Dodsferd Interview 5/19/2009

1. Wrath the new Dodsferd seem to be going to into a direction with Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow-CD. There is a lot more experimental and avant sounds correct?

That’s correct! It’s another part of Wrath! And still you haven’t seen anything at all!

2. You have decided to make the new album 2 epic tracks what is the thought behind such a major undertaking?

It had to do with my personal propitiation!

3. I remember about 10 yrs back the Greece Black metal scene thriving with labels and bands. Is Dodsferd one the last great Blackmetal forces in the region right now?

I really don’t care!!!

4. with Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow-CD there seems to be a bit more melodic and less harsh tones while staying with the sorrow and cold tones still in full force. Was this where you were going all along?

It’s a planned trilogy! I knew exactly what I wanted!

5.You've been working with Moribund for a few releases now. I feel there is no better home for Dodsferd are you please with all that has been to for the project?

Moribund is the most respectful label in underground black metal! It is the only appropriate label for Dodsferd! Eternal hails and honour to Odin and Moribund Records!

6. with Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow-CD. Are you working with session member or have you gone 100% a solo project?

I am working all these years only with Maelstrom (Drums)! He is devoted to Wrath and Dodsferd!

7. Does Dodsferd want to perform live or has this never been a goal?

It depends on the circumstances of the live!

8. Wrath do you feel that Black metal is going more underground again and more extreme and experimental bands are going back again? I think a lot of the bands have lost there way on what Black metal was all about what's your thoughts?

I have no other thoughts about anything else except of my world, Dodsferd!

9. What bands or projects have influenced you to have Dodsferd come to the sound and themes you currently project?

I have been influenced by a lot of bands and kinds of music! But in the end it’s just Wrath what you see and hear!

10. Wrath your releasing material as Nadiwrath as well if you will . Please tell us the major difference in this verse Dodsferd. As they both are under the raw Blackmetal banner.

Dodsferd is my solo project! Nadiwrath is a full band member! There are a lot of differences! You will understand them after the release of our debut album with Nadiwrath!

I write music only for Dodsferd! In Nadiwrath I am writing only the lyrics and sing!

11. Does the Digital age help or hurt the real black metal sound. Are you afraid like I that many bands are just doing this for an underground hype factor?

I don’t give a shit about the other bands! Fuck the digital age! Fuck all the ages!

12. Thank you for the time please have any closing thoughts here.

”Another two of Your scars and the world is dead”! Soon!

With Respect

Wrath form Dodsferd!