New Reviews 4/25/2010


Sabbath Assembly - Restored To One-CD (AJNA OFFENSIVE)

This coming from the Ajna Offensive may be a bit left field but everything about this release is left field. This is a reworking and retelling of a the ideals of a group from 60/ 70's called The Process Church. If you care to read or see what they were all about here is a link to info about this group

Here is the small info on Ajna site.
The Process Church was an intensely creative, apocalyptic shadow side to the flower-powered ’60s and New Age ’70s. The influential group opened Chapters in London, Europe and across the United States. Dressing in black cloaks and walking the streets with German Shepherds, they created their own intricately designed magazines, and promoted a controversial, quasi-Gnostic theology that reconciled Christ and Satan through deeper awareness and love.

The music very much that 70's revival /church music with Organ, Horns and a very choir/Gospel feel to it. The female vocals are lush, pretty and even sensual in they way the are presented. I swear its music you would have heard in a play or musical from the late 60's/ early 70's. They music does get fuzzed out from time to time and it just makes it all the more interesting. Live if this project plays more live must be a spectacle to see. As this is more about a musical and spiritual journey of the mind they just a collections on songs to enjoy. Feral House has a book in conjecture with this release I going to seek it out and read it as the music alone has made me want to dig deeper and I'm feel it will with many of us int he underground movements . Well whats left of us.

Portal-Lurker at the Threshold-CD (Chrome Leaf )

Wtf this is a 7" only release?? These 2 songs maybe some the best blistering techinically out there Black metal I've heard in all my time. Portal sound like an army of the damned are coming to drag you to the under realms for good and there is nothing you can do about this there is a Sci fi and Jazz element to the chaos and ultra violence going on on this musical awakening. I love that I can hear elements of Cynic and Pestilence in there music well as Voivod , Burzum, Thorns , Virus and DHG all at the same time. The only damn shame about this is that it is only two fucking songs. I need more asap..

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT-The Violence Beneath - CD (Translation Loss)

So why this band is not much bigger then they are will always be a mystery as they mix Post Hardcore, Metal and Doom into a style that is as brilliant and powerful as Mastodon, Neurosis, Isis and Kylesa. On The Violence beneath there a waves of acoustics, prog movements, Clean and deep growls vocals, Hypnotic moments and full of crushing guitars and drums so heavy you would think the Hulk and Thor were battling on the very Earth around you. Translation Loss has some of the best bands most of you are missing now before all the great indie disappear do to the lack of caring for real music and artwork. Support Mouth of the Architect you will be floored by the talent of this band and there live presence... There is no band with more passion in there music then MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT.....

Leng Tch'e-Hypomanic-CD (Season of Mist)

Leng Tch'e are a Grinding Grooving force of Metallic Death. There is a catchiness to all of this If you can for a minute think of what Bruth Truth mixed with Napalm Death would sound like then we are on very common ground. Leng Tch'e is off the charts with the power and marksmanship in skill of there musical craft there are even Doomy passages going on here and then they go into full on classic mid tempo death metal sounds and before you can blink they are right back to the Grinding chaos which must have taken years to get to this level. Over the last few years Europe has really become the stronghold for grooving grind music and these Belgians are the top of the current standings.. Well worth the price of admission..


So what happened when the forces of PROFANATICA and Krieg Come together on a release. What the hell do you thing. The war for your very soul's survival has begun. The Royak Arch Blaspheme is just as it sounds. Blackend Occult Doom filled destruction. If Norweigen Black metal , Industrial Noise and Doom / Death all merged into one group then you have it here. The closest thing this I can even begin to say this sounds like is is if you mixed early Satyricon and added Ancient Wisdom and Motorhead in for good measure. There is a sickness to The Royal Arch Blaspheme that you just do not hear in 2010 its been missing scene the mid to late 90's . There is just so much pain and misery here. This sound like a drug filled ritual that has gone so very very wrong. The black forces out there will even take notice of this release. This is just a journey of the deconstruction of ones morals and hope..

Prosanctus Inferi-Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations- CD (Hells Headbangers)

Well well well what do we have here raw chaos filled Black Thrash that sounds like the world coming down around itself. The vocals are so demonic and maddening I feel this vocalist is in constant contact with the underworld it self. The muddy sound of drums works so well with the low fuzzed out bass and the total thrash worship of the guitarist. Just think Venom sped up 10 times and thrown into total Darkthrone worship. Prosanctus Inferi will not be an easy listen and nor should it be. You have given the world the blackened sounds of an endless nightmare simply fantastic.