases come to you. Noise something is just suppose to be be loud, painful and a kick in the teeth sonically. Thomas you have done all this and more with 7 tracks/ 7 minutes long each.. all as brilliant and expansive. More thats all just More don't ever stop...

False Mirror-Derelict World-CD (Malignant)

Dark Ambient music from the front lines of Germany this time out. I know this project are an album on the Thonar label a few yrs back. Grandious and Theatrical in presentation is what False Mirror is. From the 6 panel digi pack to the 20 page full color booklet with it. False Mirror is about stories and tales and how they work all with the electronic/ aural experimental music world. Orchestral and Minimalist all in the same track at times. Drifting and flowing Dark Ambient that was so popular in the experimental scene in the mid to late 90's is what False mirror is presenting. I remember seeing Robert Rich and  Vidna Obmana live and just getting chills from the show one man with film projectors, laptops and electronic could show me . Well False mirror is giving me the same chills on this CD. Malignant really do have a way of finding some the better Dark Experimental bands out there. I'm sure they come to Jason and the label as Malignant is just a great label seem to care about the art it creates. False Mirror is a project not to miss if you like material from labels like Hypnos, Early CMI, Eibon and Cyclic Law. This is our new journey into an older dark age of experimentation and occult arts.