The Vision Bleak Interview 4/19/2010

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The Vision Bleak
Interview by Markus

1. Being this is the 4th release from the Project how have you see the Band Change and grow over the course of the 4 albums?

I think we pretty much evolved from album to album still keeping the bands identity. The debut was our most catchy, most „rock“ record, on „Carpathia“ we brought in more orchestral colours and theatrical elements, „The Wolves...“ was our most „Metal“ record with lots of thrashy riffs and very guitar based in general. I think „Set Sail To Mystery“ is pretty much a mix of all albums but focuses more on atmosphere and mood than ever before.

2. Your Working with Prophecy Productions yet again . The label seem very supportive to you. There is even North American promotion this time out. Has Prophecy gotten you and the project to where you would hope to be by this 4th title??

Yes, I think so. We are a pretty popular band in Germany with pretty high Chart entries and cover stories in big magazines – we hope we can achieve a similiar status soon all over the world!

3. What is a live show like for The Vision Bleak is it very different in sound and tempo from your proper releases?

We are a very good live band I think – precise and full of energy and we really try to capture the atmosphere of the albums as well. We are always trying to capture the records sound on stage as well.

4. To create an album esp a epic as " Set Sail to Mystery" is its a long process . How is it done being just a duo.. There must be a lot of layering going on?

We always worked as a duo so the song writing process is sort of normal for us and I think it is easier than working with a 4-5 members. Initial ideas and concepts are not getting watered down due to senseless discussions. You know, we pretty much have similiar tastes and opinions when it comes to music and lyrics and thus we work very good together.

5. The Vision Bleak seem to cross the line between Goth , Black Metal and Prog Rock. Were do you see the strongest fan base as the Gothic crowds seem to be very picky and purest at times...

You are right, we have fans in many different genres which I view as a very good and fruitful thing. I think its like 60% Metal people and 40% Gothics but that's just a very wild guess from my side. I personally don't care what somebody is listening to who's buying our records or is attending our shows as long as he enjoys and embraces what we are doing.

6. Like many these days you have made Myspace you main home. Does The Vision Bleak feel this is the best promotional tool on there internet for bands??

For a long time we didn't want to have a myspace site and wanted to differ in that respect from the majority of other bands. Eventually we changed our minds. Personally I think I am little too old for the myspace concept. My friends are real and I can talk to them and look into their eyes whilst doing that – however it's a good promotional tool and it's the thing for the kids these days. So, here you go...

7.With this in mind whats your thoughts on digital media and CD sales really dropping. Are you fans of the new media outlets for sales are do you think bands need to Tour and Sell Merch to really make it a full time career?

I have been a professional in this business for about 15 years and have witnessed the decline of record sales first hand. It's a pity that it is like it is, but you can't turn back the wheel of time and thus we have to live with it. However, we are still able to earn money with what we do and even though it's more effort involved than in the „golden 90s“ it still works if you bring the fans really special releases with special, well-though out concepts, graphics and music.

8. You worked with Napalm on the last release as well is there a reason for Just Prophecy this time?

I really don't know nor care too much about this. As long as the promotion is working for us and I can talk to magazines like yours which support us and help spread our name in the USA I think it's perfectly fine to me.

9. I know the members of The Vision Bleak have worked or are working with many different projects. Do you see this as you Main focus or just one of many styles you like to work with?

The Vision Bleak is our main focus right now. No doubt. I will however work on one or the other musical project this year but can't tell too much right now.

10. Your a very Visual project why has there not been a proper DVD release yet?

We rather focused on music for now. But I am sure there will be a DVD in the not too distant future. But we have to come up with a very special and unique concept first. I am pretty bored of „let's film a live show and some drinking in the tourbus“ sort of DVDs.

11. The Vision Bleak like to Mix Horror, Viking and Pirate elements into a very Gothic story telling. Can you keep up with this in future tales or will the story lines or sound be changing?

Though I don't know where you find pirate or viking elements in TVB we are a concept band. We will always stick with the term „Horror Metal“ and our lyrics and music will always focus on horror and the supernatural. The X-Files made 9 excellentseasons as well, so why shouldn't we come up with at least 9 albums, eh?

12. What do the members of The Vision Bleak listen to for enjoyment these days??

Right now I am pretty much into the new Alice In Chains record! Brilliant one! Some of our faves are Dead Can Dance, Metallica, Opeth, Masters Of Reality, Behemoth, Landberk, Darkthrone and many more I forgot right now. But you see – we listen to a very diverse selection of music.

13.Will there be any North American Shows in 2010?

I am afraid no – but I really hope we make it over the pond one of these days.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thank you for the interest and the support!