New Reviews 4/17/2010 Short and Sweet this time out.

Stigma -concerto for the dead-CD (Pivotal Rockordings)

So you like your Death metal melodic, technical, grinding and metalcore to the bone then guess what I have for you a band called Stigma. With 3 simple bands you can say what this band sounds like Kill Switch Engage, Inflames and Impaled... If you like the idea's of those bands mixing in to one sound of ultra chaos and madness there you have your desert island disc my friends.. There are musical and vocal acrobatic's going on here. I would not be shocked to see these Gore/Horror fiends do kick flips and wearing matching jumpsuits while performing live. Stigma is not all that original by any means but this has nothing to do with being good and you know what Stigma has won me over with this very manic journey..

Watain- Lawless Darkness-CD (Season of Mist)

I saw Watain about a yr and 1/2 again in North Carolina while living there and I will tell you they put on one of the best shows for Black metal I have ever seen pure power and occult visions going on with this Swedish unit. There is a Sorrow, melody and aggression going on all at the same time with Watain and with Lawless Darkness this band has taken themselves to the next level in the Black metal pantheon. The vocals are biting in each and ever word that is spoken. The guitars and bass are just so cold and unforgiving and just when you think they have taken you to were you can no longer go they band will twist and turn and add the melody you need to go on. The production on this is second to none. The Drumming is done by a warrior that can blast and play to the music not over in the some 30 second change of tempo. Watain just one of those bands that change take you soul to the darkness and back in just 3 mins or keep your there for 20 mins it makes no difference to them. I just hope to get the honor and pleasure of seeing this Black metal force live not in Arizona on this release. Watain thank you again as this is Black Metal !!!

Cerebral Effusion-Impulsive Psychopathic Act-CD (Comatose Music)

The title of this CD is going to be longer then the review I sorry to say. I just don't get the Burp Metal scene and never will. The drums are always to tinny for for and it always seems to be an endless act of guitar noodling in bands like this . I love Bloodsoaked on this label and a few others but as a whole this is just more of the same and not for me at all.

Releases | In Death I Become -

In Death I Become- Black Wings, Grey Skies-CD (Scattered to the Wind Productions)

This is very bombastic and thrashing in nature. In Death I Become do have a Death metal over tone but they root themselves much more in the extreme heavy thrash side of music that came out of Germany think Sodom and Kreator with Death metal vocals as this is really what I'm hearing. The production is very raw and very bassy but it works for the ultra heavy sound they are trying to creature. I reminds me a lot of the band Deceased mix with elements of the Mid period Marduk when they were not so blistering. Also I maybe crazy but I could swear to the Gods above that In Death I Become has a strong love for early Motley Crue and Metallica in the way the guitars are set and sound. Then at other times the become this guttural death/black force. I'm not sure where they really want to sound . If you want a good sonic ass kick look no further...