The Breathing Process Interview is up


Jordan Milner (Guitar/Vocals)

1. The Breathing Process is very new to myself and most of my readers... Tell us about the band and how it came to be?
We started playing as a local band in 2003, but didn't really start taking it seriously until 2006 when we started playing more serious shows. We've basically set out to create the heaviest music we could muster. Then over the years our influences changed and evolved, so we started incorporating some more symphonic elements and really started to explore more ambient music. That is how we got the sound we have today.

2. There is a strong mix of Symphonic Black metal and what I would call the Deathcore sound. Are you fans of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Kill Switch Engage which I hear in your mix of style very much....

We are big fans of both actually. KSE is from our area so we kinda came up listening to them in the local scene and such. Dimmu we are huge fans of, they are one of our main influences.

3. Your working With Seige of Amida how did that come about they seem more a grind/ death label ???

While we were recording "In Waking" they approached us on myspace after hearing about us from one of the guys in The Acacia Strain apparently. We sent some tracks back and forth and we made a deal. They do have a wide variety of bands, but we love that they let us make whatever music we want and don't try to push us in a direction we don't want to go in. They just kinda let us be free.

4. What is a live show for the The Breathing Process like??

Bloody, Electric, Terrifying

5. Will there be any videos or DVD for The Breathing Process?

We will be shooting a video for a track on Odyssey, we haven't decided which one, we'll be filming that in June. And we will be collecting a bunch of DVD footage from this album campaign for a future DVD

6. I read you have had many lineup changes did the earlier lineups sound very different from where you sound now?

We sound much different than our stuff prior to "In waking". Some of that had to do with previous line ups, but what most people don't understand about us is that most of what a lot of sites have listed as "members" weren't official members of the band. They had nothing to do with writing or recording, they were just kinda live fill ins. However the lineup we had on In Waking and our current line up contribute a lot with the writing and stuff.

7. Whats your feeling on myspace, facebook and other digital promotional tool. Do you feel to many projects not full time bands get exposure too early and don't have time to truly grow???

I think that is is the best way i've ever heard anyone put it haha. I absolutely believe "myspace" buzz bands are a joke. Sure with some studio magic they sound great, but, you go to see them live and they look and sound like a bunch of high school kids that came out of the crowd and stepped on stage and sound like they just learned how to play their instruments a week prior. And it's really discouraging to a band like us that really puts our heart and soul into perfecting our craft when you have a bunch of 16 year olds playing huge festival tours and breaking up in the middle of them because they don't know how to handle life on the road. It sickens me. However i do believe that Myspace and Facebook ect. are essential to promotion now a days. We started touring before all this was around, it was much harder to get shows and get noticed. It's much easier now with all of this.

8. Is there a theme or story line on Odyssey (un)Dead CD??

Odyssey (Un)dead is a story about a man battling down the path of eventual exile. Through the harshest environments in our world he faces different challenges that he must conquer before he can advance. The challenges are of the environments themselves, Glaciers, Deserts, Great Plains, Swamps, Forests, Oceans each environment tries to take him under. What happens is, each environment represents a different emotion or inner demon, as he comes to terms with himself he gains strength. Some are more difficult than others, In the end, he ends up on a cliff over a great black ocean. Thats as far as i can go until you read it.

It's also partly inspired by my readings into "Bardo Thodol" or "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" It was strange how that came about. I (Jordan) had been reading it for awhile as I like to study all worldly religions. That book talks about the journey you take after death, but before "Nirvana" it explains strange places and creatures that you encounter, and how to advance past them. Eventually you realize that it is referring to corners of the mind and things that you actually face while you're alive

We wanted to show how we understand nature in all of it's power and beauty as well as show our understanding of our own minds and to challenge people to truly explore themselves. To us, self understanding is the greatest journey one can take.

9. What is the metal scene like these day in New England in 2010? I know the Metal and Hardcore fest was a big deal when I lived in RI from1999-2003.

It's definitely not what it used to be haha. But it's not so bad, We still have New England Metal Fest which is one of the premiere fests in the country. We don't play here much anymore due to lack of venues, but Connecticut, Where we're from is starting to pick back up as of late..

10. Do the members of The Breathing process work in other bands and projects of is this the main focus for all members?

The Breathing Process is the main focus of all us, however we all have solo musical outlets so to speak. Jared has an industrial project. Sara writes solo material under the name "The Griever", and I (Jordan) write a lot of experimental rock music under the moniker "The Machina Cradle". We just all write too much music to ever use in our band haha, so it helps us vent other emotions.

11. If you were ask to explain the band sound to someone who has never heard you how would you do so?

Blackened Ambient Death Metal

12. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here?

Odyssey (un)Dead is in stores now!! buy it! also come check us out on tour, it's quite bloody

Drink Blood,